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16 October 2013
Only 12 percent of midlife women satisfied with their body
A new study of women aged 50 and older investigated the 12 percent who say they are satisfied with their body size to try and determine the secrets of body satisfaction...

1 September 2013
Cholesterol meds may slow human aging
Not only do the anti-cholesterol drugs known as statins extend lives by reducing the risk of heart attack, they may also extend lifespans as well...

7 July 2013
Plastic surgery to look whiter fails to boost women's self-esteem
A study carried out in Venezuela found that while many black or racially mixed women are undergoing nose jobs in an effort to look whiter, the procedure only temporarily improves their self-esteem and body image...

9 June 2013
Cheerful women are not associated with leadership, say business researchers
If you thought a happy disposition, negotiation skills, and networking strengths were the most important attributes for a business career you'd be wrong...

28 May 2013
Artificial skin to replace animal testing for cosmetics
Real human skin grown in the lab is set to replace animal testing for new drugs, cosmetics and household chemicals...

3 May 2013
Worrying levels of toxic metals in lipstick
An analysis of the contents of common lipsticks and lip glosses revealed lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, and five other metals, some of which were found at levels that could raise potential health concerns...

30 April 2013
Scans reveal neuronal abnormalities in body dysmorphia sufferers
Body dysmorphic disorder, in which normal looking people perceive themselves to be disfigured and ugly, may be triggered by abnormalities in the brain's connections...

20 February 2013
Don't trust liposomes in cosmetics, say scientists
The beauty industry claims liposomes are capable of transporting active rejuvenating ingredients deep into the skin, but European scientists say their experiments reveal such claims to be nonsense...

16 January 2013
Smartphone skin cancer apps found wanting
Apps that claim to evaluate a user's photographs of skin lesions for the likelihood of cancer instead returned highly variable and often inaccurate feedback, say investigators...

14 January 2013
Scientists deflate pear-shaped body benefits
The protective benefits of having a pear-body shape may be more myth than reality...

2 October 2012
Omega-3 supplements slow aging in DNA
Taking enough omega-3 fatty acid supplements to change the balance of oils in your diet could also slow a key biological process linked to aging, new research suggests...

30 August 2012
Bacterial suspects behind rosacea identified
Scientists are closer to establishing a definitive bacterial cause for the skin condition rosacea and treatments are in the pipeline...

14 July 2012
Perfume, soaps linked to diabetes risk
Researchers say they have found an association between the chemicals known as phthalates - used in moisturizers, nail polishes, soaps, hair sprays and perfumes - and an increased risk of diabetes in women...

25 August 2011
Cosmetic genital procedures skyrocket
The number of women seeking labial reduction procedures in the UK has increased five-fold in the past 10 years, say medicos...

26 July 2011
Daughters a strong influence on moms' style
It's been revealed that our children influence our consumer behavior much more than we may have thought...

27 May 2011
Hips grow throughout life
It was thought that the skeletal system stopped growing around at 20 years of age, but it turns out that your hips get bigger throughout your life...

8 March 2011
Facebook use reveals self worth issues
Women who base their self worth on their appearance tend to spend more time on online social networking sites and use Facebook as a platform to compete for attention...

8 November 2010
Health and appearance not necessarily linked
The common practice in medicine of linking general health to how old a person looks turns out not to be an accurate indicator...

12 May 2009
High body image leading to health problems
A poor self-image can lead to a host of mental and physical health problems but a new study finds that an extremely good body image can also take its toll...

29 April 2009
Clinical trial confirms product's anti-aging properties
Scientists testing a cosmetic anti-ageing product sold over-the-counter have shown it can clinically reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin...

17 February 2009
Antidepressants add years to your face
Continuous facial relaxation caused by antidepressant use can make your face appear much older, say doctors...

2 September 2008
Tattoo removal booming
The number of women visiting dermatology clinics for tattoo removal is skyrocketing, say researchers...

2 July 2008
Inadequate Sleep Speeds Cellular Aging
Inadequate sleep in the elderly appears to exacerbate an already-impaired protective response in aging body cells...

