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5 August 2013
Can antioxidants help you conceive?
Women undergoing fertility treatment often take antioxidants to try to increase their chances of becoming pregnant, but the latest evidence suggests these supplements may not make much difference...

10 July 2013
Shift work now linked to fertility issues
The connection between shift work and certain cancers is widely acknowledged, but until now little was known about the effects of shift work on reproductive health and fertility...

8 July 2013
Ultra-cheap IVF "feasible and effective," say scientists
A new study has shown that low-cost IVF for developing and resource-poor countries is feasible and effective, with success rates not much different from those achieved in conventional IVF programs...

20 May 2013
Immune system could hinder efforts to conceive
The female body attempts to balance its resources between essential maintenance and reproduction, but environmental stressors can overwork the immune system and lessen the resources available for conception...

25 March 2013
Subfertility new culprit in impaired neurological development
Taking a long time to get pregnant may be linked to neurodevelopmental problems in the child, according to scientists who say that increasing evidence suggests that it may be the impaired fertility itself, rather than any fertility treatment, that is the culprit...

13 February 2013
Lower autism risk with early folic acid
European researchers say women who take folic acid supplements in early pregnancy can almost halve the risk of having a child with autism...

5 February 2013
More multiple births, more birth defects
The number of birth defects arising from multiple births has almost doubled since the 1980s...

22 January 2013
Pregnancy after weight loss surgery: don’t rush it
Women should wait at least 12 months before trying for a baby following weight loss surgery, suggests a new study...

27 November 2012
Eggs get Fountain of Youth treatment
In a promising development for older women trying to conceive, scientists say the naturally occurring compound putrescine can dramatically improve the viability of eggs...

24 October 2012
Summer babies not so successful
Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that a person’s date of birth can affect their success in the corporate world...

6 June 2012
Picking the "right" egg to get easier
A new discovery may allow medicos to avoid using abnormal eggs during infertility treatments...

7 May 2012
IVF risks quantified
A new study has quantified the risk of major birth defects associated with different types of assisted reproductive technology...

7 March 2012
Pregnancy and household chemicals: time to get serious, say scientists
Pregnant women and women about to conceive should receive counseling regarding the risks inherent in many common household items containing toxic chemicals - covering an array of items from tin cans to garden products...

29 September 2011
Low zinc and copper levels may trigger miscarriage
European medicos say a low blood plasma level of copper and zinc in pregnant women may be a factor associated with spontaneous abortion...

18 August 2011
Maternal fat found to handicap embryo development
Exposing eggs to high levels of the saturated fatty acids commonly found in the ovaries of obese women compromises the development of the embryo, say English researchers...

21 July 2011
Coffee and reduced fertility explained
Caffeine reduces muscle activity in the Fallopian tubes that carry eggs from a woman's ovaries to her womb, medicos have established...

5 July 2011
Medicos connect ovarian stimulation with chromosome abnormalities
Ovarian stimulation undertaken by women over 35 years of age who are receiving fertility treatment may be disrupting the normal process of chromosome duplication...

10 May 2011
Mind/body program boosts IVF chances
Women who participate in a mind/body program for stress reduction while undergoing IVF treatment have a much higher pregnancy rate...

18 January 2011
IVF miscarriage breakthrough
Australian researchers have developed a product which improves IVF embryo implantation rates for some women by up to 40 percent...

30 November 2010
Penis defect triggered by maternal gene
European medicos have discovered a new gene associated with hypospadias, the congenital malformation of the penis...

24 August 2010
Involuntary childlessness found to affect quality-of-life, wellbeing and health
A new study from Sweden indicates that people are more negatively affected than previously reported in studies of involuntary childlessness after unsuccessful IVF treatments...

11 August 2010
No need to delay pregnancy after miscarriage
The recommendation that women who experience a miscarriage should wait at least six months before getting pregnant appears to be incorrect and needs to be reviewed, conclude Scottish researchers...

6 July 2010
DHEA increases fertility threefold, suggests study
An anti-aging supplement available from drugstores can boost female fertility significantly, say Israeli researchers...

