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  CHILDREN'S HEALTH (pre 2010)

24 November 2009
Childhood abuse could lead to early aging
Children who suffer physical or emotional abuse may be faced with accelerated cellular aging as adults...

8 September 2009
Doubts on "hygiene hypothesis"
The common belief that kids who go to daycare have lower rates of asthma and allergy later in life might be nothing more than wishful thinking...

3 February 2009
Vitamins not hitting the spot
Most of the children and teenagers in the United States who are taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements probably don't need them...

16 October 2008
A walk in the park improves attention in kids with ADHD
A simple, inexpensive remedy for lack of concentration may be a "dose of nature"...

15 July 2008
Kid's Food Primarily Junk
Ninety percent of food items aimed specifically at children have poor nutritional content thanks to high levels of sugar, fat or sodium...

2 June 2008
Mom's Behavior Key To Dad's Involvement In Child Care
Mothers play a vital role in determining how much fathers get involved in taking care of their infants...

28 May 2008
Link Found Between Childhood Lead Exposure And Criminality
Exposure to lead in the uterus and during early childhood is associated with adult criminal behavior, including violent crime...

20 May 2008
Childhood Ear Infections Linked To Passive Smoking
Australian researchers have found a strong link between childhood ear infections and exposure to tobacco smoke...

19 May 2008
Maternal Stress An Asthma Trigger?
Women who are unduly stressed during pregnancy may pass on to their fetuses an increased sensitivity to allergen exposure and possibly future asthma risk...

9 May 2008
Researchers Link Asthma To Birth Order
Younger children who have older siblings are more likely to experience respiratory symptoms and wheezing than those who are the oldest or only-children...

5 May 2008
One-Third Of New Parents Clueless About Babies
One-third of new parents have a surprisingly low-level of knowledge about typical infant development and unrealistic expectations for their child’s physical and emotional growth...

2 May 2008
Teflon, Scotchgard Found In Breast Milk
Perfluorinated compounds, which are suspected carcinogens and are used to make Teflon, Scotchgard and grease-resistant food packaging, have been found in human milk samples from dozens of nursing mothers in Massachusetts...

22 April 2008
Youngest Siblings Get Easiest Ride In Families
Older children typically experience stronger parental discipline because their parents are making an example of them, but younger siblings have an easier time as parental resolve tends to dwindle over time...

21 April 2008
Canada Labels BPA Baby Bottles "Toxic"
Baby bottles made with bisphenol-A, a chemical linked to cancer and hormonal birth defects, have been declared toxic in Canada, while in the US the FDA is reviewing use of the chemical...

6 March 2008
Conflict, Mood Disorders A Deadly Combination For Teens
A negative mother-daughter relationship and unstable moods may be a lethal combination for adolescent girls, leaving them vulnerable to self-harming behaviors...

29 February 2008
Spanky Leads To Hanky Panky
Children who are spanked are more likely to have sexual problems as teens or adults, suggests new research from the Family Research Laboratory...

15 February 2008
Kids Need Active Father-Figure
Active father figures have a key role to play in reducing behavior problems in boys and psychological problems in girls...

30 January 2008
Smoking's Link To SIDS Explained
New research explains the relationship between women who smoke while pregnant — or are exposed to second-hand smoke — and an increased risk of SIDS to their babies...

24 January 2008
More Kids Suffering Parental Alienation Syndrome
One-in-four children involved in a divorce undergoes Parental Alienation Syndrome, where the custodial parent incessantly tries to turn the child against the other parent...

21 January 2008
Tonsillectomy Often Preferable Option
Tonsillectomies to treat chronic and recurrent tonsillitis substantially improve a patient’s quality of life in both children and adults, suggest two new studies...

2 January 2008
Family Critical To Child's IQ Development
The quality of caregiving and nurturing a child receives within the first two years of life directly affects brain development and IQ...

10 December 2007
Brain Overgrowth Evident In Autistic Kids
Brain overgrowth in the latter part of an infant's first year may contribute to the onset of autistic characteristics...

6 November 2007
Breasts Built This Beautiful Brain
Breastfeeding can boost an infant's IQ, but only if the child has a genetic variant that enhances their metabolism of breast milk...

24 October 2007
Kids' Ear Infection Superbug Resistant To All Pediatric Antibiotics
A strain of bacteria resistant to all approved drugs used to fight ear infections in children has been discovered...

