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  PREGNANCY (pre 2011)

7 December 2010
Plastics chemical causing epigenetic fertility problems
Exposure to BPA, the ubiquitous plastics chemical, during pregnancy appears to significantly impair the fertility of female offspring...

25 October 2010
Light drinking during pregnancy gets all-clear
Two recent studies show little or no effects on the fetus from occasional or light drinking by the mother during pregnancy...

5 October 2010
Maternal depression and preterm birth
Depression puts pregnant women at increased risk of delivering prematurely and of giving birth to below-normal weight babies, say researchers...

25 May 2010
Umbilical clamping in the spotlight again
Umbilical cord clamping at birth should be delayed just a few minutes so that "nature's first stem cell transplant" can finish...

14 October 2009
Eating licorice may affect offspring's IQ
Expectant mothers who eat excessive quantities of licorice during pregnancy could adversely affect their child's intelligence and behavior, say researchers...

22 July 2009
Mother’s exposure to air pollutants can affect child's IQ
A mother’s exposure to urban air pollutants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can adversely affect a child’s intelligence quotient...

7 July 2009
Common chemical linked to premature births
Common household chemicals known as phthalates may be contributing to the alarming rise in premature births...

16 June 2009
Dioxins in food linked to breastfeeding problems
Exposure to dioxins during pregnancy can harm the cells in a woman's breast tissue, explaining why some women have trouble breastfeeding...

25 November 2008
Mom's fatty diet programs fetal brain for obesity
A mother's high-fat diet during pregnancy produces permanent changes in the fetal brain that can lead the infant to overeat and become obese...

30 October 2008
Money woes behind increase in preterm deliveries?
The stress of being in debt appears to increase risk for preterm delivery...

13 October 2008
Miscarriage prevented with cholesterol drug
Anti-cholesterol drugs known as statins may be able to prevent miscarriages in women who are suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome...

7 October 2008
Music helpful during pregnancy
Music therapy can reduce depression and anxiety among pregnant women, according to new research...

2 October 2008
Better baby bonding through vaginal deliveries
The bonds that tie a mother to her newborn seem to be stronger in women who deliver naturally than in those who deliver by cesarean...

30 September 2008
Birth size related to breast cancer risk
Birth size, and particularly birth length, correlates with the risk of breast cancer in later life, according to a new study...

27 August 2008
Diabetes Risk For Caesarean Babies
Babies delivered by Caesarean section have a 20 percent higher risk than normal deliveries of developing the most common type of diabetes in childhood...

1 July 2008
Junk Food Makes Bad Babies
We all know about smoking and drinking, but new research suggests that poor diet can also cause irreversible damage in unborn offspring...

19 June 2008
Caesareans Linked To Infant Asthma
Babies born by caesarean have a 50 percent increased risk of developing asthma and for emergency c-sections, the risk is even higher...

10 June 2008
Bright Light Therapy Benefits New Moms
So-called "bright light therapy" appears to improve a new mother’s nocturnal sleep, decrease daytime sleepiness and be generally beneficial to her well-being, say researchers...

7 May 2008
Pregnancy Discrimination Still Rife In Jobs Market
Pregnant women who apply for jobs may not be formally turned down, but they still risk being discriminated against and suffer more interpersonal hostility...

11 April 2008
War Between Sexes Begins In The Womb
A male twin can compromise the health of his twin sister before she is born...

10 April 2008
Boosting Baby's Brain With Omega-3
Mother's omega-3 intake during the last months of pregnancy can significantly boost an infant’s sensory, cognitive, and motor development...

11 March 2008
Low Levels Of Maternal Omega-3 May Harm Infants
The typical North American diet of lots of meat and not much fish lacks omega-3 fatty acids which may pose a risk to infant neurological development...

12 March 2008
Experts Urge Revised Guidelines For Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Current recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy - developed in 1990 - should be revised as soon as possible, according to an obesity expert...

