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  WEIGHT ISSUES (pre 2007)

21 December 2006
Gut Bug Could Be Obesity Culprit
The kind of bugs living in our gut could be what determines our predisposition for obesity...

15 December 2006
The Hidden Danger Of Low-Fat Foods
If you think that switching to low-fat food alternatives will fix your weight problem, think again...

22 November 2006
Holiday Danger For Undiagnosed Diabetics
Six million Americans with undiagnosed diabetes could be in for a rude shock as they commence the holiday ritual of hearty feasting...

16 November 2006
Talking Turkey About Heartburn
Heartburn season is with us again. Here's how to minimize your heartburn grief...

2 November 2006
Salty Foods Creating Soft Drink Junkies
As salt intake increases, so too does the desire to drink more, but the tendency in the US is to drink more soft drinks...

1 November 2006
1-In-5 Young Women Using Diet Pills
The dietary habits of female teenagers and young adults are in crisis, say nutrition experts...

3 October 2006
Gastric Gadget Quells Yearning For Food
A device that can simulate feelings of fullness and reduce the desire to overeat may offer hope for the obese...

25 September 2006
The Weighty Topic Of Heartburn
A new study shows that heartburn can frequently strike those who go through even a modest increase in BMI...

BMI: A Big Fat Lie?
(18 September 2006)
It's fairly obvious that a system which classifies wrestler-turned-screen-hunk The Rock as dangerously obese is probably out-of-whack. But we've been following the BMI since 1869, so it has to be right, doesn't it? So, what if the body frames of, say, Samoans and Thais are entirely different: it's a one-size-fits-all philosophy and if you don't fall into the prescribed range, obviously it's you, and not the scale that's wrong, isn't it?

14 September 2006
Low-Calorie Diets Leading To Fractures
Female athletes on low-calorie diets could be putting themselves at risk for stress fractures...

12 September 2006
Rapid Weight Loss Can Be A Sign Of Dementia In The Elderly
A study of elderly subjects has revealed that their rate of weight loss doubles in the year before symptoms of Alzheimer's-type dementia first become detectable...

Accept Your Body And Ditch The Dieting!
(11 September 2006)
Women often hear that some degree of body dissatisfaction is healthy because it can help them strive to take care of their bodies. But it may be just the opposite, where a positive appreciation of your body is what is needed to ensure better eating habits and maintain a healthy weight...

Accept Your Body And Ditch The Dieting!
(11 September 2006)
Women often hear that some degree of body dissatisfaction is healthy because it can help them strive to take care of their bodies. But it may be just the opposite, where a positive appreciation of your body is what is needed to ensure better eating habits and maintain a healthy weight...

22 August 2006
Intimacy Therapy Important For Patients Undergoing Rapid Weight Loss
Intimacy therapy can provide a great deal of benefit to women undergoing significant and rapid weight loss...

15 August 2006
Healthy Eating Tied To Body Acceptance
Women who accept their bodies the way they are seem to be more likely to follow a healthy diet...

7 August 2006
The Skinny On The New Obesity Vaccine
I had to fight a powerful urge this week, to punch the air and shout "yesssss!" followed by a trip down to the street to find the nearest thin person and go "Nyyaaaaah!" when researchers announced they had just carried out the first successful trials of an immunopharmacotherapeutic (spell that, Paris Hilton!) vaccine against obesity. That's right, a vaccine against obesity...

1 August 2006
Obesity Genetic Flaw Under The Microscope
Researchers have determined how genetic mutations tell the body when to eat and when to put down the fork, putting them one step closer to finding a way to correct these defects...

21 July 2006
High BMI Score Doesn't Always Mean Obesity
Body mass index (BMI) has traditionally been the gold standard used to assess weight status but other techniques that measure how weight is distributed on the body may be a better way to gauge chubbiness...

4 July 2006
Link Between Depression And Obesity Firms Up
Researchers say there is a strong link between obesity and mood and anxiety disorders, and the association is even more pronounced among those with higher education levels and larger incomes...

3 July 2006
Survey Highlights Changes In Dieting
Perhaps unsurprisingly, thanks to the Atkins Diet, the fat intake of successful weight losers has increased over the past decade, while carbohydrate intake has declined...

Pro-Ana: Still Dying To Be Thin
(12 June 2006)
The pro-anorexic social movement called "pro-ana" caused widespread alarm and outrage, triggering extensive censorship on the Internet. And while a rapid decline in the visibility of obviously pro-ana sites on the Internet may have been achieved, a question mark hangs over the long-term effectiveness of such censorship. Did our efforts to get rid of pro-ana websites simply force them to adopt a much more insidious and dangerous form?

