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24 October 2013
Scientists now know how sleep deprivation devastates immune system
It has been observed for some time that insufficient sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, but until now the exact mechanisms behind the effect were unknown...

29 August 2013
Revealed: how alcohol breaks the brain connections needed to process social cues
Scientists have discovered that alcohol intoxication reduces communication between two areas of the brain that work together to interpret social signals such as facial expressions...

9 August 2013
Cellphone use may not cause more car crashes
For 20 years, it has been a widely-held belief that talking on a cellphone while driving is dangerous, but a new investigation shows cellphone use appears to have no effect on the number of car crashes...

4 July 2013
How exercise changes your fat DNA
Exercise, even in small doses, changes the expression of our DNA, say Swedish researchers, who have described for the first time what happens on an epigenetic level in fat cells when we undertake physical activity...

26 June 2013
Injuries soar for pedestrians on smartphones
The number of injuries suffered by pedestrians while using their phones has more than doubled since 2005, and researchers believe that the actual number may be much higher than the official statistics indicate...

6 June 2013
Stress making middle-aged women ill
Swedish scientists say that in nearly half of all the cases studied, long-term stress suffered by women leads to some form of physical complaint...

29 May 2013
Soda as bad as meth for teeth
Drinking large quantities of soda can be as damaging to your teeth as methamphetamine and crack cocaine use, according to a new study...

23 May 2013
Study reveals doctors' obesity bias
Nearly half of all new doctors have an unconscious bias against obese people, according to a new study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center...

28 April 2013
Facebook interests could be used to target health interventions
According to researchers, online social networks like Facebook represent a new low-cost method for investigating health and targeting interventions...

15 April 2013
3 percent of doctors responsible for half of all patient complaints
Australian researchers say a small number of doctors are responsible for the majority of complaints, and they believe the problem is unlikely to be confined to Australia...

1 April 2013
Mix of environmental estrogens creates toxic cocktail
Until now, experimental limitations have prevented researchers from exploring what happens when - as in the real world - an individual is exposed to multiple estrogen-mimicking chemicals at the same time...

24 March 2013
Gender and sickness: women are different
New research has revealed crucial differences between men and women with regard to cardiovascular illness, cancer, liver disease, and osteoporosis...

8 March 2013
Cholesterol fluctuates with changing seasons
Cholesterol levels seem to fluctuate with the turning seasons, leading medicos to suggest that some people are at greater cardiovascular risk during the winter months...

20 January 2013
Trees and health appear to be linked
When the emerald ash borer (a beetle) starts infesting and killing ash trees, the health of people in the area takes a nosedive, leading scientists to speculate that trees might play an important role in our wellbeing...

2 November 2012
Antioxidants may protect redheads from skin cancer
Researchers have discovered that the increased melanoma risk for redheads appears to be chemically related to the generation of reactive oxygen species, raising the prospect that antioxidant treatments may be able to reduce the risk...

15 October 2012
Athletic injuries linked to menstrual cycle
It's known that female athletes are more likely to get knee injuries than their male counterparts, but rather than biomechanical differences as the main source of these problems, a new study suggests that menstruation-triggered changes in the nerves that control muscle activity may be to blame...

10 September 2012
Brain cell boost from green tea confirmed
Researchers have discovered how the chemicals in green tea affect the generation of brain cells, providing benefits for memory and spatial learning...

3 September 2012
New warning on e-cigarettes
New research shows that despite electronic cigarettes being marketed as a safer alternative to normal cigarettes, they are still causing harm to the lungs...

27 August 2012
Lack of exercise is a medical condition, says Mayo medico
What if a sedentary lifestyle were treated as a medical condition? Mayo Clinic physiologist Michael Joyner argues that it should be...

7 August 2012
Fewer fibs leads to better health
When people reduced their lie-telling over a 10-week period, they reported significantly improved physical and mental health, say US researchers...

14 May 2012
Brain structure alters with cocaine use
Chronic exposure to cocaine reduces the expression of a protein known to regulate brain plasticity, which in turn triggers structural changes in the brain...

25 October 2011
Plastics' chemical linked to behavioral, emotional difficulties in girls
Exposure in the womb to the ubiquitous plastic chemical BPA has now been linked to behavioral and emotional problems in young girls...

11 August 2011
Doctors poo-poo colon cleansing
Described as a natural way to enhance well-being, a new study claims colon cleansing is dangerous and can cause side-effects ranging from cramping to renal failure and death...

31 May 2011
Body dysmorphia sufferers have abnormal vision
Women suffering from BDD - a mental illness characterized by debilitating misperceptions that one appears disfigured and ugly - appear to process visual information abnormally, even when looking at inanimate objects...

10 March 2011
Oral cancer increase in young women mystifies medicos
An alarming increase in oral cancers in white females aged 18 to 44 has researchers searching for the cause...

22 February 2011
Little benefit to stretching before running
Stretching before a run neither prevents nor causes injury, according to a surprising new study...

2 November 2010
Antibiotic impact on gut flora underestimated
Short courses of antibiotics can leave normal gut bacteria harboring antibiotic resistance genes for up to two years after treatment, suggesting that the long-term effects of antibiotic therapy are far more significant than previously thought...

11 May 2010
Obesity implicated in fibromyalgia risk
Scientists have found an association between body mass index, level of leisure time physical exercise and the future risk of developing fibromyalgia...

23 March 2010
IBS linked to shift work
New research indicates that women participating in shift work, especially those working rotating shifts, face a significantly increased risk of developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome...

8 December 2009
"Hidden" sensory system in the skin could explain fibromyalgia
Doctors have identified an entirely unique and separate sensory system located throughout our blood vessels and sweat glands which they believe could explain conditions like fibromyalgia...

