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8 September 2013
Fish oil could protect heavy drinkers from dementia
Long-term alcohol abuse increases the risk of dementia, but scientists say a fish oil compound appears to protect the brain from inflammation and cell death...

18 June 2013
Aspirin appears to fight cancer by slowing DNA damage
Aspirin is known to lower the risk for some cancers and a new study offers a possible explanation - aspirin slows the accumulation of DNA mutations in abnormal cells...

17 June 2013
Scientists question effectiveness of green coffee bean weight-loss
Chlorogenic acid, the major ingredient in "miracle" weight-loss green coffee bean dietary supplements, doesn't prevent weight gain in laboratory mice...

8 November 2012
Study finds no heart risk from calcium supplements
Researchers from Harvard say there is no link between calcium supplement intake and coronary artery calcification...

29 October 2012
Drug interactions with herbal supplements "rising dramatically"
A new paper that investigates the potentially harmful interactions between "natural" remedies and medications finds interactions are substantially underreported and current knowledge is still "woefully incomplete..."

3 May 2012
Beta-carotene warning
Researchers say there could be health hazards associated with consuming too much beta-carotene...

2 June 2011
Modest selenium deficiency can cause serious problems
Just a moderate selenium deficiency can lead to age-related diseases, suggests new research...

19 May 2011
Green tea powder's benefits nixed by poor storage
The health-giving compounds in green tea powders aren't as stable as once thought and how you store them can determine whether they are beneficial or not...

27 April 2011
Dietary supplements making people less healthy?
The use of dietary supplements is increasing but there is no corresponding improvement in public health, with one researcher even saying they are making us less healthy...

1 March 2011
Danger of free radicals overestimated
Our fear of free radicals may be exaggerated, say European scientists who have found that these molecules control important bodily signals...

19 October 2010
Study of anti-anxiety herbals yields surprising findings
A surprising study into anti-anxiety herbals found St John's Wort to be ineffective while passionflower and L-lysine appeared to work best...

13 July 2010
Over-the-counter slimming supplements useless
New research evaluating the effectiveness of a broad selection of popular slimming supplements sold in pharmacies and health food shops has found no evidence that any of them facilitate weight loss...

26 April 2010
No brain-power boost from omega-3, say scientists
The largest ever trial of omega-3 fish oil supplements has found no evidence that they offer benefits for cognitive function in older people...

20 October 2009
Copper bracelets just hokum, say researchers
Copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps are ineffective in relieving arthritis pain, according to a new study...

22 September 2009
Estrogen supplements panned
In a new study, popular estrogen supplements were found to be ineffective or not as effective as some of the current treatments for osteoporosis...

12 June 2008
Scientists Slam Benfotiamine Supplement
Benfotiamine, a popular vitamin supplement, is being advertised using claims that are demonstrably untrue, say researchers...

17 April 2008
Study Slams Vitamin Popping
Antioxidant supplements are touted as a way to improve health, but a new systematic review has found no evidence that such supplements extend life. Incredibly, the review authors said that some antioxidants could actually increase the risk of death...

14 August 2007
Antioxidants: When Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Kill You
Vitamins C and E are recognized as powerful antioxidants, but researchers have found that an imbalance of antioxidants can lead to heart failure...

15 May 2007
Calcium, Vitamin D Key To Preventing Postmenopausal Weight Gain
Calcium and vitamin D supplements seem to help postmenopausal women remain at a healthy weight...

9 April 2007
Arsenic In Kelp Supplements
An evaluation of over-the-counter herbal kelp products found higher than acceptable arsenic levels in nearly all of them...

30 March 2007
Study Looks At Omega-3's Role In Depression, Disease
Women whose diets contain dramatically more of one kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid than another may be at greater risk for both depression and inflammatory diseases...

27 March 2007
Aspirin-Popping Gets Thumbs-Up
It seems that women who take low to moderate doses of aspirin have a reduced risk of death from any cause, and especially heart disease...

9 March 2007
Omega-3 Affects Mood, Outlook
New tests have established that omega-3 fatty acids are associated with increased grey matter volume in areas of the brain commonly linked to mood and behavior...

10 January 2007
Folate Can Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's
Women who take in higher levels of folate via either diet or supplements appear to have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease...

19 December 2006
Black Cohosh Effects All In The Mind?
Researchers say that black cohosh is no more effective than a placebo treatment for hot flashes and night sweats...

