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14 April 2013
IUDs proven safe for teenagers
Medicos say they have debunked a myth and shown that IUDs are as safe for teenagers as they are for adults...

20 January 2011
No evidence for weight gain on The Pill
The commonly held belief that oral contraceptives cause weight gain appears to be false, say US health researchers...

27 October 2009
The Pill and stroke: risk factors identified
For women who take birth control pills and also smoke, have high blood pressure or have a history of migraine headaches, the risk of stroke is significantly higher...

21 April 2009
Muscles underdeveloped on The Pill
A new study has found that oral contraceptive use impairs muscle gains in young women who exercise...

10 March 2009
Study finds injectable contraceptive causes significant weight gain
Women using the birth control shot gained an average of 11 pounds and increased their body fat by 3.4 percent over three years...

25 January 2008
New Review Of Hormonal Birth Control Options
A new systematic review analyzes a host of studies comparing the contraceptive skin patch, or vaginal ring, to the pill...

5 January 2007
IUD – The Forgotten Contraceptive
According to a new survey, many younger women are unaware of the safety and effectiveness of the IUD for birth control...

15 September 2006
Abortions Increasing Despite Emergency Contraception
Health authorities in the UK are questioning whether all the fuss about emergency contraception was worth it, given that its introduction has had little effect on the number of abortions performed…

28 June 2006
IUD As Good As Surgery for Heavy Periods
For women suffering from heavy menstrual flow, a hormone-releasing intrauterine device was as effective as surgery in improving women’s quality of life...

25 May 2006
Professor Slams Ethics Of Rhythm Method Contraception
The rhythm method of contraception favored by the Catholic Church could in fact be responsible for more embryo deaths than any other method of contraception...

16 May 2006
UK Study Backs Effectiveness Of Morning After Pill
Over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill in England is helping to prevent a considerable number of unwanted teenage pregnancies...

5 January 2006
Increasing Concerns Over Abortion Pill
The safety of the abortion pill known as Mifeprex, or RU-486, has been questioned by a new study that found a significant number of women have suffered serious side effects...

4 January 2006
The Pill May Trigger Long-Term Testosterone Problems
A new study has found that women using oral contraceptives may suffer long-term problems from "unbound" testosterone, potentially causing ongoing sexual, metabolic and mental health problems...

12 December 2005
Abortion Leaves Lasting Mental Distress
A new study looks like it may fuel the abortion debate further with findings that indicate women can suffer years of mental distress after an abortion...

15 September 2005
Multiple Sclerosis Risk Lowered With The Pill
The side-effects of oral contraceptives rarely get good press, but a new study suggests that the pill can lower the chances of developing multiple sclerosis...

The Fight For Contraceptive Equity
(2 September 2005)
While unplanned pregnancies can cost company health plans thousands, the struggle for contraceptives to be made an approved treatment on those plans is an increasingly divisive issue, pitching the women’s labor movement against the growing power of religious conservatives...

18 August 2005
Calcium Benefit For Women On Pill
Taking oral contraceptives can accelerate bone loss but a new study has found that young women who increase their calcium intake can prevent low bone density and osteoporosis later in life...

10 August 2005
Widespread Belief In Birth Control Conspiracies
A survey of black Americans has found that only half believed that the government tells the truth about the safety and side effects of new birth control methods...

The Pill And PCOS A Bad Combo For Heart
(8 July 2005)
Polycystic ovary syndrome and low-dose oral contraceptives together increase the risk of heart attack or stroke...

Obesity Increases Risk Of Pregnancy While On The Pill
(29 December 2004)
Overweight and obese women who take oral contraceptives are up to 70 percent more likely to get pregnant than women of lower weight according to a new study...

Contraceptive Patches More Reliable
(1 March 2004)
Transdermal contraception is more reliable than oral contraceptives says a new study...

Call For Menstrual Cycle Monitor Accuracy Tests
(27 November 2003)
A study has revealed widely differing levels of accuracy in monitors used by couples practising natural family planning methods...

New Option For Permanent Contraception
(22 April 2003)
Couples looking for permanent contraception have a new option other than tubal ligation or vasectomy...

IUD Still Not An Option For Most Women
(3 April 2002)
The vast majority of obstetrician-gynecologists believe modern intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) are safe and effective, yet IUDs are still not widely prescribed due to lingering concerns over the Dalkon Shield controversy from 30 years ago…

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