26 February 2008
Maternal Immune System Behind Autism?
The mothers of some autistic children may have made antibodies against their fetuses’ developing brain tissue during pregnancy that crossed the placenta and caused the changes that led to autism...

19 February 2008
High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy Linked To Viral Infection
Infection with a virus – especially viruses of the herpes group – appears to be associated with pregnancy-induced hypertensive disease (pre-eclampsia) and also with pre-term birth...

12 February 2008
Hungry Moms Risk Addiction In Kids
Research into WWII birth records has revealed that babies conceived during a period of famine are at risk of developing addictions later in life...

5 February 2008
Pregnancy Stress Can Trigger Schizophrenia
The children of women who undergo an extremely stressful event during the first trimester of pregnancy appear more likely to develop schizophrenia...

22 January 2008
Coffee Linked To Miscarriages
High doses of daily caffeine during pregnancy – whether from coffee, tea, caffeinated soda or hot chocolate – create an increased risk of miscarriage...

8 January 2008
Pollution A Factor In Low Birth Weight?
Exposure to air pollution significantly reduces fetus size during pregnancy, say Australian scientists...

15 November 2007
Overweight In Pregnancy Can Lead To Hyperactive Children
Women who are overweight when they become pregnant run a much greater risk that their children will exhibit ADHD-like symptoms when they reach school age...

14 November 2007
Binge Drinking & Pregnancy, Not So Bad?
Medical researchers report that there is little evidence that binge drinking while pregnant seriously harms the fetus...

17 October 2007
Hormone Levels During Pregnancy Can Predict Strength Of Mother-Child Bond
Some mothers seem to be a bit more maternal than others. And now, new research points to the hormone oxytocin as a predictor of the level of bonding between mother and child...

7 September 2007
Binge Eating A Byproduct Of Pregnancy?
Pregnancy may open a window of vulnerability for developing binge eating disorder, say researchers...

17 August 2007
Junk Food Addiction Passed On Through Breast Milk
Mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy and while breastfeeding may be putting their children at risk of becoming obese...

10 July 2007
Birth Defects And Antidepressants
A new study has linked certain antidepressants to specific birth defects, but the researchers say that the overall risk is small...

28 June 2007
ADHD Linked To Third-Hand Smoke Exposure
The children of mothers who were exposed to second-hand smoke while pregnant are more at risk of serious psychological problems like ADHD...

8 May 2007
Pesticides Behind Seasonal Premature Births?
Researchers say that premature births are at their peak when pesticide and nitrate levels in surface water are at their highest during the period April to July...

1 March 2007
Majority Of Newborns Vitamin D Deficient
Even with vitamin supplement use, pregnant women are still deficient in vitamin D, resulting in a high percentage of newborns being at risk of rickets, asthma and diabetes...

15 February 2007
New Warning On Developmental Effects Of Common Chemical
If pregnant women are exposed to the estrogen-like properties in BPA, it may impact female reproductive tract development and the future fertility of female fetuses...

30 January 2007
Cleft Lip Prevented With Folic Acid
Pregnant women who take folic acid supplements can substantially reduce their baby's chances of being born with a cleft lip...

15 January 2007
Crack Baby Redux
While the "crack baby" hysteria of the 80s was greatly exaggerated, researchers say that cocaine use during pregnancy can cause subtle but disabling cognitive impairments in offspring...

12 December 2006
Breastfeeding Problems Linked To Epidurals
Women who choose to have epidurals during labor are more likely to have problems when it comes to breastfeeding...

7 December 2006
Smoking Moms Condemn Their Kids To A Life Of Smoking
We've all heard of heroin-dependent babies who suffer withdrawal symptoms after they are born, but what about babies born from nicotine-dependent mothers?

25 October 2006
Push! Look Into My Eyes... Push! You're Getting Sleepy...
The results from studies into alternative pain relieving therapies - long used by midwives in home births - have been very positive, particularly for hypnosis and acupuncture...

