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25 September 2013
Cholesterol meds linked to senior moments
Researchers have been looking at whether statin medicines, used to lower cholesterol, can adversely affect cognitive function...

20 August 2013
Iron accumulation behind Alzheimer's?
Most researchers believe Alzheimer's is caused by one of two proteins, one called tau, the other beta-amyloid, but a new UCLA study suggests a third possible cause: iron accumulation...

16 August 2013
Post-menopausal sexuality gets boost from hypnosis
Hypnotic relaxation therapy improves sexual health and sexual satisfaction in postmenopausal women, according to Baylor University researchers...

26 July 2013
Cancer risk for tall women
The taller a woman is, the greater her risk for developing cancer after menopause, according to a new study...

16 July 2013
Specific brain regions identified as source of hot flashes
Wayne State University medicos reveal new insights into the neural origins of hot flashes, possibly leading to innovative treatments for women who experience sudden episodes of body warmth and flushing...

18 June 2013
Testosterone for memory gets thumbs-up from Aussie researchers
Postmenopausal women showed improvements in verbal learning and memory after receiving treatment with testosterone gel, according to the results from a new study...

13 June 2013
Hot flashes before menopause unexpectedly common
A surprising new survey has revealed that more than half of middle-aged women who still have regular menstrual cycles have hot flashes...

28 March 2013
Surgical menopause can set stage for stroke, Alzheimer's
Women who abruptly and prematurely lose estrogen from having their ovaries removed have double the risk of cognitive decline and dementia...

27 January 2013
Poor sleep may be cause of "senior moments"
The connection between poor sleep, memory loss and brain deterioration as we grow older has been elusive, but a new discovery opens the door to boosting the quality of sleep in elderly people to improve memory...

4 January 2013
Memory probs most acute during early post-menopause
Neurologists say the memory problems that many women experience as they approach and go through menopause are real and appear to be most acute during the early period of post menopause...

20 November 2012
Animals have mid-life crises too
Chimpanzees and orangutans can experience a mid-life crisis just like humans, scientists say...

6 November 2012
New thinking on vascular disease and Alzheimer's
A significant link between Alzheimer's disease and vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes type 2, and heart disease might point to new ways to delay - or prevent - the onset of Alzheimer's...

27 October 2012
Dramatic results using hypnotherapy to treat hot flashes
A multi-institute study has found that hypnosis can help cut hot flashes by as much as 75 percent...

10 October 2012
Sleep meds and dementia may be linked
Although their study does not show a cause and effect relationship, European researchers say pharmaceuticals known as benzodiazepines appear to be linked to an increased risk of dementia...

15 March 2012
Brain fog of menopause is real, say scientists
The difficulties that many women describe as memory problems when menopause approaches are real, according to a study by US researchers...

2 February 2012
Reflux drugs linked to bone fractures
Popular drugs prescribed for indigestion and gastric reflux have been linked to an increased risk of bone fractures...

1 November 2011
Today's elderly: more sex, more divorce
Compared to 30 years ago, elderly people today have more sex, are more likely to be divorced, are cleverer and feel better, according to a long-term research project...

11 October 2011
Estrogen's effects on weight may lead to personalized HRT regimes
The sex hormone estrogen has an important, if underappreciated, role in weight gain as women get older...

1 September 2011
Sex hormones altered by postmenopausal smoking
Postmenopausal women who smoke have higher androgen and estrogen levels, leading researchers to speculate that cigarette smoking could influence the risk of diseases such as breast and endometrial cancer...

24 March 2011
Household chemicals linked to early menopause
Common chemicals used in food containers, clothing, furniture, carpets and paint can bring about early menopause, although researchers do not yet understand the mechanism at work...

27 January 2011
Hot flushes linked to significant reduction in breast cancer risk
Women who have experienced hot flushes appear to have a 50 percent lower risk of developing the most common forms of breast cancer, according to a recent study...

20 December 2010
Body fat no insurance against osteoporosis
For many years it was believed that excess body fat protected against bone loss, but researchers have found that having too much internal abdominal fat can, in fact, have a damaging effect on bone health...

12 October 2010
New treatment recommendations for vaginal atrophy
Despite effective treatments being available, vaginal atrophy still remains a taboo subject that women donít talk about with their doctors...

14 July 2009
Curcumin offsets HRT risk
Curcumin, an Indian spice derived from the turmeric root, could reduce the breast cancer risk for women using hormone replacement therapy...

3 September 2008
Over-50s can walk away memory problems
Walking for 2-3 hours a week can significantly improve memory problems in women over 50...

4 August 2008
Estrogen Impairs Some Cognitive Functions
Chronic exposure to estradiol, an estrogen-like compound found in genistein supplements, appears to diminish some cognitive functions such as working memory and response inhibition...

1 August 2008
Having A Partner Reduces Risk Of Alzheimer's
Women living with a spouse or a partner in midlife run a 50 percent lower risk of developing dementia than women living alone...

30 July 2008
Women Ending Up Less Happy
Less able to achieve their life goals, women end up unhappier than men later in life - even though they start out happier, reveals new research...

7 July 2008
"Slow" Exercise Better For Menopausal Women
Scientists are examining the effects of different exercise regimes in menopausal women...

30 April 2008
Living Wills Often Muddled
Living wills may not effectively honor end-of-life wishes because life-sustaining treatment preferences often change over time without people being aware of the changes...

3 January 2008
Exercise Reduces Menopausal Anxiety And Depression
A simple, brisk walking routine can reduce a variety of menopausal symptoms such as anxiety, stress and depression...

7 November 2007
Diet And Dementia, An Intimate Relationship
Dietary patterns practiced during adulthood are important contributors to age-related cognitive decline and dementia risk...

30 July 2007
Goat Milk May Help Ward Off Osteoporosis
Goat milk is far superior to cow milk in helping prevent anemia and bone demineralization...

31 May 2007
Antidepressants Linked To Osteoporosis?
Past studies have linked depression to osteoporosis, but now scientists are questioning whether antidepressant medications could also be a contributing factor...

4 April 2007
Hot Flashes Linked to Blood Pressure
Women who suffer from hot flashes have higher blood pressure than those who don't...

6 March 2007
Partner Violence Against Older Women Underestimated
Intimate partner violence isn't just a problem for younger women, with a new study showing that 25 percent of women over 65 have been victims...

24 January 2007
Acupressure Can Significantly Relieve Dementia Symptoms
Acupressure can significantly reduce agitated behavior in older patients with dementia, including reductions in verbal/physical attacks and wandering...

Black Cohosh? Oh My Gosh!
(15 January 2007)
The latest herbal medicine to be subjected to double-blind trial (where nobody apart from the computer knows who's getting what) is black cohosh, one of the most popular alternative remedies for menopausal symptoms among those who, perfectly reasonably, feel nervous about the effects of synthetic hormone therapies. The conclusion? Sorry, girls, but it barely works...

8 January 2007
Osteoporosis And The Cola Connection
The FDA reminded us this week that dairy is a Good Thing, and while dairy intake will help prevent osteoporosis, perhaps the most effective way that women can avoid brittle bones is to kick the cola habit...

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