1 night stand only no string attached please!

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Carrie Peterson, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Carrie Peterson

    Carrie Peterson New Member

    so me and my BF just broke up for some funny reason, i just cant get him satisfy me on bed! i need to have a orgasm, well every woman needs this thing i guess, not being a bitch or something but i only want to be happy with a nice men on top of me, im posting this topic cause i think this is exiting, kissing someone i dont know and having fun without thinking of consequences tomorrow, in other words im looking for someone i can hang out with for one hot night, well for details you can contact me on sk y pe and my personal email. carriepeterson023 at geemale d0t c0m talk things out :) img (30).jpg


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