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  HEALTHY LIVING (pre 2007)

30 November 2006
Fibromyalgia Sufferers Finally Vindicated
Researchers from the University of Michigan say they have now established that fibromyalgia is indeed the real-deal...

29 November 2006
Short-Term Ecstasy Use Causing Permanent Brain Damage?
A new study says that experimenting with even small amounts of the recreational drug ecstasy can cause permanent harm to the brain...

21 November 2006
Sick Hospitals Blamed On "Perceptions"
It may sound wrong-headed, but health officials believe that prevailing negative perceptions of hospitals are affecting hospital processes and fueling the present epidemic of hospital-acquired infections...

Putting The Hype Into Hypochondria
(25 September 2006)
Hypochondria, it seems, is the order of the day. And it's a far greater threat to our pleasure in life than the realities of illness and aging. It's a heady brew of advertising, media and hysterical government "initiatives" that have combined to give the impression that the natural state for humankind is that of the energized, laughing people in the soda adverts...

21 September 2006
Exercise Is Not A Walk In The Park
While it may seem easy enough to go out walking to get your daily dose of exercise, walking alone is not enough to experience significant health benefits...

7 September 2006
Mayo Clinic’s Migraine Recommendations
Doctors from the Mayo Clinic have put together a guide for women of all ages in dealing with migraine...

29 August 2006
Sunscreens Can Do More Harm Than Good
Researchers have found that when sunscreen is eventually absorbed into the skin, it can release potentially damaging chemicals...

7 August 2006
Alarms Sound Over Radioisotope Treatment
Patients undergoing treatment with radioisotopes may set off radiation alarms and trigger security alerts...

Stem Cell Research: Killing It Softly
(31 July 2006)
Here's the problem with George W. Bush and that veto. Twenty-one stem cell strands are never going to cure the world. Even if we could, say, grow a kidney in a Petri dish, that kidney would only be usable by transplant patients compatible with that particular kidney. They're not going to be a universal fit and they will still be beset with the same problems inherent in transplant surgery. Dubya has effectively put America in a position where the greatest likelihood is that stem cell research will grind to a halt and die with a whimper...

13 July 2006
Long Hours Bring On Health Problems
Women who work long hours eat more high-fat and high-sugar snacks, exercise less, drink more caffeine and smoke more than their male colleagues...

29 June 2006
Dust Mites And Diet Both Red Herrings In Asthma Prevention
Australian researchers have just completed a five-year study investigating the effect of house dust mite allergens and diet on asthma and other conditions...

16 June 2006
Positive Results From Acupuncture Trial For Fibromyalgia
Mayo Clinic researchers say a small controlled trial found evidence that suggests acupuncture reduces the symptoms of fibromyalgia...

15 May 2006
Link Found Between Exercise And Skin Cancer
It’s not only the cardiovascular system that benefits from exercise; scientists have found that it can also help stop the development of skin tumors...

Internet Addiction: Caught In The Net
(15 May 2006)
The population of cyberspace keeps growing, but another more worrying observation is that an escalating number of people are finding it difficult to log off. According to some medical professionals and academics, we are currently teetering on the precipice of a new and debilitating endemic of Internet addiction disorder (IAD)...

11 May 2006
Health Benefits Of Air Purifiers Questioned
Scientists have found that ionic and other indoor air purifiers add to pollutants already in a room at levels that can exceed health standards...

Just A Little Prick
(1 May 2006)
I have an extremely poor record when it comes to needles. I'd do just about anything to avoid a needle but I give blood because it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And that's not just the fainting feeling I get when I haven’t had enough liquids before donating, and they have to slap cold packs on my forehead and tilt the chair way back so my brain doesn't dry out...

29 March 2006
Tanning Addiction Not Unlike Opiate Addiction
Frequent tanning appears to be driven in part by a dependence on endorphins, the brain’s pleasure chemicals...

27 March 2006
Energy Drinks And Alcohol A Seductive But Dangerous Combo
The popular tipple created by mixing energy drinks with alcohol doesn’t decrease the effects of the alcohol, but it does reduce the perception of intoxication, which researchers say makes it a dangerous combination...

Whatever Happened To Bedside Manner?
(6 March 2006)
Ever had a run-in with a health care professional who acted like you were wasting their time? Treated you as if you were too stupid to understand the answers to the questions you were asking? Alice James was right when she lamented that, “one has a greater sense of intellectual degradation after an interview with a doctor than from any other human experience.”

27 January 2006
Unplanned Attempts To Stop Smoking Are Most Successful
Results from an English study suggest that unplanned attempts to stop smoking are more likely to succeed than planned ones...

20 January 2006
Antidepressants May Interfere With Immune System
Popular antidepressants that treat depression by manipulating serotonin levels in the brain may also affect the user's immune system in ways that are not yet clearly understood...

18 January 2006
Fecal Incontinence On The Rise
You won’t find this health topic discussed much in polite company, but fecal incontinence is a problem affecting a large, and growing, number of women...

23 December 2005
Didgeridoo Playing Reduces Snoring
Partner’s snoring driving you nuts? Training the upper airways by didgeridoo playing may solve the problem...

29 November 2005
Hospitals Bad For Your Health
A conference in England has been told that the risk of being killed in a hospital due to a medical error is around 1-in-300...