29 June 2010
Overweight and IVF problematic
Being overweight or obese more than doubles the risk of miscarriage for women who are undergoing IVF or ICSI treatment...

6 April 2010
Fees rocket for "desirable" egg donors
Each increase of 100 SAT points in the average for a university increased the compensation offered to egg donors at that school by $2,350; with the fee topping $50,000 in one case...

23 June 2009
Antidepressant meds may compromise male fertility
As many as half of all men taking popular antidepressant medications may have increased sperm DNA fragmentation...

3 June 2009
Antioxidants critical for sperm health, male fertility
Male semen quality and male fertility in Europe have declined over recent decades and experts think a poor diet could be to blame...

24 March 2009
New egg assessment method
A new testing method could be used to predict the success of IVF and help determine which eggs should be selected...

9 December 2008
Secondhand smoke triggers fertility problems
Women exposed to second hand smoke, either as adults or children, are much more likely to face fertility problems...

8 August 2008
Experts Pooh-Pooh Common Fertility Treatments
Long established fertility interventions, such as the drug clomifene citrate and treatments such as unstimulated intrauterine insemination, do not seem to improve fertility, says a new study...

16 July 2008
Pollutant Causing Fewer Boys
Women exposed to high levels of PCBs are less likely to give birth to male children...

14 July 2008
Surrogacy Still A Hard Road
Although younger people are becoming more positive towards surrogate mothers, current day attitudes to surrogacy are still broadly negative...

8 July 2008
Early Disclosure Of Donor Paternity Recommended
It's better for children conceived by donor insemination to be told of their origins at an early age, say experts...

27 May 2008
Men Who Drink Have Superior Sperm
Men who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to have better semen quality, says a new fertility study carried out by scientists in the UK...

14 April 2008
Fertility Risk For Veterinarians
Female veterinarians who fail to safeguard themselves from x-rays and anesthetic gases face double the risk of miscarriage...

7 February 2008
ICSI Technique Improved
A new microscopic procedure significantly improves the success rate of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)...

11 December 2007
Miscarriage Myths Persist
Researchers have lamented the fact that a great deal of folklore still persists around pregnancy...

1 November 2007
The Effect Of Diet On Fertility
Women who changed specific aspects of their diets experienced more than 80 percent less relative risk of infertility due to ovulatory disorders...

2 October 2007
Technique Avoids IVF Double-Trouble
An in vitro fertilization technique that minimizes the risk of multiple births appears to be effective for those women who are over 35...

4 September 2007
Conception And Your Dreams
Many pregnant moms' dreams reflect negative aspects of maternal responsibility and often spill over into wakefulness...

24 August 2007
Summertime Babies More Often Short-Sighted
Babies born in the winter or fall have better long-range eyesight and less chance of requiring thick corrective glasses...

9 May 2007
Conception Date Influences Child's Academic Achievement
Incredibly, it seems that the time of year in which a child was conceived can influence their future academic achievement...

24 April 2007
Age Of Menstruation Linked To Offspring Obesity
A new study has found a link between the age that a mother commenced menstruation and the likelihood of obesity in her children...

2 March 2007
Fertility Experts Say Steroids Not Effective
Glucocorticoids, steroid hormones commonly prescribed to boost fertility, are not effective and should not be routinely used, says a new study...

Trans Fats And Fertility
(22 January 2007)
The media has been abuzz with a new health scare to bludgeon women with - "Food Fats Threaten Women's Fertility." But can dietary fats really turn your womb into a barren wasteland?

22 January 2007
Questions Raised Over Fertility Clinic Advertising
Internet sites operated by the majority of fertility clinics do not adhere to their own association's advertising guidelines, and although the services offered at private clinics and academic clinics were similar, private clinics were more likely to publish success rates, use comparative marketing, and offer financial incentives...

27 September 2006
Solvent Study Paints Bleak Picture For Babies
The babies of men who paint for a living are at a high risk of low birth weight and birth defects...

5 September 2006
Autism Likely For Kids With Older Dads
Autism appears to be much more likely in children with fathers who are over 40 years of age...