7 August 2007
Baby DVDs Don't Help Language Development
Parents who want to give their infants a boost in language skills should limit the amount of time they expose their children to "educational" baby DVDs, say early childhood researchers...

27 July 2007
Survey Shows Internet Sexual Predation To Be Commonplace
Over a one year period, 1-in-25 adolescents who use the Internet received a request to send a sexual picture of themselves, reports a new survey...

29 May 2007
Couch Potato Kids Storing Up For Future Illness
The low overall physical activity levels in inner city school children mean that diabetes and cardiovascular disease are almost a certainty in later years...

25 April 2007
TV Adverts Increase Child Appetites
English researchers found that obese and overweight children increased their food intake by more than 100 percent after watching food advertisements on television...

16 April 2007
Risk-Taking Inevitable For Adolescents
A new study suggests that adolescents' brains are wired in such a way that risk-taking and dangerous behaviors are unavoidable, making most drug and alcohol awareness programs ineffective...

20 March 2007
Play-Fighting Important For Kids' Social Development
Instead of engendering violence and aggression, playground roughhousing may in fact play a vital role in the social development of children...

15 March 2007
Childhood Snoring Can Impact Intelligence
Sleep disorders like snoring can be intellectually detrimental to children, as they interrupt the deep sleep patterns needed for healthy development...

14 March 2007
Single Parent, Double The Risk Of Abuse
A study suggests that there is something about being raised by a single parent that contributes to a higher risk of childhood sexual abuse...

7 March 2007
Stress Linked To Acne
Teenagers who were under high levels of stress were 23 percent more likely to have increased acne severity...

19 February 2007
Report Slams Sexualization Of Girls In Media
A new report says that the proliferation of sexualized images of girls and young women in the media is harmful to girls' self-image and healthy development...

9 February 2007
Parents Oblivious To Their Children's Weight Problems
Most parents of overweight children were unaware their child was overweight...

Kids And Drugs
(29 January 2007)
Helping your child make sound choices requires an understanding of what works; knowledge is essential, moralizing is useless and hysterical exaggeration is counterproductive...

25 January 2007
Smoking Mothers Make It Harder For Their Kids To Quit
It's harder for individuals whose mothers smoked during pregnancy to quit the habit themselves...

11 December 2006
Cold Shoulder Or Shouting Match, Children Still The Losers
A child's performance at school, social interaction or mental health can be determined by whether parents give each other the silent treatment or go at each other tooth-and-nail...

4 December 2006
Teen Pregnancies On The Decline
Health authorities say the recent decline in U.S. teen pregnancy rates is the result of improved contraceptive use...

3 November 2006
Teens With Reading Disabilities At Risk Of Suicide
Teenagers with reading problems also have a significantly higher risk of suicidal thoughts...

5 October 2006
Family Ties Built On Conversation
Developing a particular conversational style with your children bolsters their sense of security, and equips them with self-esteem and social competence...

29 September 2006
Secret Kid Wrangling Techniques Revealed
Experts say that a simple 3-step “guided compliance” routine is the best method to curb disobedient behavior in pre-schoolers...

28 September 2006
Threat Of Abortion Disclosure Reduces Risky Teen Sex
Laws requiring the consent of both parents before their child can have an abortion are linked with less risky teen sexual behaviors...

13 September 2006
Childhood Snoring Leads To Lower IQ
The brains of children with sleep apnea show damage in areas that are tied to learning ability...

1 September 2006
Obesity In Toddlers Linked To Low IQ
Toddlers with early-onset morbid obesity had an average IQ of 78, while their siblings of normal weight had an average IQ of 106...

Mean Girls Are Everywhere
(28 August 2006)
I went to a girls' school where there was an awful lot of bullying. Bitchiness, ostracizing, labeling, public humiliation, theft: and that's just what I experienced personally on my first day. But the difference, in my school, was that the vast majority of this behavior was carried out not by the girls, but by the staff...

28 August 2006
Self-Harm Shock Statistic: 10% Of Teens Do It
Psychologists were shocked to find that as many as one-in-ten girls aged between 15 and 16 harm themselves each year, indicating that the problem is far more widespread than was previously thought...