27 October 2005
Toxoplasmosis Expert Sounds Warning On Cats
A pathologist believes all cats should be kept indoors to minimize the spread of the pathogen Toxoplasma gondii, which causes the immune system to collapse and is suspected of causing a number of neurological diseases...

21 October 2005
A Toxic Cocktail In Every Bedroom
Your humble pillow is loaded with fungal nasties that could cause disease, asthma and sinusitis...

14 October 2005
Marijuana Boosts Brain Cell Growth
It seems that marijuana can have some beneficial effects on the brain. New findings indicate that the drug can increase the generation of neurons in the brain...

5 October 2005
Hollywood Movies Anything But Healthy
Researchers have slammed Hollywood for producing movies that depict - and often glorify - unsafe sex, smoking, alcohol abuse and drug use...

28 September 2005
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treated With Hypnotherapy
Medics in the United Kingdom have developed a way to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome using hypnotherapy...

5 September 2005
Digging The Dirt On Asthma
Children’s lack of exposure to dirt and viral infections could be behind the rise in cases of asthma. Now, scientists want to find the ‘magic dirt’ that could build immunity...

2 September 2005
Heart Disease Under-Diagnosed In Women
The symptoms of coronary heart disease differ in men and women with the result that women are more often under-diagnosed and under-treated...

Unhealthy Ads Target Black and Hispanic Women
(26 August 2005)
The growing wealth of black and Hispanic women represents an irresistible target for advertisers to sell to. But research has revealed that the advertising directed toward these groups is anything but healthy. Now, commentators are suggesting that health disparities between black, Hispanic and Caucasian women could be blamed in part on the advertisements appearing in the media they read...

16 August 2005
Tanning May Be Addictive
Why do people continue tanning despite being told that tanning can lead to skin cancer? Researchers believe that tanning may be similar to alcoholism – an addiction...

Bad Cholesterol, It's In The Genes
(11 July 2005)
How can some people eat all the high-fat foods they want without increasing their cholesterol or gaining much weight, while others on strict diets gain weight and have high cholesterol? The answer’s in your genes...

30 Second Sprint As Good As Hour Of Jogging
(3 June 2005)
Intense exercise, totaling just six minutes per week, could be as effective as an hour of daily moderate exercise activity, suggests new research...

Fibromyalgia Sufferers Helped By Cough Remedy
(20 May 2005)
An over-the-counter cough medication called dextromethorphan appears to help fibromyalgia patients stop their nerves from amplifying ordinary touches into agonizing sensations...

A Little Stress Benefits Immune System
(29 April 2005)
While chronic stress may weaken the immune system, experiments with laboratory mice indicate that brief bouts of stress can give the immune system a beneficial boost...

U.S. Life Expectancy Set To Decline
(18 March 2005)
Americans have always assumed that life expectancy would keep rising, but a real decline in life expectancy looks set to occur due to the obesity epidemic and its effect on the health of the population...

Alzheimer's Drug May Hinder, Rather Than Help
(18 February 2005)
A drug commonly used to treat agitation and related symptoms in people with Alzheimers' disease actually worsens the illness...

Smoking Works Like Heroin On Brain
(27 October 2004)
Smoking produces major changes in the flow of "feel good" chemicals between brain cells, both temporarily and long-term...

Nicotine Replacement Less Effective For Women
(6 September 2004)
Nicotine chewing gum and nicotine patches seem to be less effective for women than men...

Smoking: When Less Is More
(21 May 2004)
Cutting back on cigarettes for health reasons may not be very healthy at all...

Ultrasound Treatment For Muscles Doesn't Help Healing
(19 April 2004)
A laboratory study has found that while ultrasound treatment may feel good, it doesn't appear to help the injured muscle heal...

Lung Cancer Now Leading Cause Of Cancer Death
(14 April 2004)
Lung cancer has now surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for one fourth of all female cancer deaths last year...

New Understanding About Cancer Risk
(2 April 2004)
A genetic alteration and its role in estrogen metabolism could help explain why women smokers are more susceptible to lung cancer...

Female Smokers Have Double The Risk
(8 December 2003)
Women have double the risk of developing lung cancer from tobacco use than do men, regardless of how much they smoked...

Elderly Women At Risk From Lack Of Sunlight
(1 December 2003)
A new study has found that vitamin D deficiency is linked to falls and injuries in elderly women...

Sleep Loss In Women A Problem Of Epidemic Proportions
(8 May 2003)
Skip the flowers and chocolates this Mother's Day. What do moms really need? Sleep!...

White Women Killing Themselves
(24 April 2003)
No one knows why white women in North Carolina commit suicide at nearly three times the rate of minority women...

Arthritis Linked To Heart Attack Risk
(24 February 2003)
Women with rheumatoid arthritis have a higher risk of heart attack compared with those without arthritis...

Chatting Good For The Brain
(31 October 2002)
New research suggests that getting together and chatting with friends and family may be of help in preserving and enhancing mental function...

Exercise Has No Feel-Good Effects For Some Women
(2 September 2002)
In fact, it may induce just the opposite feeling. And women in general may get less psychological benefit from exercising than men...

Air Pollution & Exercise A Heartstopper
(1 August 2002)
For those who may have heart problems, new findings reveal the importance of avoiding outdoor exercise on hazy days...

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