4 September 2006
Vitamin E During Pregnancy Critical To Prevent Asthma
Women who have a low intake of vitamin E during pregnancy are more likely to have children that will develop asthma...

21 August 2006
Bright Lights Causing Problems For Premature Babies?
The bright lights in neonatal intensive care units could be hindering the development of premature babies’ biological clocks...

8 August 2006
Experiences In Womb Can Profoundly Influence Adult Life
Inherited traits such as height can influence a person’s economic success as an adult, but it seems that an infant’s experiences in the womb most strongly influence how well a child will fare in adulthood...

4 August 2006
Shampoo Can Stunt Brain Development
Pregnant women may be exposing their unborn babies to a brain shrinking chemical, simply by washing their hair...

2 August 2006
Vitamin Use Reduces Preeclampsia Risk
Multivitamin supplements taken three months before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia...

11 July 2006
Herpes Drug Reduces Need For Caesareans
Researchers say an anti-herpes drug can reduce the number of neonatal herpes cases occurring in infants of women who shed the virus near the time of delivery...

23 June 2006
Evidence Mounts Linking Prenatal Events To Fibromyalgia
New research suggests that stress during pregnancy may put baby girls at later risk for fibromyalgia...

19 June 2006
Delay Umbilical Cord Clamping, Say Nutritionists
Waiting just 2 minutes before clamping a baby's umbilical cord can boost the infant's iron reserves and prevent anemia for months...

13 June 2006
Breast Problems From Pesticides Cross Generations
The daughters of mothers who lived near areas of heavy pesticide spraying may be unable to breastfeed their children...

7 June 2006
Low Birthweight A Predictor For Attention Disorders
Babies born prematurely or with an otherwise low birthweight are nearly three times more likely to suffer attention or hyperactivity disorders...

2 June 2006
Sex Late In Pregnancy Doesn’t Hasten Birth
The common belief that engaging in sexual intercourse during the final weeks of pregnancy can hasten labor and delivery is a myth, say researchers...

17 May 2006
Moderate Stress Levels In Mother May Benefit Fetus
Going against traditional wisdom, researchers now say that moderate stress levels during pregnancy may actually help the fetus mature...

2 May 2006
Crack Babies A Myth, Say Researchers
A new study indicates that infants exposed to cocaine before birth exhibit no more behavioral problems than other children of the same age...

7 April 2006
Another Link Established Between Oral Bacteria And Premature Birth
Evidence is mounting that the presence of oral bacteria in the mother could trigger premature birth...

What "They" Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy
(3 April 2006)
Although some women will cheerfully tell you about the agonizing 20 hour labor they went through when the anesthetist put the epidural in wrong and the baby was born via emergency caesarian section, or how the umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck three times, or the forceps delivery that ruined their vagina; there are some things about pregnancy that people won’t tell you...

7 March 2006
Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy Leads To Impaired Brain Function In Infants
Women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy - usually from working in greenhouses - had children who performed poorly in neurological tests and were at risk of hypertension...

21 February 2006
Miscarriage Risk From Stress In Very Early Pregnancy
Women under stress are three times more likely to miscarry during the first three weeks of their pregnancy...

7 February 2006
Mother’s Antidepressant Use Triggers Withdrawal In Newborns
Mothers-to-be taking common antidepressants may want to consult with their doctor after a study found that newborns could suffer withdrawal symptoms after birth...

13 January 2006
Questions Linger Over Soy Products
A new study has found that genistein, a component of soy, can disrupt the development of the ovaries, adding to a growing body of scientific literature showing the potentially adverse consequences of genistein...

13 December 2005
Infections In Mother Can Lead To Infant Cancers
Relatively common infections in the mother, such as colds or flu, seem to be related to a number of diseases in children...

9 December 2005
More Worrying Findings On Effects Of Common Chemical
Bisphenol A (BPA), found in food cans, milk containers and water pipes, has been found to disrupt estrogen’s role in the developing brain...

