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7 October 2013
Chicken nuggets: fat, connective tissue, nerves, and bone fragments
An analysis of chicken nuggets from two major fast-food chains found they contained around 50 percent meat, with the remainder made up of fat, skin, connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves and bone fragments...

27 June 2013
Diet the critical factor in BPA danger
Low doses of contaminants like BPA and phthalates appear to have a much more detrimental effect when combined with a high-calorie diet...

23 June 2013
Controversial study links fructose, not fat, to diabetes
It's well known that the sweetener fructose combined with a diet too high in calories can cause obesity and liver disease, but a new study has shown that fructose can rapidly cause liver damage even without weight gain...

21 May 2013
Ginger could treat asthma symptoms
Ginger adds zing to food and now researchers think it might also bring relief to asthma sufferers...

9 May 2013
Subway food not much healthier than McDonald's, UCLA study finds
Subway promotes itself as the "healthy" fast food restaurant, but it might not be a much healthier alternative than McDonald's for adolescents...

1 May 2013
Gastric bypass side-effect could lead to new treatments for diabetes
Scientists have shed new light on why gastric bypass often sends diabetes into remission rapidly, opening the door to developing treatments with the same effect...

25 April 2013
Surprising large increase in diabetes risk from just one soda per day
Drinking just one sugar-sweetened soda a day can be enough to increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by more than 20 percent...

7 April 2013
Energy drink ingredient clogging arteries
Carnitine, a compound in red meat and added as a supplement to energy drinks, has been found to promote hardening and clogging of the arteries...

13 December 2012
Fatty food withdrawal can trigger depression
Canadian researchers say that fatty foods can change our brain chemistry and withdrawing from such foods can trigger depression...

4 September 2012
Nutritionists question benefits of organic produce
Springing the extra $1/pound for an organic product may not be worth it, say Stanford scientists...

14 August 2012
Eggs as bad as smoking for cardio health
Newly published Canadian research shows that eating egg yolks accelerates coronary artery disease in a manner similar to smoking cigarettes...

28 June 2012
Dietary fiber found to boost healthy gut bacteria
A new study shows that dietary fiber promotes a shift in the gut toward different types of beneficial bacteria...

20 June 2012
Low-fat dressings hinder nutrient take-up in salads
Salads are full of important vitamins and nutrients, but you won't get the benefits without the right type of salad dressing, a new study shows...

18 June 2012
Milk fats behind inflammatory bowel diseases?
Certain saturated fats that are common in the modern Western diet can initiate a chain of events leading to complex immune disorders such as inflammatory bowel diseases, say US medicos...

13 June 2012
Milk ingredient burns fat
Mice that take an ingredient in milk in fairly high doses burn more fat and are protected from obesity, say European researchers...

8 November 2011
Risks from well-done meat may be underestimated
Previous studies with mice to assess the risk from substances in well-done meat may be incorrect, due to recently discovered differences in the metabolisms of humans and mice...

1 August 2011
Majority of infants consume too much salt
Infant salt intake needs to be substantially reduced, say nutritionists who found that 70 percent of eight-month-old babies have an intake higher than recommended maximum levels...

3 May 2011
Muffin-top fat revealed as most dangerous
BMI is a measure of weight in proportion to height, but researchers now say that where fat is distributed on the body is far more important...

26 May 2009
Soda consumption linked to muscle problems
Evidence is increasing that excessive cola consumption can lead to hypokalaemia, a condition that weakens vital muscle functions...

25 September 2008
Revealed! Exactly how much chocolate is healthy
Scientists have established that just under 7 grams of chocolate per day represents the ideal amount for a protective effect against cardiovascular disease...

17 July 2008
Different Dietary Needs For Men And Women
What you eat can strongly influence your longevity and reproductive success, but now scientists have discovered that what works for males can be very different for females...

3 June 2008
Probiotic Hayfever Hope
Scientists have found that probiotic bacteria can beneficially modify the immune system's response to grass pollen, a cause of hayfever...

16 May 2008
Dangers Of High Salt Intake Pooh-Poohed
Contrary to long-held assumptions, high-salt diets may not actually increase the risk of death. In fact, a significantly increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease was found to be associated with a lower salt intake...

19 March 2008
Arthritis Sufferers Urged To Go Vegan
A gluten-free vegan diet has been found to help the health of women suffering rheumatoid arthritis...

8 February 2008
Beetroot Juice Reduces Blood Pressure
In a finding that could have major implications for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, researchers say that just 500ml of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce blood pressure...

11 January 2008
Yet More Positives For Cranberries
New research reveals that two glasses of cranberry juice a day will keep away bladder infections, ulcers, cavities and viruses...

