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13 November 2013
Bipolar and pregnant
How physiological changes during pregnancy reduce the effectiveness of bipolar drugs has been revealed for the first time by researchers from Northwestern University...

6 November 2013
"Precious baby" phenomenon affecting medico decision-making
Parents who conceive through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF are likely to receive different medical advice in relation to prenatal testing than those who conceive naturally, a new study suggests...

8 October 2013
Infections in newborns linked to later behavior problems
Scientists investigating the link between newborn infections and behavior and movement problems later in life have found that inflammation in the brain keeps cells from accessing iron that they need to perform a critical role in brain development...

23 September 2013
Is aggression in boys caused by hostility in the home during pregnancy?
Chronic aggressive behavior exhibited by some boys may be due to epigenetic changes during pregnancy and early childhood...

18 September 2013
Antihistamines during pregnancy given a cautious thumbs-up
Until now, little information has been available to women on the possible risks and relative safety of antihistamines in pregnancy...

11 September 2013
Obesity and pregnancy: risks may be overstated, say medicos
Obesity raises the chances of complications and medical interventions in childbirth, but a new study indicates that the risks are not the same for all obese women...

10 July 2013
More evidence for benefits of delayed cord clamping
A sweeping new review finds that babies whose umbilical cord is left intact for longer after birth have healthier blood and iron levels...

21 June 2013
Iron supplements daily for improved birth weight
Taking iron daily during pregnancy is associated with a significant reduction in risk of low birth weight, say medicos in the British medical Journal...

15 May 2013
Massage shown to improve stress response in preemies
Massage therapy appears to deliver beneficial effects for premature babies in newborn intensive care units...

9 April 2013
Prenatal stress' link to obesity confirmed
Scientists have found that a mother's stress, due to socio-economic or psycho-social causes, is associated with the development of infant pathologies related to obesity...

13 March 2013
Caffeine link to fetal growth
For pregnant women, Swedish researchers say drinking just two cups of coffee a day is enough to increase the risk of a low birth weight infant...

3 March 2013
How pregnancy changes your feet
A new study from the University of Iowa confirms what many women have long suspected - that pregnancy permanently changes the size and shape of their feet...

28 February 2013
Pregnant moms passing junk food preference on to kids
Eating a junk food diet during pregnancy changes the development of the opioid signaling pathway in the baby's brain, resulting in decreased sensitivity...

26 February 2013
When morning sickness just won't quit
Nearly all women experience some nausea when pregnant, but about one percent may need hospital treatment to restore hydration, electrolytes, and vitamins intravenously...

6 February 2013
Pre-eclampsia may be linked to air pollutant
Five percent of cases of pre-eclampsia may be linked to increased levels of the air pollutant ozone during the first three months of pregnancy...

27 December 2012
Link between iron and ADHD strengthens
European scientists say that giving iron supplements to low birth weight infants reduces the risk of behavioral problems like ADHD later in life...

11 December 2012
Vitamin D level and birth weight: early pregnancy identified as critical period
Low vitamin D levels in the first trimester are linked to the risk of a baby being born small for gestational age, according to a recent study...

29 November 2012
Fetal pollutant "burden" increases with age
Most women exceed the median blood level for multiple environmental pollutants (lead, mercury, and PCBs) that could damage the brain development of fetuses and babies, and the problem gets worse with age...

5 November 2012
Warning on multiple Cesar sections
A new study has compared women having multiple repeat Cesarean sections and the outcomes for them and their babies compared to other women...

25 September 2012
Choline supplements for pregnancy?
Research suggests choline - found in eggs and meat - may be as important as folic acid, as it appears to lower an infantís vulnerability to mental health disturbances later in life...

24 September 2012
Brain benefit for pouched preemies
Kangaroo Mother Care - where a premature infant remains in skin-to-skin contact with the mother rather than being placed in an incubator - has lasting positive impacts on brain development, say Canadian scientists...

14 September 2012
Study ties marijuana use to preeclampsia
Scientists say marijuana-like compounds called endocannabinoids alter genes and biological signals critical to the formation of a normal placenta and may contribute to preeclampsia...

23 August 2012
New findings on alcohol-related birth defects
Scientists have been looking at how the timing of alcohol exposure during pregnancy can cause specific kinds of defects...