28 November 2005
Ozone Levels Leading To Underweight Births?
Women exposed to high ozone pollutant levels during pregnancy have a higher risk of their babies being significantly underweight...

25 November 2005
Multiple Births – Higher Risk Of Defects
For twins, triplets and other multiples, there’s almost a 50 percent greater chance of being born with birth defects, with boys more at risk than girls...

22 November 2005
Surprise Findings On Teenage Mothers
Contrary to popular belief, teenagers who have babies may not face a future of dismal failure...

15 November 2005
Brain Development Compromised In Premature Babies
Being subject to complex stimulation too early could hamper the correct neural development of premature babies...

10 November 2005
Pregnant Women Not Exercising Enough
Health experts are worried that old fashioned beliefs about pregnancy are deterring women from exercising during pregnancy – which could be detrimental to their long-term health...

31 October 2005
Mom's Cholesterol Levels Affected By Baby’s Genes
A pregnant woman's ability to metabolize fats is determined not only by her genes, but by her baby's genes as well...

19 October 2005
Speculation Over Mystery Hormone Behind Preeclampsia
The identification of a hormone involved in hypertension could provide a breakthrough in the prevention of preeclampsia...

11 October 2005
Environmental Toxins Behind Asthma?
Developing fetuses exposed to low levels of pollutants such as lead, dioxin, nicotine and ethanol may be at risk of developing asthma, allergies and disorders like lupus...

31 August 2005
Single Dose Of Speed Can Cause Birth Defects
Just a single hit of methamphetamine in the early embryonic period can have huge effects, often leading to long-term neurodevelopmental problems in babies...

26 August 2005
Time’s Up For Episiotomy, Say Experts
The procedure that involves cutting a woman's birth canal at the time of delivery – known as an episiotomy – is of dubious benefit and needs to be discontinued, say doctors...

Mother's Diet May Trigger Obesity In Baby
(13 May 2005)
Two new research studies suggest that a mother's nutritional intake can influence fetal appetite regulation and may "programme" the fetus to develop heart disease later in life...

Study Says Episiotomy Is Of Little Benefit
(6 May 2005)
Episiotomy, an incision made at the vaginal opening during a birth to mitigate tearing, did not appear to protect women against incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse following delivery. Additionally, it also seemed to increase the likelihood of serious tears occurring...

Smoking Moms Benefit From High Doses Of Vitamin C
(2 May 2005)
Mothers who don't stop smoking during pregnancy could help prevent the negative impact of smoking on their unborn babies by taking relatively high doses of vitamin C...

Experimental Viagra Treatment Beneficial For Hypertensive Pregnancy
(4 April 2005)
A study looking at the effects of Viagra during pregnancy affected by hypertension has found surprisingly positive results, which may indicate a possible treatment for preeclampsia, the leading cause of maternal mortality...

Pollutants Linked To Chromosome Damage In Babies
(16 February 2005)
The exposure of expectant mothers to combustion-related urban air pollution may alter the structure of babies' chromosomes while in the womb...

Warning On Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy
(4 February 2005)
Babies exposed to SSRI anti-depressants in the womb may be born with withdrawal syndrome...

Breastfeeding, Leukemia Risk Linked
(1 November 2004)
Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of developing childhood leukemia say researchers...

Ectopic Pregnancies Linked To Marijuana
(29 September 2004)
A cannabinoid receptor that binds the main active chemical for marijuana may play a role in ectopic pregnancy...

Pelvic Floor Exercises Assist With Delivery
(18 August 2004)
Rather than obstructing labour, pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy seems to facilitate labour...

Flu During Pregnancy Linked To Schizophrenia
(4 August 2004)
The risk of schizophrenia in offspring seems to increase threefold when influenza strikes during the first 18 weeks of pregnancy...