9 May 2006
Small Calorie Restriction Benefits Longevity
Just cutting a few calories a day from your diet can dramatically help lessen the effects of aging...

27 April 2006
Cultural Differences Key In Tackling Obesity
A new study suggests that many women don't make the link between high weight and poor health, and that culture plays a big role...

5 April 2006
Natural Pine Nut Appetite Suppressant Gets Thumbs Up
Subjected to a medical trial, Korean pine nut oil was found to reduce both the desire to eat and the participant’s prospective food intake...

3 April 2006
Vegetarian Diet Most Effective For Permanent Weight Loss
Physicians say a vegetarian diet can deliver substantial weight loss without exercise or calorie counting...

31 January 2006
Is Obesity Contagious?
Some researchers think the best way to avoid getting fat may be to wash your hands. They believe that a common virus could be behind the obesity epidemic...

16 January 2006
Stay Young With Less Calories
Ultrasound tests of women who followed a low-calorie diet revealed that their hearts resembled those of younger people...

22 December 2005
Shedding Light On Relationship Between Abuse And Eating Disorders
There is a connection between childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders, but the relationship is not a simple one...

7 December 2005
More Evidence For Fructose Obesity Link
New findings are adding weight to the theory that fructose could be a major factor in the current obesity epidemic...

The Shocking Connection Between Obesity And Cancer
(4 November 2005)
Recent statistical data exploring the relationship between obesity and cancer has shown that an alarming 10 percent of all cancers are obesity-related. In the USA today, over 100,000 cases of cancer are directly related to patients being overweight or obese...

Obesity – Time To Get Serious
(22 September 2005)
As evidence keeps mounting that obesity can put a severe dent in your life expectancy, the number of obese women keeps on growing. Are all the medical warnings on the dangers of obesity falling on deaf ears? It seems that rather than self-discipline applied to diet and an exercise regime, women would rather rely on the burgeoning miracle-weight-loss industry to try and solve their problems...

14 September 2005
High-Carb Vegan Diet Produces Dramatic Weight Loss
While the Atkins Diet continues to hog the headlines, researchers behind the scenes are developing other eating plans – particularly vegetarian ones - that research shows can also yield dramatic weight loss...

30 August 2005
Caloric Restriction Won’t Help You Live Longer
Caloric restriction – dramatically reducing calorie intake – may help rodents live longer, but experts say that the life extending effect on humans is likely to be much smaller and more risky...

3 August 2005
High Fat Diet Blocks Appetite Regulator
An experiment where rats chow down on high calorie fatty foods has shown that the high fat intake blocks the hormone signal that would normally tell them to stop eating...

1 August 2005
Fructose Behind Soft Drink Obesity?
Consuming fructose appears to affect the metabolic rate in a way that favors fat storage...

Faulty Biological Clock Leads To Weight Gain
(22 April 2005)
Laboratory mice, whose internal biological clocks were genetically disrupted, tended to snack constantly, gain weight, get fatty livers and have high cholesterol levels...

Warning Sounded On Mesotherapy
(20 April 2005)
Mesotherapy, a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that involves injecting medications and plant extracts into layers of fat, may not be as safe and effective as its promoters claim...

Obesity And Insomnia Linked In Brain Cells
(13 April 2005)
Brain neurons that induce appetite and control deep sleep get "confused" between the two functions, which may provide a link between lack of sleep and obesity...

New Study Examines How Low-Carb Diets Work
(16 March 2005)
Researchers have been examining how low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins work and they've found that the biggest factor maybe that low-carb diets actually cause the dieter to eat less...

Growth Hormone Reduces Abdominal Obesity
(14 March 2005)
As well as reducing the effects of multiple metabolic disorders, Swedish researchers have found that growth hormone treatment results in the reduction of intra-abdominal fat…

Diet Research Claims Often Misleading
(25 February 2005)
Research articles reporting about diets and weight loss studies fail to indicate crucial patient characteristics such as body composition, fat distribution, metabolism and aerobic fitness, all of which may bias the results...

Atkins Diet Could Help With Epilepsy
(2 February 2005)
When the body is forced to burn fat for energy, an anticonvulsant effect is observed, which may assist in suppressing epileptic seizures...

Lack Of Sleep Related To Weight Gain
(14 January 2005)
Researchers trying to understand the growing epidemic of obesity say that lack of sleep could make you fat...

