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25 November 2013
Heavy drinking in marriages not so bad - as long as both partners do it
The findings from a new study indicate that it's the difference between the couple’s drinking habits, rather than the drinking itself, that leads to marital dissatisfaction, separation, and divorce...

30 October 2013
How TXTing affects your relationship
Couples shouldn't do their talking through TXTs when it comes to serious conversations, disagreements, or apologies, say researchers who have found that being constantly connected through technology can create disconnects in relationships...

5 September 2013
How to spot a texting liar
Ever been exchanging a flurry of text messages with someone when there's an awkward pause? New research shows you should probably be suspicious...

1 August 2013
1-in-3 teens report dating violence
Around 1-in-3 American teenagers say they’ve been of victims of dating violence and the same number acknowledge they’ve committed violence toward a date, according to a new study...

18 July 2013
Long-distance relationships stronger than face-to-face ones
Long-distance relationships are usually seen as destined to fail, but researchers have found that couples in long-distance relationships often have stronger bonds resulting from more constant, and deeper, communication...

13 July 2013
Money arguments are top predictor of divorce
It takes longer to recover from money arguments than any other kind of argument, according to new research that finds financial arguments are more intense, last longer, and involve harsher language...

5 June 2013
Online dating makes for happier marriages
Around half of the marriages between 2005 and 2012 began online, according to new research, which also found that couples who met online have happier, longer marriages...

5 April 2013
Happy newlyweds stack on pounds
New findings challenge the notion that quality relationships always benefit health, indicating that satisfied spouses gain weight over time because they may be less motivated to attract an alternative mate...

12 February 2013
Relationship anxieties can sabotage immune system
Concerns and anxieties about one's close relationships appear to function as a chronic stressor that can compromise immunity, scientists say...

11 February 2013
The laws of attraction redefined
A University of Notre Dame researcher has been delving into what's really at work when we select a romantic or sexual partner...

14 January 2013
Thirty percent of teen girls report meeting Internet strangers
A large proportion of teenage girls report having offline meetings with people they have met only via the Internet...

15 November 2012
Marriages suffering from Emotional Disconnection Disorder
A personality trait called alexithymia that keeps people from sharing or even understanding their own emotions can derail relationships, suggests a new study...

20 September 2012
Breaking-up harder to do with FB
Keeping in touch with an ex-partner through Facebook is associated with poorer emotional recovery and stunted personal growth...

13 July 2012
"Doing lunch" tops jealousy charts
Sharing a meal with a former romantic partner is more likely than other, non-food-related activities to make your current partner jealous...

24 April 2012
Marital Catch-22 for college women
As women pursue more education, it only gets harder for them to find partners as they become more educated and earn higher salaries...

23 February 2012
Broken-heart as real as physical pain
“Broken-hearted” isn’t just a metaphor, according to researchers looking into the overlap between physical and social pain...

20 December 2011
Fear of divorce keeping Gen Y single
The percentage of married adults is at an all-time low in the United States and demographers at Cornell University think they know why...

16 August 2011
Conflict levels rarely change throughout marriage
The current level of conflict you experience with your partner probably won’t change much for the remainder of your marriage, suggests research in the Journal of Family Issues...

22 March 2011
Lack of partner support biggest factor in "pre-baby blues"
Relationship problems and lack of support are the biggest factors contributing to depression in pregnancy, according to European medical researchers...

15 June 2010
Dating: I'll have what she's having
We like to think we have discriminating tastes when it comes to dating, but women are greatly influenced not only by what their friends think of their partner, but also by the opinions of complete strangers...

25 August 2009
Facial attractiveness a complex business
When it comes to choosing a potential mate, women evaluate facial attractiveness on two levels - a sexual level and a nonsexual level based on overall aesthetics...

6 January 2009
Women prefer prestige
Researchers find that women prefer men who are recognized by their peers for their skills and achievements...

9 September 2008
Infidelity investigated: why people cheat
The probability of someone cheating during a relationship can be as high as 76 percent and contrary to popular belief there is no difference between men and women...

6 February 2008
Learning To Love The Things You Hate
Viewing our spouses more negatively over time may not be all bad, suggests new research...

23 January 2008
Arguments Keep You Healthy
Partners who suppress their anger when one attacks the other die earlier than couples where one or both partners express their anger and resolve the conflict...

10 January 2008
Adolescence And Divorce Make For Distant Dads
The typical distancing from parents by adolescents is exacerbated by divorce for fathers, but not for mothers...

27 November 2007
Less Talk, More Likeable
Silence may be more golden for women, suggests a new study which found that couples were judged to be less likeable when the woman was more verbally assertive...

31 August 2007
Sexual Health Issues For Older Single Women
Older women returning to the dating scene are more at risk of sexually transmitted infections than their younger counterparts...

10 August 2007
Macho Men Not Perceived As Good Partners
According to a new study, women perceive masculine men as unsuitable long-term partners, and instead prefer men with feminine features, believing they are less likely to cheat...

13 March 2007
Sexual Victimization At Epidemic Levels
Eighteen percent of young women report suffering unwanted sexual contact, verbally coerced sex, rape or attempted rape. More worryingly, most of the victimization was perpetrated by an intimate partner...

Keeping Sex Fresh
(5 March 2007)
Okay, let’s be honest - even sex can get boring, especially if it’s with the same person day after day. But there are many ways to create surprise, fun, spontaneity and excitement in sexual relations...

12 February 2007
Infidelity Drives Male Sexual Behaviors
From the shape of the penis to copulatory thrusting styles, it appears that most of the male sexual repertoire has evolved to thwart female infidelity...

