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30 September 2013
Stress linked to heightened risk of dementia
The response to common life events may trigger long lasting physiological changes in the brain, say Swedish researchers looking at some of the factors behind dementia in later life...

26 August 2013
Cocaine rewires learning centers of brain to drug-seek
Cocaine can quickly rewire high-level brain circuits that support learning, memory and decision-making, say scientists who believe the findings shed new light on the frontal brain's role in drug-seeking behavior and may be key to tackling addiction...

22 July 2013
Workplace and schoolyard - the bullying remains the same
School can be a cruel environment where attractive students are considered "popular," and unattractive kids often get bullied. Unfortunately, researchers now say that this often continues into adulthood...

4 July 2013
Exercise changes brain to cope with stress
Physical activity reorganizes our brain so that its response to stress is reduced and anxiety is less likely to trouble us, according to Princeton scientists...

14 June 2013
Popular sleep meds could make PTSD and anxiety worse
Sleep researchers have identified how the brain consolidates emotional memories during sleep and found that widely-used sleeping pills heighten the recollection of, and response to, negative memories...

11 June 2013
Facebook a mirror for narcissists
Facebook is a mirror and Twitter is a megaphone, according to a new study exploring how social media reflect and amplify narcissism...

26 May 2013
Link between psychological vulnerabilities and menstrual cycle examined
New findings suggest a monthly window of opportunity could potentially be targeted to prevent common mental health problems developing in women...

13 May 2013
Suicide rate around power plants raises concerns
Scientists say that suicide, while strongly linked to psychiatric conditions, also correlates with environmental pollution...

30 April 2013
Women with unsupportive spouses significantly more likely to develop depression
The notion that quality is more important than quantity is true when considering how intimate relationships influence depression...

22 April 2013
Short, sharp stress can be good for us
Intermittent stressful events appear to keep the brain at optimal performance levels...

21 April 2013
Cognitive decline: vitamins and supplements just wishful thinking
A review of medical trials involving 25,000 patients has found no evidence that supplements and vitamins can help ward off cognitive decline in older age...

17 April 2013
Mental health concerns follow seasonal patterns
Searches on Google for information on mental illnesses follow seasonal patterns, leading scientists to suggest that mental illness may be more strongly linked with seasonal patterns than previously thought...

16 April 2013
Tylenol may work as anti-anxiety drug
The over-the-counter pain drug Tylenol (also known as paracetamol) may have effects beyond relieving physical pain, with a new study suggesting it may also reduce the psychological effects of fear and anxiety...

18 March 2013
Epidemic of depression in new moms
A surprisingly high number of women have postpartum depressive symptoms; say the researchers behind one of the largest psychiatric assessments of new mothers ever conducted...

8 January 2013
Diet soda and depression, researchers suggest a link
Drinking sweetened beverages, especially diet soda drinks, appears to be associated with an increased risk of depression in adults...

1 January 2013
Study finds no link between antidepressants and stillbirth
European researchers have found no significant association between antidepressant use during pregnancy and risk of stillbirth, neonatal death, or postneonatal death...

21 November 2012
Myth busted! A full Moon doesn't aggravate psychological problems
The Moon's phases don't affect the number of patients who show up at ER with psychological problems, say the authors of a new study...

9 November 2012
Pregnancy risks for bipolar moms quantified
Preterm birth and problems related to fetal growth restriction are just two of the risks bipolar women face in pregnancy...

3 November 2012
Euro researcher says self-harm not always serious in teens
Self-harming behaviors are often of a temporary nature and may be more about experimentation than a sign of mental health issues, suggests a new psychological analysis...

6 September 2012
Inflammation med could treat depression
A medication used to treat inflammation may offer new hope for people with difficult-to-treat depression...

29 August 2012
Found: female happiness gene
Researchers say they have found a gene that appears to make women - but not men - happy; possibly explaining why women are often happier than men...

20 August 2012
Food flavors examined for effects on mood
Scientists are looking into certain food flavors that bear a striking chemical similarity to valproic acid, a widely used prescription mood-stabilizing drug...

23 July 2012
Poverty, not mental illness, creating anxiety disorders
A controversial new study suggests that anxiety disorders in poor mothers are often not a psychiatric problem, but a reaction to severe environmental deficits...

19 July 2012
Sleep deprivation used to treat PTSD
Sleep deprivation in the first few hours after exposure to a significantly stressful event reduces the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, according to the researchers behind a new study...

18 May 2012
People with kids happier
New findings suggest that parents are not nearly the miserable creatures that we might expect from recent studies and popular representations in the media...

17 November 2011
Female serotonin system especially vulnerable to alcohol
After only four years of problem drinking, significant disruption of the female serotonin system can be seen. For men, it takes 12 years before similar changes are seen...

15 November 2011
High IQ level linked to illegal drug use
A high childhood IQ appears to be linked to subsequent illegal drug use - particularly among women...

21 October 2011
Looming public health crisis linked to GFC
Researchers are warning of a looming health crisis for older adults in the wake of rising mortgage delinquencies and home foreclosures...