17 August 2006
Television Cartoons An Effective Painkiller For Kids
For children, watching cartoons on TV can be just as effective at reducing pain as the more usual analgesics...

9 August 2006
Motives Behind Teen Pregnancy Poorly Understood
Teenage girls surveyed about early motherhood believed that pregnancy would enhance their relationships with others and give them something to live for...

26 July 2006
MMR Vaccine Controversy Finally Resolved
MMR vaccine has been blamed for an increase in disorders such as autism and Asperger syndrome, but new research shows that there is no link between them and the vaccine...

18 July 2006
Swimming Pool Chemicals Linked To Rise In Asthma?
European research has identified a link between indoor swimming pools and childhood asthma...

Forget Purchasing Power: All You Need Is Love
(10 July 2006)
Good news from the told-you-so school of childcare. Those Stepford Parents who look at you as though you're betraying your offspring if you admit that you've not invested in Baby Mozart have got it all wrong. It's not educational gadgets, nor courses, nor shiny, expensive toys that make the difference as to whether Little Susie grows up to do well in college: it's good, old-fashioned love and affection, and lots of it...

Breast Feeding: Does Mother Nature Know Best?
(19 June 2006)
One of the most perplexing topics for new mothers is one that should, ideally, be the most natural of choices: breastfeeding. But infant formula manufacturers have adopted some new tactics in an effort to secure their marketshare. With increased talk of "designer babies," many infant formulas now contain supplements that promise to do everything from improving vision to making babies smarter. Whether they do actually provide an edge over breastfeeding alone is hotly disputed...

Teens And Smoking: Hold The Phone!
(29 May 2006)
While the ghastly images of long-time smokers' diseased tissue and organs in TV commercials and on cigarette packets might help counter cool and sexy photos of celebrities smoking; it could be the humble cellphone that finally puts an end to adolescent smoking...

18 May 2006
Bed Wetting Affects A Significant Number Of Adolescents
Around 1-in-35 teenagers still wet the bed, and almost half of 19 year-olds with a problem are wetting the bed every night...

5 May 2006
Puppy Fat Not So Cute
A study in the British Medical Journal says that “puppy fat” often doesn’t disappear in adolescence and it can set the stage for obesity in adulthood...

1 May 2006
Is Dementia Infectious?
Amyloidosis - when cellular proteins clump together to form fibrils - can lead to disorders like Alzheimer's, and now researchers think it can be passed to offspring from mothers’ milk...

Parental Neglect And The Band Of Gold
(24 April 2006)
Ah! Spring is in the air and bizarre findings from questionable scientific research abound. Heard the one about the study exploring the relationship between people who don’t wear wedding rings and their attentiveness to their children? The study found that people who don’t wear wedding rings are more neglectful of children compared to those that wear them. And attractive people who do not wear wedding rings are the most neglectful parents of all...

23 March 2006
Steroid Use Can Affect Teens Years Later
Using steroids during their teenage years can trigger what could be permanent changes in young men’s brains, making them more aggressive years after they stop using the steroids...

17 March 2006
Two Tongues A Real Mouthful
Thinking about a tongue piercing? You might want to reconsider after reading about a girl that grew a “second tongue” from the scar tissue around her piercing...

14 March 2006
Asthma Danger For Infants Treated With Antibiotics
A study has found a link between antibiotic use in young children and the later development of asthma...

Teenage Girls Are Depressed – Well, Duh!
(13 March 2006)
Not meaning to be flippant, but what kind of teen life are you living if you don’t get depressed sometimes? The term “teen angst” was invented for a reason. Now I’m not suggesting that the 20 percent of young women who report depressive disorders is a number that should be shrugged off, but if these statistics are to be believed, then there are 80 percent of young women who make the transition from childhood to adulthood without experiencing any form of depression. I’d like to know, who are these women and why was I not one of them?

13 March 2006
Body Image Problems Can Lead To Destructive Behavior In Teens
Adolescents – including those of normal weight or those underweight - who perceive they are obese are more likely to have problems at school and be predisposed to destructive behaviors...

9 March 2006
Worrying Findings On Teen Depression
Obesity and an increased risk of partner violence are just two of the possible outcomes of teenage depression, but with new findings confirming an increased risk of suicide from antidepressants, what’s the answer?

20 February 2006
Warning On Kids' Blogging
Blogs help kids build their verbal and digital literacy, but parents should be aware of the possible dark side, such as sexual predation by adult strangers...