25 June 2008
Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Tipped To Skyrocket
Pushed by increasing consumer awareness and direct-to-consumer advertising, experts predict that more than 50 million cosmetic surgery procedures will be performed in 2015...

6 June 2008
Celebrity Worship Not All Bad
Researchers say that “connections” to celebrities can allow people with low-self esteem to view themselves more positively...

13 May 2008
Body Image Problems Becoming More Pervasive
Exposure to media depicting ultra-thin actresses and models significantly increases women’s concerns about their bodies – and the problem is getting worse...

7 April 2008
Lip Balms Can Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer
Most women think that lip balms and glosses help keep the sun off, but instead, they can actually increase light penetration through the lip surface...

27 February 2008
Questions Over Botox Stability
Botox (Botulinum type-A toxin) passes easily into surrounding muscles and is more difficult to control once injected than many people suspect...

31 January 2008
Cosmetics Risky When Ill
For severely ill women, the low levels of bacteria found in cosmetics may trigger life-threatening infections...

7 January 2008
Warning Sounded Over Internet Contact Lenses
Purchasing contact lenses online may save time, but the process could cause more problems in the long run...

29 November 2007
Hair Loss Linked To Oral Hygiene?
There appears to be a close relationship between infection outbreaks on teeth and the presence of alopecia areata or localized alopecia, a type of hair loss which has an unknown origin...

21 November 2007
Women's Body Image Badly Skewed
Most normal-weight women yearn to be thinner and half of underweight women want to lose even more weight...

8 November 2007
Saggy Boobs From Smoking, Not Suckling
A new study shows that breastfeeding does not increase breast sagging...

23 October 2007
New Technique To Treat Varicose Veins
A new, sutureless technique allows the complete and rapid removal of varicose branch veins with few missed varicose veins, little bruising and an excellent cosmetic result...

3 July 2007
High Rates of Personality Disorder In Cosmetic Surgery Patients
Cosmetic surgery patients were found to suffer from a higher number of personality abnormalities; including obsessiveness, hypochondria and making false statements...

26 June 2007
Putting Tooth Enamel To The Acid Test
Brushing your teeth after eating certain foods can actually increase the damage done to the tooth's enamel...

22 May 2007
Study Confirms Retinol Lotion's Anti-Aging Effects
According to a new study, lotions containing retinol not only improve skin that has been damaged by the sun, but also skin that has become wrinkled through the normal aging process...

28 March 2007
Media Has Powerful Effect On Body Image Satisfaction
Women of all weights felt more dissatisfied with their own bodies after viewing pictures of models in magazines...

21 February 2007
Hair In All The Wrong Places? Try Some Spearmint Tea
Spearmint could be a good natural alternative for women who have mild symptoms of hirsutism...

27 November 2006
Dodgy Cosmetic Botulinum Injections Cause Severe Sickness
Women who were injected with an unlicensed form of the Botulinum toxin, which was incredibly toxic, could have died without treatment...

24 November 2006
Tooth Whiteners Given All-Clear
Tooth whiteners and other oral hygiene products that contain hydrogen peroxide don't appear to increase the risk of oral cancers...

20 October 2006
DHEA’s Anti-Aging Properties “Quackery”
A study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic has found no evidence that DHEA has any anti-aging effects...

16 October 2006
Nip, Tuck And Tattoo Culture Examined
Researchers examine the motives, fascination and implications associated with seemingly disparate body modification trends...

11 October 2006
Giving The Sexy Pout Some Lip Service
Surgeons warn that the procedures and materials used to create celebrity pouts or to rejuvenate thinning, aged lips have varying results...

9 October 2006
No Shame In Boob Jobs
Breast asymmetry is extremely common among women, but despite its commonality, women are often too embarrassed to seek help...

20 September 2006
Dying For Big Boobs
Women have such unrealistic expectations of cosmetic surgery that researchers are observing a disturbing and significant association between breast augmentation procedures and suicide...

31 July 2006
Face-Lift Lite Announced
A technique that only requires a local anesthetic can provide many of the same advantages of a facelift without the risks and extended recovery time...

