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13 March 2012
Botox gets thumbs-up for incontinence
A large study into the treatment of urinary incontinence (which can affect up to 20 percent of women) with Botox has demonstrated that it is effective in treating the condition...

9 October 2008
Physical therapy effective option for urinary incontinence
Pelvic floor muscle training, in conjunction with bladder training, can resolve the symptoms of urinary incontinence in most women...

17 September 2008
Prevalence of incontinence surprises experts
The surprisingly large number of women who suffer incontinence has prompted calls for more research into pelvic floor disorders so that future burdens on the health care system are avoided...

23 April 2008
Incontinence In Black And White
Compared to white women, black women are at significantly less risk of developing urinary incontinence...

4 March 2008
One-Third Of Women Suffer From A Pelvic Floor Disorder
The most extensive research on the subject to date across a wide age-range has found that one-third of women suffer from one or more pelvic floor disorders...

9 January 2008
Brain Response Different In IBS Sufferers
Women with irritable bowel syndrome cannot effectively turn-off a pain modulation mechanism in the brain, which causes them to be more sensitive to abdominal pain...

1 February 2007
Childbirth Muscle Damage Linked To Pelvic Prolapse, Incontinence
Researchers have established one of the strongest connections yet between muscle damage that can occur during vaginal deliveries and pelvic organ prolapse...

3 February 2006
Study Finds Kegel Exercises Effective For Stopping Incontinence
A study by New Zealand researchers has found that Kegel exercises are effective for training pelvic floor muscles and stopping urinary incontinence...

2 December 2005
Urinary Incontinence Not Linked To Childbirth
A study of postmenopausal sisters has found that giving birth vaginally does not appear to increase the risk of urinary incontinence in later life...

Physiotherapists More Successful At Curing Incontinence
(23 May 2005)
Physiotherapy is effective in treating stress incontinence in about 80 percent of cases, according to a new clinical study...

Hormone Therapy Worsens Urinary Incontinence
(23 February 2005)
Far from helping prevent urinary incontinence, hormone therapy actually increases the risk of incontinence in postmenopausal women...

Incontinence Cured With Stem Cells
(3 December 2004)
Incontinent women are being successfully treated using their own muscle-derived stem cells...

Urinary Incontinence May Be In The Genes
(15 October 2004)
Researchers from Norway have found that women are more likely to suffer from urinary incontinence if their mother or older sisters are incontinent...

Loss Of Bladder Control A Taboo Subject
(28 June 2004)
Nearly a third of American women aged 30 to 70 have experienced some degree of bladder control loss but the vast majority have not spoken to a health care provider about it...

A Short History Of Female Ejaculation
(10 January 2004)
New insights into the controversial topic of female ejaculation suggest that it really does exist and is not just poor bladder control or incontinence...

Kegel Exercise Instructions Not Enough
(19 September 2003)
Kegel exercises can effectively treat urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. So why do so few women perform them?

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