15 February 2006
French Kissing Risky For Meningitis
A teenager's risk of meningococcal disease is quadrupled, thanks to intimate kissing with multiple partners...

10 February 2006
Family Mealtime Routines Benefit Kids' Mental Health
The routines involved in family mealtimes contribute positively to the mental health of children and provide a positive environment for problem solving...

17 January 2006
Head Lice Treatment Associated With Childhood Leukemia?
The risk of developing acute leukemia was almost twice as likely in children whose mothers said that they had used insecticides in the home while pregnant and, more worryingly, long after the birth...

16 December 2005
Body Image Problems May Begin In Infancy
Stereotypes about body image that could contribute to eating disorders later in life are regularly served up to toddlers by parents...

14 December 2005
Mixed Messages Over Dummy Use
The use of pacifiers can lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in babies but they can also interfere with proper breast feeding...

8 December 2005
Iodine The Culprit In Acne From Milk Products?
One dermatologist thinks it may be the iodine in milk that links dairy products to teenage acne...

16 November 2005
Sex Education Should Start Early
A Saint Louis University pediatrician says it’s never too early to talk to your child about sex, and parents should overcome their discomfort about such discussions...

4 October 2005
Caution Urged On Child Abuse Identification
One of the traditional signs of child abuse - anal or genital warts - may not be the reliable indicator it was once thought to be...

23 September 2005
Breast-Feeding Still Best Option
Despite widespread concerns about levels of environmental chemicals found in breast milk, experts say infants shouldn’t be at risk...

21 September 2005
Do ADHD Kids Just Need Sleep?
Treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders in children seems to provide a significant reduction in ADHD symptoms and improved cognitive performance levels...

20 September 2005
Depression Triggered By Sex, Drug Use In Adolescents?
The belief that young people begin sex and drug behaviors to cope with depression could be incorrect as researchers have found it may be those behaviors that actually trigger the onset of depression in the first place...

16 September 2005
Violence Has Lasting Effect On Health Of Teens
The physical and emotional health of adolescents could be compromised for years to come by biological changes brought on by exposure to violence...

9 September 2005
Childhood Obesity Sees Increase In PCOS
As well as triggering early development, obesity can also increase the likelihood of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in young girls...

Adolescent Sexuality and Doctor Counseling: Moral Dilemma or Health Issue?
(19 August 2005)
Adolescent sexuality is usually thrown into the too hard basket, and consequently neglected. But this attitude belies the real concern that parents have for their teenagers and the risky behavior in which they may be involved, especially sexual behavior and the possible consequence of teenage pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease. The questions that make the issue of adolescent sex even murkier have to do with morality and health. Do we consider adolescent sex a moral or health issue?

15 August 2005
Family Environment Biggest Factor In Adolescent Obesity
Parents need to start the fight against obesity on the home front. Simple measures can go a long way to ensuring that children won’t end up as obese young adults...

5 August 2005
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Drives Teens To Supplements
A large nationwide survey has found a high rate of concern about body image amongst teenagers who are increasingly turning to hormones and dietary supplements to enhance their physique...

Bed Sharing Implicated In SIDS
(15 July 2005)
The risk of sudden infant death syndrome appears to rise if the infant shares a bed with its parents and more so if the parents are smokers...

Correlation Between Leukemia And Overhead Power Lines
(6 June 2005)
A British study has found what appears to be a link between children living close to high-voltage overhead power lines and an increased risk of leukemia...

Surprising Results From Adolescent Weight Gain Study
(11 April 2005)
A study into weight control behaviors among adolescent girls has found that erratic eating, vomiting and laxative abuse actually lead to weight gain as they increase metabolic efficiency...

Gay Adolescents? Just Normal Teenagers!
(21 March 2005)
A new book predicts that although some teens will always have same-sex desires, fantasies and attractions, they no longer will need or want to identify themselves as gay...

ADHD Drugs Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer
(28 February 2005)
In a new study, every one of a dozen children treated for ADHD with methylphenidate experienced an increase in chromosomal abnormalities, often associated with an increased risk of cancer and other adverse health effects...

Most Infants Not Getting Enough Fiber
(31 January 2005)
More than three-quarters of preschoolers aged 2 to 5 are not getting enough fiber in their diets...