5 November 2007
Cancer Concerns From Folate Additives
Folic acid, which is added to bread and flour to prevent birth defects, appears to exhibit Jekyll and Hyde characteristics...

19 June 2007
Foie Gras Linked To Arthritis, Alzheimer's
Foie gras prepared from goose or duck liver has been linked to the mutated proteins that can cause rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and adult-onset diabetes...

16 May 2007
Boiling Vegetables Destroys Anti-Cancer Properties
Cooking vegetables by boiling them severely damages the anticancer properties of many Brassica vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and green cabbage...

2 May 2007
Arthritis Gets Added To Green Tea's Curative List
A compound in green tea appears to provide therapeutic benefits to people with rheumatoid arthritis...

1 May 2007
Pistachios Fight Cholesterol, Rich In Antioxidants
Scientists say that pistachios appear to lower cholesterol and provide the antioxidants usually found in leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruit...

20 April 2007
Alcohol Cranks Up Antioxidant Levels In Fruit
Fruits like strawberries are a good source of antioxidants, but serving them in alcohol appears to make them even healthier...

29 January 2007
100 Percent Juices As Healthy As Fruit And Vegetables
A new study suggests that 100 percent juices are comparable to fresh fruit and vegetables in their ability to reduce health risks...

9 January 2007
Milk Destroys Health Benefits Of Tea
The protective effect that tea has on the cardiovascular system is totally wiped out by adding milk, according to European researchers...

Osteoporosis And The Cola Connection
(8 January 2007)
The FDA reminded us this week that dairy is a Good Thing, and while dairy intake will help prevent osteoporosis, perhaps the most effective way that women can avoid brittle bones is to kick the cola habit...

Eat Yourself Sane Over Christmas
(18 December 2006)
If your Christmas is beset by out-of-character behaviors and squabbles, some of it could be down to the stuff you're shoving in your gob. So, it's quite likely that you could exert a bit of control over the worst of it with a few not-too-onerous dietary adjustments...

Protein And Cancer
(12 December 2006)
The current recommended daily allowance of protein may be revised downward as there appears to be a link between the consumption of protein and higher levels of cancer...

10 November 2006
Nothing Fishy About Seafood
Those of us worried about eating fish contaminated with mercury and dioxins can rest easy; fish is still very beneficial to your health...

18 October 2006
Broccoli Set For Cancer Fighting Duty
With any luck, your sophisticated adult palate can now accommodate a serving of broccoli once in a while. If it can’t, then you may want to keep trying...

13 October 2006
Poultry Products Increase Antibiotic Resistance
A new three-year study has confirmed that poultry products can indeed lead to antibiotic resistance in humans...

26 September 2006
Who Said Decaf Reduces Anxiety?
Healthy living can be downright confusing; and decaf coffee doesn't make it any easier...

22 September 2006
Click Your Way To A Healthier Diet
What if the Internet could do all of the hard work for you to ensure healthier eating habits?

3 August 2006
Apple Juice Boosts Memory, Helps Brain
For women worried about the effects of cognitive decline; apples and apple juice may be among the best foods they could add to their diet...

28 April 2006
Warning On Chamomile Tea Interaction
A woman taking anti-coagulant medication for a heart condition had a severe reaction after drinking chamomile tea...

30 March 2006
Garlic – Forget Your Breath, Think Of Your Health
Medical scientists are only just beginning to fathom the full extent of the healing powers of garlic...

6 March 2006
Depression May Be Linked To Omega 3 Fatty Acids
It’s not just your cardiovascular system that can benefit from omega-3 fatty acids, with researchers now suggesting that it may also contribute to mood, personality and behavior...

27 February 2006
Seafood Risks Overstated, Say Researchers
Despite concerns about contamination with PCBs and other toxins, the benefits of eating seafood outweigh the risks...

Popular Food Myths – What’s The Truth?
(6 February 2006)
It’s not surprising that today’s food labels actually cause more confusion than clarification, with “low fat”, “reduced fat”, “baked, not fried” and the like emblazoned upon packaging, appearing to give us the low-down on its contents and health benefits. So what do these catchy labels really mean?

24 January 2006
Apple Juice Counters Brain Aging
An apple a day may help keep Alzheimer’s at bay, say researchers who have linked memory improvement with the consumption of apple products...

9 January 2006
Hormones The Key In Alcohol’s Effects On Women
Our hormones can dramatically affect how our bodies respond to alcohol...

24 November 2005
Give Thanks To The Cranberry
The health benefits from the humble cranberry just keep stacking up. Researchers have now found that cranberry juice blocks the bacteria that cause tooth cavities...

17 November 2005
Decaf Coffee Not So Healthy
Researchers were surprised to find that decaffeinated coffee could be a bigger contributor to heart disease than the full-strength brew, particularly for people suffering metabolic syndrome...