Long-Term Obesity Linked To Dementia
(6 December 2004)
Women who are obese throughout life are more likely to lose brain tissue and are at a greater risk of dementia...

DHEA Study Finds Decrease In Abdominal Fat
(10 November 2004)
New findings suggest DHEA replacement may partially reverse the aging-related accumulation of abdominal fat in elderly people...

Body Shape Predicts Heart Attack Risk
(29 October 2004)
For elderly women, the location of body fat is more important than the total amount of fat in predicting future heart attacks...

Portion Size A Big Contributor To Weight Gain
(4 October 2004)
Surprise! The more food researchers served to college-student volunteers in an eating study, the more they ate...

Soft Drink Guzzling Hits New Heights
(20 September 2004)
Consumption of soft drinks has risen by more than 100% in the last 25 years, prompting concerns over diabetes and obesity...

New Study Provides Support For Atkins Diet
(21 July 2004)
A long-term study involving rats has found that a protein intake three times greater than required did not produce any adverse effects in key systems...

Weight Hormone Linked To Energy Levels
(7 July 2004)
A stomach hormone called ghrelin may play a part in reestablishing a body weight set-point after dieting and exercise...

Artificial Sweeteners May Not Help In Fighting Obesity
(5 July 2004)
Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body's natural ability to regulate food intake...

Yo-Yo Dieting Impacts Immune System
(2 June 2004)
Yo-yo dieting, where dieters repeatedly lose and regain weight, may have a lasting negative impact on immune function...

Study Gives Low-Carb Diets The Thumbs Up
(19 May 2004)
Two new trials have found that low-carb dieters lost weight, had improved triglyceride levels and slightly improved 'good' cholesterol levels...

Anger Problems Lead To Weight Gain
(17 March 2004)
Teenagers who have problems managing their anger - either suppressing their feelings or losing their temper - are at greater risk of weight gain...

Warning On Low Carb Diets
(10 March 2004)
Low-carb diets can put people into a metabolic state called ketosis that also occurs during severe illness...

Fat May Be Important For Heart Health
(3 March 2004)
The cells in human fat appear to help the body grow new blood vessels to repair both muscle and heart tissue...

Leptin Turns Cells Into Fat-Burners
(12 February 2004)
When leptin - a protein that regulates body weight - is increased in laboratory animals, it transforms fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells...

Anorexia Linked To Emphysema
(29 December 2003)
Malnutrition resulting from anorexia nervosa may cause emphysema, according to new research...

Atkins Diet May Help With Epilepsy
(11 December 2003)
As well as helping some people shed unwanted pounds, the low-carbohydrate, high-fat Atkins diet may also have a role in preventing seizures in children with epilepsy...

Exercise - Not Diet - Key To Beating Heart Disease
(6 November 2003)
Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight may do more to ward off death from heart disease than diet...

Comfort-Food Cravings Related To Chronic Stress
(11 September 2003)
Researchers have identified a biochemical system that could explain why some people crave comfort foods when they are chronically stressed...

Daily Hormone Helps Take Off Weight
(23 June 2003)
New research shows a controlled dose of growth hormone may help people who are obese to lose weight and maintain the energy to exercise...

Perception Of Obesity Varies With Gender
(2 June 2003)
Mothers of heavy-set children are more likely to perceive their daughters as being "overweight" than their sons...

Atkins’ Dieters Lose More
(22 May 2003)
A recent trial found the Atkins’ diet produced significantly greater weight loss than a conventional diet and boosted production of “good” cholesterol...

Weight Loss Increases Osteoporosis Risk
(14 April 2003)
Women who have stomach reduction surgery to lose weight may be losing bone even when they take daily calcium supplements, putting them at risk of osteoporosis...

Baboon Behavior Offers Obesity Clues
(13 March 2003)
Lack of exercise - and not diet - causes obesity and diabetes among those who are predisposed to the conditions, suggests new research...

Age Affects Calorie Burn-Rate
(10 February 2003)
A new study on a novel physiological process could help explain why humans tend to get heavier as they get older...

Medical Costs Rise With Obesity
(13 January 2003)
Overweight and obese individuals incur up to $1,500 more in annual medical costs than those at a healthy weight...

Portion Size Contributes To Obesity
(5 December 2002)
The spread of "megaportions" is likely contributing to the American obesity epidemic...

Anorexia Risk For Girls Who Set Goals Too High
(11 November 2002)
Perfectionism puts adolescent girls with unhealthy eating habits at risk for becoming anorexic as they grow older...