Educational Toys Permanently Enhance The Brain
(20 December 2004)
Educational toys leave a permanent imprint on a child's brain and can forever change the brain's structure for the better...

Childhood Ritalin Use Linked To Adult Depression
(13 December 2004)
Misdiagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and prescription drug use in children may lead to the development of depressive symptoms in adulthood...

Bulimia And Depression Often Linked In Teens
(8 December 2004)
Teenagers suffering from bulimia may also be struggling with a chronic form of depression...

Antidepressant May Affect Bone Health In Youths
(12 November 2004)
A common class of drugs prescribed to children with depression may have an adverse effect on bone growth, says a new study...

Teenage Hormone Therapy Linked to Fertility Problems
(25 October 2004)
Tall girls who are given estrogen therapy in adolescence to reduce their adult height are more likely to experience fertility problems in later life...

Fit Kids Do Better In Class
(20 October 2004)
Exercise not only builds a healthy body, it also seems to improve cognitive functioning in school-age children...

MS Linked To Infant Stress
(1 October 2004)
Intense traumatic events occurring early in the life of an infant may weaken its immune system and make it more susceptible to viral infections later in life, triggering multiple sclerosis...

Parent's Education A Factor In ADHD Children
(15 September 2004)
Boys born to parents who have low education levels are at an increased risk for developing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder...

Gas Stations Linked To Risk Of Childhood Leukaemia
(23 August 2004)
Living near a gas station or a vehicle workshop may quadruple the risk of childhood leukaemia, says a new study...

Obese Mothers Less Successful At Breastfeeding
(26 July 2004)
Overweight and obese mothers are significantly more likely to stop breastfeeding their infants sooner than do healthy weight mothers...

Teenage Pregnancies Not Always An Accident
(23 July 2004)
Though a large percentage of adolescent pregnancies are accidental, a substantial number of girls do want to get pregnant...

Alcohol A Big Contributor To College Victimization
(16 April 2004)
Drinking plays a large part in the finding that around 10 percent of women have experienced an attempted or completed rape during their first year at college...

Antidepressants Not Safe for Children, Says Study
(9 April 2004)
New research has uncoverered worrying shortcomings in trials of antidepressants among children. The researchers conclude that antidepressant drugs cannot confidently be recommended as a treatment option for childhood depression...

Sexual Abuse Of Athletes By Coaches A Significant Problem
(26 June 2003)
Incidents of sexual abuse by coaches and teachers are comparable in magnitude to the incidents of alleged abuse linked to the Catholic Church...

Study Links Early Puberty To Obesity And Breast Cancer
(19 June 2003)
A new study underscores the link between early onset of puberty and obesity, and it also provides the first suggestion of an increased risk of breast cancer...

Father's Absence Increases Daughter's Risk Of Teen Pregnancy
(19 May 2003)
New findings suggest a direct link between a father's absence and his daughter's early teenage sexual activity and pregnancy...

Girls On Extreme Diets Likely To Take Other Health Risks
(30 December 2002)
Teens who use extreme methods like diet pills or vomiting to control their weight are also more likely to smoke, drink, use marijuana and attempt suicide...

Family Routines And Rituals Improve Family Health
(9 December 2002)
Routines and rituals can help with marital satisfaction, self esteem, children's health, academic achievement and stronger family relationships...

Possible Link Between ADD And Drug Addiction
(2 December 2002)
A chance discovery reveals that many drug addicts had a childhood history of attention-deficit disorder...

Early Sexual Development, Childhood Obesity Link
(4 November 2002)
A new analysis of childhood nutrition shows that early sexually-maturing girls are more likely than other girls to be obese, while in boys early developers are less likely to be obese than other males...

Girls At Higher Risk Of Depression
(14 October 2002)
Girls think more about their sad feelings than boys do, a behavior that could contribute to the fact that they are more likely to suffer depression later on in life...

Closeness To Mother Delays Sexual Activity In Teens
(12 September 2002)
Teenagers are less likely to start having sex when their mothers are involved in their lives, have a close relationship with them, and stress the importance of education...

Low Fat Diet Safe For Kids
(15 March 2002)
Children 4 to 10 years old who cut the amount of fat in their meals and snacks to lower their cholesterol are as well nourished as those on unmodified diets…

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