19 September 2006
Herbal Insomnia Treatments Set For Greater Monitoring
Two-thirds of people suffering sleep disorders preferred using various herbal remedies, and those remedies may now come under a higher level of scrutiny by health authorities...

18 August 2006
Enough Antibiotics Already, Say Medicos
Cold season is almost upon us and doctors are sounding a warning over the use - or rather misuse - of antibiotics to treat cold symptoms...

Bacterial Bloat
(14 August 2006)
Everybody's bloated these days. Have you noticed? Ten years ago, bloating was something you associated with overeating (or possibly having been dead for a couple of days). But now, it seems we've all got it! Could a deficiency in "good" bacteria be to blame?

28 July 2006
Honey More Effective Than Antibiotics
Doctors in Europe are finding that honey helps the treatment of some wounds better than modern antibiotics...

Homeopathy: Of Dilution And Delusion
(24 July 2006)
Homeopathy relies on an idea called the "law of infinitesimals", which says that any water that has had contact with water that's had contact with water that's had contact with a substance; will contain an "essence" or "memory" of that substance. But given the finite amount of water on Earth and the amount of time it's been around, that also means that your homeopathic medicine will also contain Essence of Pretty Much Everything, including dead pirate, toxic waste, goldfish feces and anything else that's ever been thrown down a drain...

24 July 2006
Painkillers Doing A Lot Of Killing
In America, prescription pain killers are involved in more drug overdose deaths than cocaine or heroin...

20 July 2006
Antioxidants Key To Beating Vision Loss
Vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid and other antioxidant chemicals may hold the key for beating, or at least halting, diseases like retinitis pigmentosa...

24 March 2006
Scientists Express Doubts Over Omega-3 Fatty Acids
A comprehensive review into the supposed health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids has not found any evidence of benefits from a diet rich in fish oils...

10 March 2006
Plant Sterol Supplement Lowers Bad Cholesterol
A dietary supplement containing plant substances known as sterols can help lower “bad” cholesterol levels...

16 February 2006
Vitamin Combo Could Be Key For Smokers
An intriguing interaction between different vitamins could hold the key to stopping the depletion of vitamin E that occurs in smokers – and the cancer that may follow...

24 August 2005
Question Marks Remain Over Chitosan
The weight loss supplement chitosan has been put under the microscope by researchers who concluded that while it may be an effective aid to weight loss, concerns still remain...

Fresh Doubts Over Herbal Remedies
(25 July 2005)
The herbal remedies kava and valerian, used for treating anxiety and insomnia, have been found to be no more effective than a placebo, says a new study...

Smoking, Cancer Link May Be Related To Vitamin E Loss
(15 April 2005)
Researchers believe that vitamin E is being depleted from the lung tissue of smokers, making that tissue particularly vulnerable to attack by toxins and free radicals - causing cancer...

Caution Urged On Indian Herbal Products
(15 December 2004)
An analysis of Ayurvedic herbal medicine products has found that 20 percent contained lead, mercury and arsenic at levels that could be toxic if taken as directed...

Folate Lowers Risk Of High Blood Pressure
(13 October 2004)
Women who take 800 micrograms of folate a day can reduce their risk of developing high blood pressure by almost a third...

Vitamin D Key To Preventing Osteoporosis
(8 October 2004)
Vitamin D - critical for helping the body build bone - is at low levels in far too many women, making osteoporosis more likely...

Clinical Trial Of Herbal Products For Menopause
(6 October 2004)
Researchers are seeking women who wish to be part of a study into whether two alternative herbal products can lessen memory problems experienced by menopausal women...

Supplements To Slow Weight Gain
(17 September 2004)
A study suggests that four common supplements could slow the march of weight gain that precedes middle age...

Common Weight Loss Ingredient A Risk
(30 August 2004)
Weight loss formulations that contain the herb Citrus aurantium (Seville orange) may be doing more harm than good...

Vitamin A Deficiency Linked To Emphysema
(28 July 2004)
Laboratory tests seem to indicate that smokers develop emphysema because of a vitamin A deficiency created by certain chemicals in cigarette smoke...

Echinacea May Provide No Benefit For Cold Sufferers
(23 June 2004)
A new study didn't find any benefit in using echinacea to treat the common cold...

Warning On Aspirin, Ibuprofen Use
(24 May 2004)
Indiscriminate use of over-the-counter pain killers is responsible for more deaths than from AIDS...