9 November 2005
Olive Oil May Explain Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet
The phenolic compounds in olive oil - an important ingredient of the so-called Mediterranean diet – appear to deliver a number of benefits to the cardiovascular system...

20 October 2005
Fat Intake Behind Dry Eye Syndrome?
The type and ratio of essential fatty acids in your diet may play a key role in dry eye syndrome, a painful eye disease that affects millions of women...

17 October 2005
Alzheimer's Lessened With High Fat, Low Carb Diet
Lab experiments on mice with Alzheimer's disease showed that a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet could lessen the effects of the disease...

29 August 2005
Coffee - America's Favorite Source Of Antioxidants
Coffee, rather than fruits and vegetables, is the number one source of antioxidants for most Americans...

Barbeque Cancer Warning
(1 July 2005)
Summer barbeques may tempt the taste buds, but certain foodstuffs can cook up a cocktail of cancer causing chemicals. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides some tips for safe cooking techniques...

Grapefruit Extract Shown To Heal Stomach Ulcers
(18 May 2005)
Grapefruit seed extract has been shown to accelerate ulcer healing activity, reduce gastric acid and promote ulcer healing...

Chili And Broccoli Potent Cancer Fighters
(25 April 2005)
Chili peppers and broccoli, at normal dietary intake levels, can help prevent ovarian and pancreatic cancer...

Tainted Food Can Cause Urinary Tract Infections
(7 March 2005)
Bacteriologists believe that food of animal origin contaminated with E.coli bacteria can lead to urinary tract infections in women...

New Evidence For Health Benefits Of Chamomile Tea
(5 January 2005)
New evidence suggests that the popular herbal tea may actually help relieve a wide range of health ailments, including colds and menstrual cramps..

Brain Cell Bonanza From Booze Break
(8 November 2004)
Researchers have reported - for the first time - a burst in new brain cell development during abstinence from alcohol consumption...

Combating Cancer With Onions
(22 October 2004)
Onions may not help you win friends but those with the strongest flavor are showing great potential for fighting cancer...

Compound In Blueberries Helps With Cholesterol
(25 August 2004)
A compound found in blueberries shows promise for lowering cholesterol as effectively as commercial drugs, with fewer side effects...

Best Sources Of Food Antioxidants Revealed
(20 August 2004)
Pecans, cinnamon, artichokes and beans are amongst the foods that contain high levels of disease-fighting compounds...

Orange Peel - Cholesterol Fighter
(4 June 2004)
Researchers say that a compound found in the peels of oranges and tangerines has the potential to lower cholesterol more effectively than some prescription drugs...

Urban Herbs and Vegetables May Have Dangerous Lead Levels
(24 November 2003)
Tests on Chicago residential gardens found that leafy vegetables and herbs were highly likely to be contaminated with lead...

Cocoa A Strong Antioxidant Brew
(20 November 2003)
Cocoa has nearly twice the anti-cancer antioxidants of red wine and up to three times those found in green tea...

Ginger May Be A Cancer Preventative
(30 October 2003)
The substance that gives ginger its flavor appears to inhibit the growth of human colorectal cancer cells...

More Evidence For Green Tea’s Cancer-Fighting Properties
(11 August 2003)
Green tea's ability to fight cancer is even more potent than suspected, say researchers who have found that chemicals in green tea shut down one of the key molecules that tobacco relies upon to cause cancer...

Some Foods May Be Physically Addictive
(12 June 2003)
It may not just be lack of willpower that breaks diets. Chocolate, cheese, meat and sugar release opiate-like substances and these foods may be physically addictive...

Diabetic Women Benefit From Eating Fish
(12 May 2003)
Eating fish regularly reduced the risk of heart disease in diabetic women by as much as 64 percent, according to a new study...

More Good News On Cranberry Juice
(27 March 2003)
Drinking three glasses a day significantly raises levels of "good cholesterol" in the blood and increases plasma antioxidant levels, reducing the risk of heart disease...

Organic Foods Higher In Antioxidants
(6 March 2003)
Fruits and vegetables grown organically show significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventionally grown foods...

More Evidence Chocolate Is Good For You
(3 February 2003)
Researchers found that flavan-3-ols, the main flavonoids found in cocoa, are associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease...

Sauerkraut Contains Anticancer Compound
(21 October 2002)
Sport fans might want to add a little more sauerkraut to their hot dogs: compounds in the tangy topping, made from fermented cabbage, may fight cancer... Benefits Of A Daily Fish Meal As Part Of A Weight Loss Diet
(20 March 2002)
Among the established health benefits of a diet rich in n-3 fatty acids (found in ocean fish as well as in flaxseed oil) is its protective effect against cardiovascular disease…

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