Herbal Supplement Warning
(23 September 2002)
A string of recalls on herbal products has left health advocates concerned that consumers are taking risks with every herbal pill they pop...

New Clue To Obesity
(16 September 2002)
The idea that obese people eat too much because they find food more palatable has gained support from a new study that reveals the mouth, lips, and tongue are more active in obese people...

A Banana A Day To Keep Stroke Away?
(15 August 2002)
Can stroke be prevented by increasing potassium intake...

Appetite Hormone Spurs Dramatic Weight Loss
(25 July 2002)
A genetic mutation that prevents adults from producing leptin may lead to a new way of fighting fat. Dramatic weight loss after leptin therapy suggests that leptin offers great promise for treating obesity...

Weight Loss Causes Neurological Ailment
(13 June 2002)
A woman who had dropped from 160 to 120 pounds using a herbal supplement developed neurological conditions affecting her walking and balancing...

Carbohydrates Improve Diet Quality
(10 June 2002)
A new survey shows that diets high in carbohydrates are lower in calories, higher in nutrients and adults eating high-carbohydrate diets are more likely to be in the normal weight range...

Menopause Accelerates Weight Increase
(9 May 2002)
Women begin to lose bone mass and density as they exit their childbearing years, but other changes in body composition associated with menopause may trigger additional health problems...

Certain Behaviors Can Predict Binge-Eating Disorders In Teenage Girls
(12 April 2002)
Binge-eating, a disorder that can lead to obesity in young women, can be predicted by looking at a girl's negative emotions, including dissatisfaction with her body image…

Obese Children At High Risk Of Developing Diabetes
(12 April 2002)
Twenty five percent of obese children and 21 percent of obese adolescents tested by Yale researchers were glucose intolerant and at high risk for developing diabetes…

Obesity Growing Threat To World Health
(11 April 2002)
The world is round and so are a growing number of its inhabitants. In fact, obesity is spreading at an alarming rate…

Xenical Support Programmes Shown To Double Weight Loss
(8 April 2002)
Support programmes provided to patients taking the weight loss medication Xenical have been shown to significantly improve the levels of weight loss achieved and increase patient satisfaction and compliance with treatment…

High Protein Diet Along Increases Bone Mineral Density
(8 April 2002)
Researchers say that if both protein and calcium are present in the body in adequate quantities, they can act synergistically to promote bone health, whereas excess protein in the diet may result in bone loss when calcium intake is low…

Antidepressant Medicine May Be Be Potent Weight Loss Treatment
(3 April 2002)
Bupropion SR in combination with a lifestyle intervention program that included an energy-restricted diet, and exercise, resulted in significant weight loss in obese patients…

Physical Activity Key To Weight Loss
(30 March 2002)
The most important factor that distinguishes dieters who were successful from those who were unsuccessful at maintaining their weight loss was their level of physical activity…

'Night Eating Syndrome' Related To The Body - Not The Mind
(28 March 2002)
The midnight raid on the refrigerator may not be the product of an insatiable appetite. Instead, the night eater may be suffering from a failure of the body to respond appropriately to stress…

Weight Loss, Not Weight Gain, A Risk For Older Adults
(27 March 2002)
Being overweight later in life does not pose a significant risk to your health, according to findings of a comprehensive study…

Weight Loss And Walking In Obese Women Produces Extra Health Benefits
(25 March 2002)
A regime of low-intensity walking combined with weight loss could specifically reduce midthigh fat while improving glucose metabolism…

Exercise, Even Without Weight Loss, Is Good For The Heart
(23 March 2002)
Moderate exercise alone can improve cholesterol levels and reduce the percentage of body fat in moderately obese people, even if the exercise program does not lead to weight loss…

Most People Find Variety Of Body Sizes Acceptable
(22 March 2002)
The bony, Twiggy-thin figure may be in style in Hollywood, but most people don't find the look attractive, according to a new study…

Few Drawbacks To Following Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet
(18 March 2002)
Eating a healthy diet that is low in fat, high in fiber and rich in fruits and vegetables may seem fraught with sacrifice, but it actually adds to a sense of personal satisfaction…

Fiber In Diet Not Enough Says American Heart Association
(13 March 2002)
Americans are getting about half as much fiber in the diet as they need, according to a new report from the American Heart Association…

High-Fat Diet Impairs Concentration And Memory
(12 March 2002)
People on high-fat diets may not only be increasing their risk of heart disease - they may be damaging their brain function…

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