14 July 2006
Unnecessary “Aesthetic” Genital Surgery Slammed
The increase in popularity of vaginoplasty and other forms of genital surgery carried out in rich Western nations makes our complaints about traditional female genital mutilation in Africa seem extraordinarily hypocritical, says one surgeon...

When Did Undergarments Stop Being Garments?
(10 April 2006)
I went shopping for lingerie the other day. Well, not “lingerie” exactly, because that makes it sounds sexy, which Target decidedly isn’t. And you know that lingerie doesn’t come in a 7-pack with days of the week written on them. No, I was shopping for underwear...

The Beautiful People – Time For A Reality Check
(20 March 2006)
Whenever I get tired of seeing Jessica Alba’s perfect butt staring at me from the glossy pages of a magazine, and start to lament the softness of my own butt in comparison; I make a trip to the store and look for the cheapest and nastiest gossip mag I can find. I especially love the ones with headlines like “Stars Without Makeup!” and “Celebrity Cellulite”. Ooh! Cameron Diaz with spotty skin! Pamela Anderson looking worse for wear! Kate Moss with dimply thighs! I’m not a bad person, I’m just happy that no matter how much money or how many personal trainers, the beautiful people are just as real - and flawed - as I am...

16 March 2006
Plastic Surgery Procedures – What’s Hot, What’s Not
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released information regarding procedures performed in 2005 which reveal that facelifts are down, Botox is up, and buttock implants barely rate a mention...

23 February 2006
Fashion Designers Still Blind To Reality
Despite years of negative consumer feedback, fashion designers continue to create clothes for the imagined hourglass figure, ignoring the reality that most women are shaped quite differently...

13 February 2006
Real World Models Don’t Resolve Self Esteem Issues
If thin models foster body image dissatisfaction in women, then it may be a lesser evil, as a new study has found that real-world sized models can have even more of a dispiriting effect...

Hooters For All! Mammary Stem Cells Could Grow New Breasts
(9 January 2006)
Exciting new research has found the rare stem cell that drives the formation and growth of all breast tissue. These findings could provide insights into how breast cancer develops and how “rogue” cancer cells evade current therapies. It could also mean bigger boobs for us all!

Survivor: The Office Christmas Party
(12 December 2005)
It’s not known as the silly season for nothing, and every year millions of work colleagues drop their carefully maintained façade of maturity and professionalism in a hedonistic display of drunken and disorderly behavior. Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim at your office Christmas party...

30 November 2005
Tight Skirts And Management Don’t Mix
A new study has confirmed what we’ve all known for years - sexy clothes can make women in management look incompetent...

Body Image and Your Sex Life
(21 November 2005)
With recent research pointing to female sexual dysfunction as the next “big thing” in women’s health, are we being taken for a ride by pharmaceutical companies promising us a “quick fix”? Could it be a much deeper and more complex issue?

A Tan To Die For
(12 November 2005)
Whoever said “you can never be too rich or too thin”, forgot to include “too tanned”. But the risk of contracting skin cancer is making even the most committed sun-lover reconsider their quest for a bronzed body. So what are the alternatives for getting that golden glow, and are they safe?

7 November 2005
Dermatologists Unveil Acne Options
It’s part of growing up for adolescents and young adults, but some people continue to suffer from acne throughout their adult lives...

18 October 2005
Natural Looking Breasts From New Implant
A new type of silicone breast implant offers more natural looking breasts and a lower complication rate...

Obsessed With Beauty: The Rush To Cosmetic Surgery
(7 October 2005)
Just what has caused cosmetic surgery’s rapidly increasing popularity? While TV has made the “extreme make-over” look like a cakewalk, the procedures are, like any other surgery, not without risk. Is it possible that the increased focus on cosmetic surgery has finally revealed how self-obsessed many of us really are?

6 October 2005
Hope In Sight For Female Hair Loss
Female pattern hair loss, which can have devastating psychological effects on sufferers, may soon be treated using new stem cell techniques...