7 February 2007
Fussiness A Big Turn-On
Potential partners who seem undiscriminating are a definite turn-off, and those who evoke the magic of feeling special are a big draw, say speed-dating researchers...

6 February 2007
Online Dating: Do You Want Lies With That?
Online daters aren't shy when it comes to stretching (or shrinking) the truth...

What Is Love?
(5 February 2007)
"Love makes the world go round," the saying goes, but what is it really? Well, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I do actually think I know what it is...

The Dating Doctor
The Dating Doctor, Serena Mackesy, brings her hard-won dating wisdom to bear on your own dating conundrums...

17 January 2007
Style Of Conflict Can Foretell Divorce
It's not whether or not a couple fights and argues, but how they communicate during their conflict that can determine whether a couple will stay together for the long haul...

26 October 2006
Female Smarts Leads To Cashed-Up Hubby
It seems that the level of education a woman attains will determine the earnings of her future husband...

24 October 2006
Who’s Your Daddy, Baby Brown Eyes?
Blue-eyed males find blue-eyed females more attractive as a result of an unconscious evolutionary adaptation related to sexual infidelity detection...

12 October 2006
The Secret Sex Lives Of Partnered Men
A recent survey revealed that just under half of the men who paid for sex already had partners; and that half of this group had unprotected intercourse with the sex workers they visited...

10 October 2006
Heavy-Handed Husbands Lead To Tough Custody Choices For Women
A new study shows that custody decisions involving co-parenting are not always the best option...

Hitched And Healthy?
(21 August 2006)
"Marriage is good for you: It's official!" Well, that's what the media were saying about last week's findings from the latest study into health and marriage. But read between the lines and you'll find the true story isn't quite that simple...

17 July 2006
Abuse Findings For Black Women Counterintuitive
In contrast to white women, black women with four years or more of college are at the greatest risk of being abused in a relationship...

26 June 2006
Stalking A Health Problem, Say Behavioral Scientists
Stalking is as much a public health issue as a criminal justice problem, suggests a national study for the Division of Violence Prevention at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control...

Intimate Partner Violence: The Silent Epidemic
(22 May 2006)
According to new studies, 44 percent of women aged between 18 and 64 have experienced intimate partner violence during their lifetime, with 15 percent currently experiencing domestic abuse. The researchers have now thrown the gauntlet at the feet of public health authorities; challenging them to implement measures to deal with this epidemic of domestic violence...

12 April 2006
The Tell-Tale Wedding Ring
A people-watching researcher says that parents who don’t wear wedding rings are more neglectful of children...

2 March 2006
Emotional Engagement Key To Marital Happiness
A survey of married couples found that the single most important factor in a woman’s marital happiness is the level of her husband’s emotional engagement. Uh-oh...

2 February 2006
Can Snoring Lead To Divorce?
Snoring may have more of an impact on a marriage than most people think, in some cases, leading to marital breakdown...

19 January 2006
Ouch! Divorce Costs Everyone A Bundle
A scary new study shows the devastating financial toll divorce can wreak on a person's wealth...

15 December 2005
Alarming Findings From Divorce Studies
It seems that divorce has a lasting effect on our personal satisfaction levels, lowering them for years afterwards. But the most traumatic event for kids is not the divorce itself, but the period before the divorce...

18 November 2005
Talking About Virginity Loss
The loss of one’s virginity is one of life’s most significant milestones. Now, a new book explores the complexities of how men and women view the act...

19 September 2005
Male, Female Stereotypes Created By Media
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, or at least that's what we've been told. But a new study says there's very little real difference between the sexes and those differences are vastly exaggerated by the media...

Young Grandmothers Prone To Emotional Distress And Depression
(18 July 2005)
Skipped-generation families mean there are more young grandmothers than ever, but they are more frequently depressed and emotionally distressed in trying to raise their grandchildren...

Pelvic Floor Problems Left Untreated
(29 June 2005)
Many women suffer from pelvic floor disorders but the majority don't seek help until incontinence becomes an issue...

Study Says Internet Dating Best For Long Term Romance
(21 February 2005)
Couples who built up a significant relationship by e-mailing or chatting online stood the best chance of forming a long-term relationship...

Relationships Set In Ten Minutes
(8 September 2004)
Within just 10 minutes of meeting another person, people decide what kind of relationship they want with a new acquaintance...

Sibling Fighting Leads To Violence In Dating
(26 April 2004)
Brothers and sisters who fight while growing up are laying the groundwork for dating violence by the time they attend college...

Ethnicity A Factor In Domestic Violence
(15 September 2003)
Black and Hispanic couples are two to three times more likely to report male-to-female and female-to-male partner violence than white couples...

Having A Partner The Key To Quality Of Life
(31 July 2003)
Healthy older people living with a partner feel they have the highest quality of life, whilst those in residential homes are likely to report the poorest...

High Testosterone Good For Marriage
(24 March 2003)
A low-testosterone man married to a high-testosterone woman might seem destined to be henpecked but in fact it's a marriage that can work well...

Domestic Violence Stems From Repressed Emotions
(12 December 2002)
Researchers suggest that the way abusive men attempt to manage stress may be associated with their violent outbursts...

Sex Research Surprises
(22 August 2002)
New research suggests Americans face the prospect of spending nearly half of their adult life without a partner...

Third Of U.S. Adolescents Suffer Some Form Of Dating Violence
(2 April 2002)
About a third of U.S. adolescents surveyed reported having suffered some form of dating violence during romantic relationships, and 12 percent said they had been physically mistreated…

Treating Violent 'Sleep Sex' Condition
(27 March 2002)
Researchers describe a medical condition which causes people to commit violent sexual acts in their sleep.The nocturnal activities cited in the study range from disruptive moaning to rape-like behavior toward bed partners…

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