29 July 2009
Health goes downhill long after divorce
Divorce and widowhood have a lingering, detrimental impact on health, even after a woman remarries, say researchers...

3 June 2009
Why dishing feels good
A University of Michigan study has identified the reason why dishing with a girlfriend does wonders for a woman's mood...

28 January 2009
Born to be the life of the party
Our place in a social network is influenced in part by our genes...

4 November 2008
Euro researchers zero-in on fibromyalgia zone
Researchers in France were able to detect functional abnormalities in certain regions of the brains of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, reinforcing the idea that symptoms of the disorder are related to a dysfunction in those parts of the brain where pain is processed...

21 October 2008
Washing hands better than vitamins for cold prevention
Experts say that vitamin C cannot prevent colds and the benefits of dietary supplements are often overestimated...

19 September 2008
Lipitor mismarketed to women
The top-selling drug's advertising repeatedly fails to mention that clinical trials were statistically significant for men but not for women...

13 August 2008
Run To Stay Young
Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from Stanford University...

28 April 2008
HPV Implicated In Lung Cancer
There is a growing body of evidence that common viruses like HPV (previously found to cause cervical cancer) may contribute to the development of lung cancer...

24 April 2008
Medicine Losing The Battle With Bacteria
Our overuse of antibiotics in areas such as agriculture is worsening the prevalence of highly resistant bacteria and it appears that the struggle between man and bacteria is swinging against humans...

25 March 2008
Environmental Toxins Could Be Behind Motor Neuron Disease
Organophosphates – chemicals commonly used in solvents and insecticides – could be triggering motor neuron disease in genetically susceptible people...

20 March 2008
Cortisol Said To Alleviate CFS, Fibromyalgia Symptoms
The results of a new meta-study suggest a simplified treatment process using cortisol could help alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia...

28 February 2008
Stress Reduction Feted As Cancer Inhibitor
By blocking certain stress hormones, Israeli researchers believe that they can increase long-term post-operative survival rates from cancer by as much as 200-300 percent...

29 January 2008
Couch Potatoes Grow Older Quicker
Women who are physically active during their leisure time appear to be biologically younger than those with sedentary lifestyles...

17 January 2008
Wood Floors A Source Of PCBs?
The old wood floor finishes in some homes may be an overlooked source of exposure to the now banned environmental pollutants polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)...

7 January 2008
Warning Sounded Over Internet Contact Lenses
Purchasing contact lenses online may save time, but the process could cause more problems in the long run...

20 December 2007
Heart Attack Risk And Smoking Misunderstood
Heart attacks among cigarette smokers may have less to do with tobacco and more to do with genetics...

14 December 2007
Green Tea Protects Against Parkinson's
A new study suggests that the consumption of green tea, widely touted to have beneficial effects on health, also protects brain cells...

10 December 2007
Breast Development Affected By Common Household Chemical
A common chemical found in a multitude of household items has been found to affect the development of the mammary gland in rats...

20 November 2007
Women's Health A Very Different Ballgame
Women's bodies and medical needs are vastly different than men's way beyond their reproductive systems, say the doctors behind a new women's health research institute...

31 October 2007
New Understanding Of Fibromyalgia
The pain experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers is apparently the result of a mismatch between sensory and motor systems...

18 October 2007
Honey Tops For Wound Healing
Researchers say that patients who’ve undergone surgery should ask their doctors whether they should apply honey to their wounds to speed up healing and reduce infection...

9 October 2007
Antidepressant Drugs Double Risk Of Stomach Bleeding
Common SSRI antidepressants can double the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and if they are taken with certain painkillers, the risk is more than 600 percent higher...

14 September 2007
Chronic Fatigue Linked To Stomach Virus
Chronic fatigue syndrome appears to be linked to a stomach virus that causes a range of gut problems...

3 August 2007
Pets Could Be Source Of Multiresistant Bacteria
Researchers are investigating whether the family pet could be a reservoir for infections of multi-resistant bacteria in humans...

4 May 2007
Maggot Treatment Conquers MRSA
Researchers are ridding diabetic patients of the drug-resistant superbug MRSA by treating their foot ulcers with maggots...

18 April 2007
Electronic Mosquito Repellents Found To Be Ineffective
Electronic mosquito repellants that emit high-pitched sounds were found not to have any effect on the pesky insects...

26 March 2007
Estriol Could Emerge As MS Treatment
What is it about pregnancy that eases the symptoms of MS? Researchers think they are zeroing in on the answer, with a trial of the hormone estriol about to commence...

5 March 2007
Floss Teeth, Avoid Heart Attack
Treatment for gum disease directly improves the health of blood vessels and may have relevance for the prevention of heart attacks and stroke...

27 February 2007
Antidepressants Pushing Women To Booze
Women taking antidepressants consumed more alcohol compared to untreated women with depression and women without depression...

Advertising: The Greatest Placebo Of All
(26 February 2007)
We kid ourselves that Advertising Standards are somehow more stringent, or more stringently applied, when it comes to pharmaceuticals and things we put in our bodies than they are to, say, light bulbs. But unfortunately, that's not the case...

23 February 2007
Pregnancy Hormone Key To MS?
What causes multiple sclerosis to go into remission during pregnancy may be the key to overcoming the neurodegenerative disease...

23 January 2007
Household Microwave Ovens Provide Handy Sterilization Option
Planning on doing some surgery in your kitchen? Or maybe you'd just like to sterilize that stinky dish sponge? Well, don't bother putting them in the dishwasher as researchers now say the best way to get rid of bacteria is in a microwave oven...

13 December 2006
No Benefit In Heavy Smokers Cutting Back
Smokers who cut back on the number of cigarettes that they have in a day are not necessarily reducing their toxin intake...

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