ADHD May Be Linked To Anxiety During Pregnancy
(19 July 2004)
New research is providing indirect evidence that a woman's anxiety during pregnancy may program the developing brain of the fetus to be susceptible to childhood disorders such as attention deficit...

Antioxidants May Assist In Preventing Birth Defects Linked To Alcohol
(9 July 2004)
Taking antioxidants during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of birth defects caused by alcohol abuse...

Dental X-Rays Linked To Low-Weight Babies
(3 May 2004)
Women who have dental x-rays during pregnancy are three times as likely to have a low birth weight full-term baby...

Exposure To Nicotine In Womb May Set Stage For Later Addictions
(21 April 2004)
Exposure to nicotine during fetal development alters the brain structure and cell activity in regions critical to learning, memory and reward...

Oral Hygiene Linked To Pre-Term Births
(26 March 2004)
Women who are thinking about getting pregnant or are expecting a baby should visit their dentist for a check-up and maintain healthy oral hygiene practices...

New Alcohol During Pregnancy Warning
(15 March 2004)
Even small amounts of alcohol consumed during pregnancy can have a significant impact on child development...

Mother's Ecstacy Use Linked To Brain Damage In Babies
(17 November 2003)
Women who take the drug Ecstasy early in their pregnancy may be putting their unborn child at risk of brain damage...

Weight Not An Issue In Assisted Pregnancies
(16 October 2003)
Impaired uterine function is not the cause of lower birth rates among overweight women using fertility technologies to become pregnant...

Warning Over Using Ginseng In Early Pregnancy
(25 September 2003)
Researchers have found evidence that one of the principal active components of ginseng can cause abnormalities in rat embryos...

Painkillers Increase Risk Of Miscarriage
(18 August 2003)
Women who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin during pregnancy increase their risk of miscarriage by 80%...

Nicotine For Newborns As Bad As Heroin Or Crack
(5 June 2003)
Nicotine exposure in the womb produces behavioral changes in babies similar to those found in newborns of women who use crack cocaine or heroin during pregnancy...

Mothers Voice Triggers Fetus Heart Rate Increase
(15 May 2003)
News findings provide evidence of sustained attention, memory and learning by the fetus...

Season Of Birth May Be Factor In Infant Growth
(5 May 2003)
The season in which a baby is born may influence the baby's birth weight as well as how quickly the baby gains weight...

Women Exposed To PCBs Less Likely To Conceive Boys
(1 May 2003)
A growing body of evidence suggests that pollution may be responsible for changes in the proportion of male births...

Premature Birth Linked To Lack Of Nutrition
(28 April 2003)
Even modest restrictions in maternal nutrition around the time of conception can lead to premature births and long-term adverse health effects for the offspring...

Folic Acid Can Help Prevent Heart Disease
(3 October 2002)
Folic acid is not only a safeguard against spina bifida and other birth defects in babies – it may also prevent heart disease and strokes...

Hairdressing Linked To Birth Defects
(5 August 2002)
Hairdressers are more likely to have babies that are either born small or with birth defects, suggest researchers...

Drugs Of Abuse Present In 40 Percent Of Newborns
(17 June 2002)
Results from New Jersey strengthen case for more funding of rapid-screening technology for infants and better educational outreach for mothers-to-be...

Birth Defects Linked To Being Overweight Before Pregnancy
(5 April 2002)
Birth defects, premature birth, and other severe health problems in tomorrow’s babies are linked to the soaring rates of obesity among women of childbearing age...

Oral Diabetes Drug Shows Promise In Preventing Miscarriage
(4 April 2002)
The anti-diabetes drug metformin appears to reduce the likelihood of early miscarriage in women with a common form of female infertility…

Birth Defects & Premature Birth Linked To Being Overweight Before Pregnancy
(17 March 2002)
Birth defects, premature birth, and other severe health problems in tomorrow’s babies are linked to the soaring rates of obesity among women of childbearing age…

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