30 September 2005
Study Endorses Oat’s Anti-Ageing Properties
Beta glucan, a soluble fiber found in the cell wall of oat kernels, has been found to have a specific and measurable effect on skin...

Endocrine Evaluation Needed For Women With Male-Type Hair Growth
(24 December 2004)
Unwanted hair in male-type patterns, especially in the presence of other subtle changes, may be a sign of a hormonal imbalance linked to a variety of medical conditions...

Makeup Counters Home-Sweet-Home For Bacteria
(22 November 2004)
A free makeover, or trying a makeup sample, may leave you with a colony of bacteria swarming over your face...

Warning On Breast Enhancement Pills
(19 November 2004)
Plastic surgeons say that not only are breast enhancement pills unproven, they could be dangerous...

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss
(18 October 2004)
Hair can play a major part in a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem, which can make female pattern hair loss a debilitating condition...

New Chemical Peels Offer Solution For Aging Skin
(2 August 2004)
New approaches to chemical peeling using a combination of peeling solutions are being used to rejuvenate areas other than the face, such as the neck, chest and hands...

Doubts On Laser Therapy For Acne
(25 June 2004)
Researchers have found no significant improvement in facial acne with the use of laser treatments...

Hair Dye Linked To Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
(7 April 2004)
Long term users of hair coloring products have an increased risk of developing a cancer that attacks the lymphatic system, part of the body's immune system...

New Botox Study Shows Effectiveness For Excess Sweating
(9 February 2004)
A Phase III clinical study using botulinum toxin type A to treat excessive underarm sweating shows it be a highly effective treatment...

Oral Piercing Can Lead To Tooth Loss
(21 July 2003)
Having your tongue, lips or cheeks pierced might be hip, but those mouth adornments could produce nasty outcomes for the teeth and gums...

Workshops Can Help With Negative Body Image
(31 June 2003)
The three-quarters of college-age women who experience some level of discomfort with the size and shape of their bodies could be helped by a new workshop technique...

Green Tea Linked To Skin Rejuvenation
(28 April 2003)
Research into the health-promoting properties of green tea is yielding information that may lead to new treatments for skin diseases and wounds...

Soft Tissue Fillers Could Erase Signs of Aging
(24 March 2003)
If approved by the FDA, newly developed injectable treatments will be used to erase wrinkles and scars, and enhance areas such as the lips, cheekbones and chin...

Discrediting Anti-Aging Medicines Problematic
(13 February 2003)
Researchers attacking pseudoscientific anti-aging medicines may be shooting themselves in the foot...

Body Piercing Not So Cool
(12 April 2002)
A new study found that extended wear of tongue jewelry (barbell-type) could increase your chance of gum recession and tooth chipping…

New Treatments For Disfiguring Skin Disorders
(2 April 2002)
Researchers and a cosmetics company have created the nation’s first academic-based clinic that specializes in concealing cosmetic disfigurements such as scars, birthmarks, rosacea, skin discolorations and tattoos…

Breast Reduction Surgery Helps Women
(30 March 2002)
A review involving more than 4,000 patients found that breast reduction surgery significantly improves the physical symptoms and quality of life in large-breasted women…

New Liposuction Device Speeds Recovery
(28 March 2002)
A new liposuction device that varies the amount of ultrasound used is enabling plastic surgeons to help patients recover with less bruising and discomfort than traditional liposuction…

New Liposuction Technique For Neck And Jowl
(25 March 2002)
A new liposuction method for the neck and jowls using several tiny incisions and a syringe is more precise and helps guard against extracting too much fat…

Most People Find Variety Of Body Sizes Acceptable
(22 March 2002)
The bony, Twiggy-thin figure may be in style in Hollywood, but most people don't find the look attractive, according to a new study…

Botox Treats Excessive Sweating
(17 March 2002)
A new study has found that excessive underarm sweating can be treated effectively with botulinum A neurotoxin (Botox)…

Non-Surgical Treatment Lifts Aging Eyebrows
(11 March 2002)
A new study has found that drooping or aging eyebrows, traditionally treated with surgery, can be treated effectively with an injection of Botox…

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