27 September 2011
New evidence linking biological mechanisms behind depression
Molecular level changes in the brains of women with major depressive disorder provide new evidence for the notion that linked biological mechanisms lead to the illness...

24 May 2011
OCD gets chicken-egg explanation
Researchers are now saying that with OCD, the compulsions themselves might be the precursors to the disorder, and that obsessions may simply be the brain's way of justifying these behaviors...

17 May 2011
Strong association between abuse and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
Childhood physical abuse appears to be linked to significantly elevated rates of functional somatic syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities...

3 March 2011
Parental joy a modern myth
Psychologists say that parents create rosy pictures of parental joy as a way to justify the huge financial investment that kids require...

17 November 2010
Alzheimer's risk passed maternally
A family history of Alzheimer's disease significantly increases your risk for developing the disorder, but which of your parents has the disease determines your risk...

31 August 2010
New clues to the calming effects of self-harm
Brain scans support the hypothesis that physically painful stimuli - such as cutting - provide some relief from emotional distress for patients with borderline personality disorder...

1 June 2010
Antidepressants and miscarriage: the risk quantified
A new study from Canada has found a 68 percent increase in the overall risk of miscarriage in pregnant women using popular antidepressants...

18 May 2010
Contagious dementia
Married adults whose spouse suffers from dementia are at significantly higher risk for developing dementia themselves...

31 March 2009
Psychiatric disorders an ongoing issue after anorexia
Since 1985, researchers have been tracking the mental health dozens of teenagers with anorexia nervosa as well as an equally large control group of healthy persons...

6 May 2008
Autism In Children Linked To Parents' Mental State
The parents of children with autism were roughly twice as likely to have been treated for a mental disorder compared to the parents of other children...

10 March 2008
Workplace Bullying More Harmful Than Sexual Harassment
Workplace bullying, such as belittling comments, persistent criticism of work and withholding resources, appears to inflict more harm on employees than sexual harassment, say psychologists...

22 February 2008
Antidepressants Less Than Effective For Feelings Of Hopelessness
Women taking antidepressants may continue to feel a sense of hopelessness even while the drug is relieving their depressive state...

14 February 2008
Baby Boys Bring On The Blues
Giving birth to a boy can lead to higher levels of severe post-natal depression and reduced quality of life compared to having a baby girl...

4 January 2008
Depressed Girls Can't Smell The Roses
New research has linked depression to loss of the sense of smell, suggesting that the blues may have biological roots...

17 December 2007
Hormone-Depression Link Merits Urgent Research, Say Experts
Women’s health experts say there is an urgent need for gender-specific research to better understand the relationship of female sex hormones to mood states and disorders...

20 July 2007
Hereditary Link To Premenstrual Blues?
A specific genetic variation may be linked to an increased risk for severe premenstrual depression...

17 July 2007
Study Connects Smoking With Major Depression
Women with a history of depression may become smokers as a way of self-medicating, something that may be triggered by the genes that are associated with conduct disorder...

10 April 2007
Diabetes Linked To Alzheimer's?
Women with diabetes may have a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment and possibly Alzheimer's disease...

Understanding Your Dreams
(2 April 2007)
Dreams are messages from our subconscious mind and are an invaluable source of information. However, because they come to us in images rather than verbal language, they can be frustrating and difficult to decipher...

Stress Busting
(19 February 2007)
Stress - or more accurately, our response to it - is one of those things which illustrate how the human body can sabotage itself with the very mechanisms it has developed to help it survive...

The Reality Of Smoking
(1 January 2007)
Smoking is stupid. But you know what? There's not a person on the face of the planet who has access to cigarettes that doesn't know that. Smokers aren't stupid. In fact, given nicotine's stimulation of neurotransmitter production, smokers' brains are probably revving a bit faster...

20 December 2006
The Parkinson's Paradox
Bad cholesterol is bad, right? Maybe not, as it appears that the stuff that clogs up our cardiovascular systems also helps ward off Parkinson's disease...

The Power Of The Feminine
(1 December 2006)
Decisions about our careers and our home-lives profoundly affect all those around us. Yes, we are more empowered when it comes to decisions like this, but what about individual spiritual power?

20 November 2006
Is Trauma Just A Normal Part Of Everyday Life?
Exposure to war, disasters, accidents and death via the media make it hard to diagnose post traumatic stress disorder...

9 November 2006
Good Mood Fights The 'Flu
People radiating calmness, exuberance, happiness or any other positive emotion are less likely to become ill after being exposed to an influenza virus...

Assertiveness And Being Heard
(6 November 2006)
Communication is a two-way street. Therefore, the listener is just as active a participant as the speaker. We often forget this and come to believe that as long as we're talking, we're getting our point across and the listener automatically understands us. Nothing could be further from the truth...

30 October 2006
Confronting Workplace Bullying
Nearly one-third of employees are subjected to workplace bullying at some stage during their working life, resulting in a multitude of negative effects on mental and physical health...

