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22 August 2012
STDs, cancers possible with declining circumcisions
Increased rates of diseases associated with lower rates of male circumcision, including HIV, herpes and genital warts, cervical and penile cancers are likely, say medicos...

12 January 2010
Boys to blame for chlamydia's persistence?
Frequent testing and treatment of infection does not reduce the prevalence of chlamydia in teenage girls, and a new study shows that the high rates of infection in boys may be to blame...

15 December 2009
50:50 chance of STI for teens
Worryingly, a new study has found that 50 percent of urban teenage girls could acquire at least one of three common sexually transmitted infections within two years of becoming sexually active...

10 November 2009
STDs linked to stroke risk
Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, herpes and other infections appear to be associated with an increased risk of stroke, suggests a new study...

6 October 2008
Vast racial differences in HIV prevalence
HIV prevalence among African Americans is an astonishing ten times greater than the prevalence among whites which researchers say is an indictment of the US response to the epidemic...

11 August 2008
Marijuana Use Linked To Risky Sex, STDs
Black girls who use marijuana are more likely to engage in risky sexual acts and contract a sexually transmitted disease, a new study has found...

24 July 2007
America's Prostitution Phobia Hindering HIV Control
US funding for HIV prevention or control programs requires organizations to explicitly condemn prostitution, a requirement that public health officials say is hindering efforts to control the global HIV epidemic...

10 May 2007
Oral Sex Linked To Throat Cancer
HPV, the virus behind cervical cancer, also appears to be the main risk factor for a number of throat cancers...

28 February 2007
HPV More Widespread Than Previously Thought
Research suggests that a quarter of all women could be infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), the virus which causes cervical cancer...

26 January 2007
Common Infection Raises Risk For HIV
Women with trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease, have a significantly increased risk of HIV infection...

28 November 2006
New Chlamydia Strains Could Create New Diseases
The Chlamydia bacterium is evolving at a faster rate than scientists could ever have imagined...

14 November 2006
Low Awareness Makes HPV Vaccine Important
Most women aren't aware of the link between human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer...

Semen: A Potentially Nasty Brew
(4 September 2006)
Worryingly, a significant proportion of our kids seem to be convinced that their parents' exhortations to practice safe sex are so much fuddy-duddy moralizing from people who've never done it. But the safe sex message has never been more important, particularly in light of new research that found men's semen to be, well, not very healthy...

10 May 2006
Chlamydia Infection Highly Likely For College Freshmen
First year college students under the age of 20 were almost 70 percent more likely to test positive for chlamydia than other students...

28 February 2006
HIV Exploding In Tijuana
Driven by drug use and increasing numbers of sex workers, 1 percent of the population of Tijuana, Mexico could be HIV positive...

15 March 2006
Human Papillomavirus Behind Skin Cancer?
The link between human papillomavirus and cancer of the cervix is well known, but researchers think that a variant of the virus could also be behind a common form of skin cancer...

STDs – Chances Are You’ve Probably Got One
(23 January 2006)
The staggering truth is that half of all people will have a sexually transmitted disease at some point in their lifetime, and it’s estimated that over 65 million Americans are currently living with a viral STD...

Home Test Kits Effective For STDs
(10 June 2005)
Home test kits, ordered via the Internet, provide young women with a safe and effective means for protecting their sexual reproductive health, say researchers...

HIV Testing Should Be Routine, Say Physicians
(18 April 2005)
Doctors should incorporate HIV testing into routine patient care for all sexually active individuals, regardless of risk factors, say a group of physicians and researchers...

The Pill May Increase Risk Of Herpes Transmission
(8 April 2005)
Women infected with the herpes virus may have an increased risk of transmitting the virus to others if they use hormonal contraceptives or have certain bacterial vaginal infections...

Adolescents Believe Oral Sex Safer And More Acceptable
(6 April 2005)
A variety of factors are making oral sex the preferred sexual act for many adolescents but experts are concerned that some teens think that the risk of STDs from oral sex is zero...

Sexual Maturity Linked To STD Infection Risk
(1 April 2005)
Girls who are late developers may be more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections than younger, sexually precocious teens, according to new research...

Human Papillomavirus Widespread In Adolescents
(17 December 2004)
Worrying new research has found 80 percent of the adolescent girls examined were carrying the virus linked to cervical cancer...

Female Condom Overlooked In AIDS Fight
(24 November 2004)
Female condoms could provide a viable method of protection against HIV - in both the developing world and Western nations - but are being dismissed for the wrong reasons...

Free Home Test Kit For STDs Launched
(6 August 2004)
A Maryland based, government study to measure the effectiveness of a home test kit for common sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea, has commenced...

Condoms Best Prevention For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
(30 July 2004)
Women who suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease should make sure their sexual partners consistently use condoms...

Chlamydia Infects One In Ten Young Black Adults
(16 May 2004)
Differences in STD infection rates may be responsible for variations in reproductive health among whites, blacks and other ethnic groups...

Final Phase Trial For Herpes Vaccine
(22 January 2004)
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine is seeking healthy women volunteers aged 18-30 to participate in a multi-center, national trial of a promising new herpes vaccine...

Chlamydia Shock For Army
(14 August 2003)
Around 10 percent of female Army recruits tested positive for the bacteria that causes the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia...

Young Women Underestimate STD Risk
(4 August 2003)
The risk profiles for most sexually active single women are remarkably similar to those women in higher risk populations...

Gynecological Complaint Linked To Herpes Risk
(24 July 2003)
The common gynecological disorder called bacterial vaginosis has been linked to an increased risk of herpes...

Wives Of Drug Takers At Risk
(26 May 2003)
40 percent of drug-abusing husbands entering a treatment program had engaged in unprotected penetrative sexual intercourse with a person other than their spouse...

Annual Screening For Chlamydia Urged
(8 May 2003)
Doctors say all sexually active women under 25 should be screened annually for chlamydia...

Lesbian Health Services Failing To Meet Needs
(17 April 2003)
Women can pass on sexually transmitted infections to other women, including herpes, trichomoniasis, papilloma virus, syphilis, HIV and bacterial vaginosis...

Tattoo, Piercing Shops Lack Infection Control
(3 March 2003)
A new study of tattooing and body piercing finds that many operators may be putting clients at risk of HIV and hepatitis B and C infection...

Teens At Greater Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections
(7 October 2002)
Girls under 16 are three times as likely to have an infection caught through sex as other women...

Childhood Sexual Abuse Is Top Predictor For HIV Infection In Women
(9 April 2002)
A history of childhood sexual abuse overshadows all other factors that place a woman at risk for contracting HIV infection…

Success Of HIV Therapy May Discourage Safe Sex
(3 April 2002)
Some gay and bisexual men believe AIDS therapy reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to sexual partners and that this belief is associated with greater likelihood of unprotected sex...

HIV Infection From Receptive Oral Sex Is A Rare Event
(30 March 2002)
A study by researchers from UCSF found the probability of HIV infection through unprotected receptive oral sex with a man to be statistically estimated as zero…

Undiagnosed, Untreated Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Infections Common
(14 March 2002)
Between 1997 and 1998, undiagnosed gonorrhea and chlamydia infections occurred in a combined one in 12, or 7.9 percent, of young adults ages 18 to 35…

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