13 August 2012
Cheap prenatal whole-genome sequencing opens ethical can-of-worms
Bioethicists are worried that inexpensive whole genome testing will likely be used by many expectant parents to reveal a wide spectrum of genetic traits, including disease susceptibility...

9 August 2012
Vaginal delivery triggers brain boost
Vaginal birth triggers a protein in the brains of newborn infants that improves brain development and function in adulthood, say Yale scientists...

8 August 2012
Vaginal delivery as safe as cesarean for most preemies
Vaginal delivery for preterm babies presenting head first has a high rate of success with no difference in mortality compared to cesarean delivery, suggests new study...

28 May 2012
Fever during pregnancy linked to autism
Mothers who had fevers during their pregnancies were more than twice as likely to have a child with autism or developmental delay, say US researchers...

25 May 2012
Shock finding links c-section deliveries to infant obesity
Caesarean section delivery may double the risk of subsequent childhood obesity; say researchers who believe differences in gut bacteria acquired at birth may be key...

23 May 2012
Musical pacifier helps premature babies feed
Premature babies face many challenges, but researchers say one of their biggest problems - learning how to suck and feed - can be helped with a musical pacifier...

9 May 2012
Why underweight babies are programmed for obesity
Underweight infants are prone to obesity and researchers now believe they understand why this happens...

2 April 2012
Women spending longer in labor
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health say that women take longer to give birth today than they did 50 years ago, and the increase is due to changes in delivery room practice...

20 March 2012
New concerns over cell phone use during pregnancy
Yale researchers working with mice say that fetal exposure to cell phone radiation produced ADHD-like behaviors in the offspring...

6 March 2012
Preterm birth, smaller head size for infants exposed to antidepressants
The children of women taking common antidepressant drugs known as SSRIs during pregnancy tend to exhibit reduced fetal head growth and are more likely to be born preterm...

21 February 2012
Miscarriage prevented with poisonous carbon monoxide
In tightly controlled doses, the deadly gas carbon monoxide may provide a lifeline to mothers at risk of miscarrying...

28 December 2011
When obesity and pregnancy collide
While women can have a successful pregnancy at any size, they need to understand the challenges that their weight will create, say obstetricians...

27 October 2011
Medicos question use of fetal heart monitoring
Heart rate patterns may not be a good indicator of a baby's health, and may actually lead to unnecessary interventions and higher treatment costs...

13 October 2011
New concerns about smog exposure and pregnancy
University of California researchers say traffic-related air pollution is associated with up to a 30 percent increase in premature births...

6 September 2011
Common pollutants linked to behavioral problems
Phthalates, hormone-disrupting chemicals which are widely present in the environment, have recently been linked to increased behavioral problems and researchers say they may also cause changes in the developing brain...

14 June 2011
Stillbirth and a high-fat diet
Eating a fatty diet has negative consequences for placental health regardless of whether the mother is obese or slender...

7 April 2011
Breakthrough in preventing premature birth
A breakthrough new method for preventing premature birth with low-cost natural progesterone gel can reduce preterm delivery by 45 percent...

29 March 2011
Pregnancy, gender and alcohol
Exposure to alcohol in the womb doesnít affect all fetuses equally, with male fetuses the most vulnerable to alcohol...

17 February 2011
Mouth-wash decreases preterm birth risk
Use of a non-alcohol antibacterial mouth-rinse containing cetylpyridinium chloride decreases the incidence of preterm birth...

15 February 2011
Bug sprays associated with development problems in children
Common household pyrethroid insecticides have been linked to the delayed mental development of young children...

3 February 2011
Sex-in-pregnancy mostly OK, says new review
Sex in pregnancy is generally safe, although sexual activities that push air into the vagina may result in serious complications, notes a new Canadian doctors' guide...

1 February 2011
Researchers link placental bacteria to preterm births
Certain kinds of bacteria that colonize the placenta during pregnancy appear to be associated with preterm birth and other developmental problems in newborns, according to microbiologists...

5 January 2011
Pregnant, constipated and bloated? Fly poo may hold the answer
The humble fruit fly may help us understand why pregnant women suffer from bloating and constipation, and even why a low calorie diet is linked to living longer...

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