Sperm From Stem Cells: Don't Worry Boys, Your Time's Not Up... Yet
(17 July 2006)
Scientists in the UK have produced a litter of IVF mice using only cultivated mouse-embryo stem cells as the, um, fertilizing agent. Babies sans sperm! Okay, they weren't very good mice, as mice go - they suffered from a variety of physical problems from obesity to malformed limbs - but mice they were nonetheless. Men shouldn't panic just yet, however...

Geriatric Motherhood - Twisting Evolutionary Theory Until It Snaps
(3 July 2006)
Fertility expert, Dr Laurence Shaw, cites the recent spate of IVF births to women in their sixties as nothing more than the latest step in human evolution. Sorry, Doc, but evolution it ain't; any more than the fact that we can hurtle through the sky at a thousand-miles-an-hour means that we have developed the ability to fly. It's an object lesson in why scientists really, really shouldn't be allowed to argue their own cases...

22 June 2006
Better Diet A Factor In Rise Of Twin Pregnancies
IVF may not be the only factor causing a rise in twin births. One scientist believes that better nutrition is producing more robust embryos, and thus, more twins...

21 June 2006
Ovulation A Case Of Mind Over Matter?
Fertility researchers claim that fertility can be restored in some women by the use of behavioral therapy, thus negating the need for expensive fertility treatments and procedures...

20 June 2006
Researchers Zero In On Genetic Errors From IVF
UCLA reproductive technology scientists believe that the conditions in which embryos are cultured during in vitro fertilization could be causing genetic errors associated with developmental syndromes and other abnormalities...

IVF: Double Trouble
(5 June 2006)
While IVF is an increasingly popular treatment for infertility, only one in five treatment cycles results in pregnancy and live birth. In order to combat one inexact science another is adopted, and many IVF practitioners try to increase the chances of pregnancy rates in women by implanting multiple embryos for each cycle. But this technique is not without significant risks, and those risks are sometimes not communicated to recipient couple...

23 May 2006
Dairy Products Set Stage For Twins
An expert in multiple-birth pregnancies has found that dietary changes can affect a woman's chances of having twins...

22 May 2006
Genetic Disorder Transmitted In Donor Sperm
Five children conceived using donor insemination contracted severe congenital neutropenia -a genetic disorder passed on from the donor sperm...

19 May 2006
Biopsy Effect Puzzles Fertility Doctors
Completely unexpected results from biopsies performed on women with fertility problems have led fertility experts on a new path of discovery that may hold hope for women trying to conceive...

14 February 2006
Most Say Leave Gender To Chance
A nationwide survey has found that most people would not choose the sex of their child if given the option...

9 February 2006
Another Warning For Mothers-To-Be Taking Antidepressants
Newborns suffering withdrawal symptoms from their mother’s antidepressant use may also be at risk of a life-threatening hypertensive condition...

6 January 2006
Baby Boys Likely When Conception Takes Time
The longer it takes to get pregnant, the more chance there is of having a boy, says a study in the British Medical Journal...

1 November 2005
Marijuana Impairs Sperm’s Ability To Fertilize
If you’re trying to conceive, make sure your partner isn’t on the wacky backy...

28 October 2005
Chromosome Worries For Twins Conceived Through IVF
Assisted reproductive technologies like IVF seem to increase the chance of chromosomal abnormalities in twins...

Increasing Your Chances of Conceiving
(20 October 2005)
Fertility issues are becoming more common for both men and women. What you should not do is believe that you are somehow abnormal or different because you are having trouble conceiving. It’s not as easy as it is made out to be and the best advice is to stay cool, calm, relaxed and healthy…

13 September 2005
Infertility Linked To Common Pesticide
A pesticide that is used to kill flies, cockroaches and other insects may interfere with the correct development and function of the reproductive tract...

1 September 2005
Stress Won't Affect IVF Success
Past research on the effects of stress on IVF outcomes has been conflicting, but a new, more accurate study says that women need not be concerned about stress affecting their chances of conceiving...

Female Genital Mutilation Associated With Infertility
(29 July 2005)
Girls who undergo genital mutilation in childhood appear to be at a greater risk of infertility in later life...