Antioxidants May Increase "Bad" Cholesterol
(4 May 2004)
Researchers say that vitamins such as E, C, and beta carotene could increase production of the form of cholesterol that adheres to artery walls...

Risks Seen In Self-Medication
(22 March 2004)
Women's use of all medications - including herbal preparations - is higher than anticipated, and they're unlikely to tell their doctors about the medications they take...

Low Vitamin B Levels Linked To Bone Loss
(5 March 2004)
A new study suggests that low levels of vitamin B-12 may trigger rapid bone loss in older women...

Vitamin E Supplements Often Ineffective
(19 January 2004)
Vitamin E absorption is highly dependent on how it is taken. Vitamin E pills can be ineffectual unless they are taken in conjunction with other foods...

Nicotine Patches May Improve Memory In Seniors
(4 December 2003)
The nicotine patches that help smokers quit might also boost the recall of seniors with the mildest form of memory loss according to a new trial...

Melatonin May Be A Hazard For Elderly Women
(18 September 2003)
Melatonin may make symptoms worse for those with orthostatic intolerance, a condition in which the cardiovascular system cannot maintain adequate blood flow to the brain...

Herbal Diet Product Information Misleading
(4 September 2003)
A significant number of websites marketing dietary supplements containing ephedra are using misleading information...

Melatonin Associated With Asthma Risk
(8 September 2003)
People with asthma should consider limiting the use of melatonin as a sleep aid as it has been implicated in the overnight loss of lung function in asthma patients...

Black Cohosh Not Estrogenic Says New Study
(8 September 2003)
Rather than acting on estrogen receptors, black cohosh may reduce hot flashes by targeting the same receptors used by the brain to help regulate body temperature...

Anti-Cholesterol Herb Formulation No Better Than Placebo
(14 August 2003)
A natural extract favored by the health-conscious as an alternative method in lowering cholesterol has turned out to be ineffective in clinical trials...

Tea Extracts Found To Lower Cholesterol
(24 July 2003)
A trial testing a theaflavin-enriched green tea extract is the first human study to find that a tea product lowers cholesterol...

Doubts On Safety Of Black Cohosh
(14 July 2003)
The herbal extract black cohosh may be linked to an increased risk of aggressive breast cancer...

Selenium Linked To Breast Cancer Prevention
(19 June 2003)
Selenium, found in foods such as nuts, liver and kidneys, may prove to be an important nutritional supplement for preventing breast cancer...

Vitamin B-6 May Protect Against Cancer
(1 May 2003)
Eating more Vitamin B-6 will protect women from a variety of cancers and it may be especially important for smokers...

Grape Seed May Blunt Hypertension
(10 April 2003)
Grape seed extract seems to blunt the hypertensive effects of a high salt diet to about the same extent as treatment with estrogens...

Vitamins Can Help Slow Aging Process
(27 March 2003)
A number of vitamins have recently shown promising new results for the slowing of the aging process, as well as the overall care and maintenance of the skin...

Painkillers Protect Against Alzheimer’s
(13 March 2003)
Common painkillers such as ibuprofen appear to dissolve the brain lesions associated with Alzheimer's disease...

Tea Extract Has Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging Properties
(30 January 2003)
Ingredients in white tea are effective in boosting the immune function of skin cells and protecting them against the damaging effects of the sun...

Botox Successful At Preventing Headaches
(20 June 2002)
Small amounts of the most deadly toxin known to man are proving effective at preventing debilitating headaches...

Vitamin C May Help Offset Weight Gain
(12 April 2002)
Increased vitamin C intake could lead to a significant increase in resting metabolism in older adults which has important implications for reducing age-associated weight gain…

Megavitamins May Be Useful Treatment For Many Genetic Diseases
(11 April 2002)
Claims that megadoses of vitamin C can prevent colds remain unproven, yet high doses of some vitamins could play a big role in the treatment of disease and perhaps slow the effects of aging…

Vitamin C May Help Offset Weight Gain In Older Adults
(10 April 2002)
Older adults may be able to combat oxidative stress in their cells that may damage tissues and interfere with normal physiological functions by loading up on vitamin C...

Botox Treatment For Wrinkles May Also Relieve Migraines
(15 March 2002)
A treatment commonly used by dermatologists to get rid of facial wrinkles may also help migraine sufferers…

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