19 October 2006
The Joy Of Retail Therapy
Impulse buying is not necessarily a negative thing and can ultimately lead to greater satisfaction in purchases...

11 August 2006
Antidepressant Effects From Anesthetic
Ketamine, used as an anesthetic, appears to relieve the symptoms of depression almost immediately and a single treatment remains effective for up to one week...

30 June 2006
Estrogen’s Function Under Stress Differs Between Races
Researchers have found that estrogen levels appear to play a different role during stress in black and white women, a difference that may help explain the higher cardiovascular disease rates in blacks...

Have We Got PMS All Wrong?
(26 June 2006)
Despite a multitude of scientific reports into PMS, the studies are vague and amorphous, based on little more than anecdotal evidence. This has prompted an Australian psychologist to question the science that defines PMS as a hormonal problem. She contends that the combination of anger, stress and depression many women feel is the result of societal pressures...

Internet Addiction: Caught In The Net
(15 May 2006)
The population of cyberspace keeps growing, but another more worrying observation is that an escalating number of people are finding it difficult to log off. According to some medical professionals and academics, we are currently teetering on the precipice of a new and debilitating endemic of Internet addiction disorder (IAD)...

Teenage Girls Are Depressed – Well, Duh!
(13 March 2006)
Not meaning to be flippant, but what kind of teen life are you living if you don’t get depressed sometimes? The term “teen angst” was invented for a reason. Now I’m not suggesting that the 20 percent of young women who report depressive disorders is a number that should be shrugged off, but if these statistics are to be believed, then there are 80 percent of young women who make the transition from childhood to adulthood without experiencing any form of depression. I’d like to know, who are these women and why was I not one of them?

1 February 2006
Pregnancy Doesn’t Protect Against Depression
The commonly held belief that hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy protect women from depression is incorrect, says a new study...

Stress & Women – What You Don’t Know
(5 December 2005)
How we deal with stress in our everyday lives is different for every individual, but groundbreaking research from UCLA has brought to light some interesting differences in the way men and women deal with stress, and goes a long way to debunking the commonly held theory that when under duress humans experience the “fight or flight” response...

Is The Pill Playing Havoc With Your Mental Health?
(28 October 2005)
Over 10 million American women are currently taking oral contraceptives that significantly alter their body's hormonal balance. And although pharmaceutical companies now have warnings on their contraceptive packaging about side-effects like nausea, headaches and weight gain, very little is said about a prevailing side-effect that many women experience: depression...

8 September 2005
Depression Hastens Heart Disease
Depression can increase levels of a protein that causes inflammation, making it more difficult for the heart to pump blood...

Exposure To Toxoplasmosis Associated With Schizophrenia
(1 June 2005)
The children of women with elevated levels of toxoplasmosis antibody appear to be at an increased risk of developing schizophrenia...

Trial For Magnetic Therapy Depression Treatment
(11 May 2005)
Southwestern Medical Center is seeking participants for a clinical trial designed to assess transcranial magnetic stimulation, a non-invasive treatment for depression that one participant said allowed her to "experience joy for the first time in years"...

DHEA Effective In Treatment Of Depression
(9 February 2005)
DHEA, an over-the-counter hormonal therapy, may be an effective treatment for midlife depression...

Exercise Alleviates Symptoms Of Depression
(26 January 2005)
Getting some regular exercise is not only good for one's health, but can also significantly reduce depression...

Walking Helps In Avoiding Dementia
(22 September 2004)
For older women, physical activities like walking can mean less chance of cognitive decline...

Antidepressant Found To Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms
(10 September 2004)
In a new clinical trial, the antidepressant duloxetine was shown to reduce pain and improve a range of fibromyalgia symptoms...

Socializing Good For The Brain
(13 August 2004)
Senior citizens living alone should interact often with others — both friends and family members — if they want to maintain their brain in good condition...

Depression And Fatigue A Vicious Cycle
(21 June 2004)
Researchers say that depression and fatigue reinforce each other in a vicious cycle...

Exercising With Music Boosts The Brain
(24 March 2004)
That CD player isn't just for show, listening to music while exercising appears to improve cognitive performance...

Estrogen Behind Women's Vulnerability To Stress
(15 December 2003)
Many stress-related mental illnesses such as depression occur at least twice as often in women as in men...

Dyslexia Link Between Vision And Hearing
(10 November 2003)
Dyslexia may stem from how the brain processes sight and sound together – rather than simply a problem "decoding" the written word...

Count Sheep And Fight Cancer
(2 October 2003)
Researchers piecing together the link between mental well-being and cancer recovery have found a good night's sleep may be one weapon in the fight against cancer...

Help For Compulsive Shopping Disorder
(17 July 2003)
A drug commonly prescribed as an antidepressant may be able to curb uncontrollable shopping urges...

Stress May Trigger Multiple Sclerosis
(28 November 2002)
Avoiding stressful life events and learning effective coping skills may help avert flare-ups of multiple sclerosis...

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