Fertility Drugs Ineffective For Some Women
(22 July 2005)
Fertility drugs may not improve ovulation rates in women whose genetic make-up lacks a gene called the estrogen receptor beta...

Sex Selection Before IVF Implantation Likely To Be Popular
(11 March 2005)
Experts believe that the gender selection of embryos before implantation is set to become a controversial issue. Of women receiving fertility treatment, nearly half of those surveyed said they would use preimplantation sex selection if it were offered to them...

NK Cell Testing & Treatment Of No Benefit
(29 November 2004)
Far from helping infertile women, tests for natural killer (NK) cells and associated treatments, may actually harm the process of conception...

High Protein Diet Doesn't Help Fertility
(2 July 2004)
A moderately high protein diet could reduce a woman's chances of becoming pregnant by affecting the levels of ammonium within the female reproductive tract...

Maintaining Fertility In Women With Cancer
(16 June 2004)
A new method to preserve the fertility of women who undergo chemotherapy does not involve surgery or hormonal stimulation of the ovaries...

Herbal Fertility Supplement Shows Positive Results In Study
(30 April 2004)
A small study shows promise for a nutritional supplement that may help boost fertility in women who have difficulty conceiving...

Assisted Conception Babies Face Higher Risk At Birth
(26 January 2004)
Babies born following medically assisted reproduction, such as IVF, face a much higher risk of problems during delivery compared with babies conceived naturally...

IVF & ICSI Safe, Says Study
(10 July 2003)
A study of children conceived through IVF and ICSI has confirmed that these children are healthy and, in general, doing as well as children conceived naturally...

IVF May Be Linked To Bladder Defects
(20 March 2003)
Researchers say that a group of rare urological defects, including bladder development outside the body, may be more common in children conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF)...

IVF May Be Linked To Birth Defects
(18 November 2002)
Scientists suggest that in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be associated with a rare combination of birth defects characterized by the excessive growth of various tissues...

PGD Could Prevent IVF Miscarriages
(9 September 2002)
Women who suffer repeated unexplained miscarriages can be assisted if preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is carried out on their embryos beforehand...

Lack Of Partner Drives Donor Insemination
(18 July 2002)
More than two-thirds of single women who choose to have a baby by donor insemination (DI) do so because they feel that they are running out of time to have a baby...

Female Fertility Starts Declining From 20s
(2 May 2002)
A woman’s fertility starts declining as early as her late 20s - not in her 30s as was previously thought, according to a new study...

Delayed Childbirth And Long-Term Health Consequences
(10 April 2002)
Women who delay childbirth until after the age of 35 may be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure …

Researchers Identify Possible Cause Of Recurrent Miscarriages
(2 April 2002)
Women who carry a particular genetic mutation that predisposes them to blood clots have a significantly higher chance of miscarrying…

No Link Between Fertility Drugs And Ovarian Cancer Say Researchers
(30 March 2002)
Fertility drugs do not put women at a higher than average risk of ovarian cancer, according to the largest analysis to date on the topic…

Moderate Drinkers Do Not Wait Longer To Become Pregnant
(27 March 2002)
Women who regularly drink a moderate amount of alcohol while trying to conceive do not have to wait longer than teetotallers to become pregnant…

Simple Way Of Identifying The Likeliest Days To Conceive
(26 March 2002)
A simple way of establishing on which days in a woman’s menstrual cycle she is fertile has been identified by US and Italian fertility experts…

Doctors Issue Alert Over Spontaneous Natural Conception While Undergoing IVF
(24 March 2002)
A woman undergoing fertility treatment in the USA has given birth to quadruplets of whom at least one, and possibly two, were conceived spontaneously while she was undergoing fertility treatment…

Prayer May Influence In Vitro Fertilization Success
(21 March 2002)
Prayer seems to almost double the success rate of in vitro fertilization procedures that lead to pregnancy, according to surprising results from a study carefully designed to eliminate bias…

Successful Pregnancy Is Poor In Older Women, Regardless Of Reproductive History
(9 March 2002)
The chance of a successful pregnancy declines considerably in women aged more than 35 years, irrespective of her reproductive history…

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