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3 September 2013
Obesity linked to improved mental health
While physical health deteriorates when weight is gained, mental well-being seems to improve, say researchers in Germany, who discovered that the effect is especially striking in women...

27 August 2013
Brain size linked to eating disorders?
Teens with anorexia nervosa have bigger brains than teens that do not have the eating disorder, according to researchers at the University of Colorado's School of Medicine...

2 July 2013
Link between obesity and hearing loss explored
Inflammation could be the reason that obese adolescents are more likely than their normal-weight counterparts to suffer hearing loss...

29 May 2013
Anorexic body image affects subconscious too
Women suffering from anorexia nervosa perceive their bodies as being larger than they are, but the results from a surprising new study show that this faulty body representation even goes into their subconscious...

22 May 2013
Adult obesity programmed in first 24 months of life
Being overweight at age two puts you on a trajectory where you are likely to be overweight as an adult, say researchers who have been investigating the effect of infant feeding patterns in later life...

17 May 2013
Brain chemistry alterations sustain obesity
Brown University researchers have shown that obesity impedes the production of a hormone in the brain that curbs appetite and inspires calorie burning...

11 April 2013
Weight loss surgery also affects genes
For reasons that are not entirely clear, gastric bypass surgery also leads to gene-expression alterations...

2 April 2013
Viagra turns unhealthy white fat into healthier brown fat
Scientists say Viagra may work as a weight loss treatment by coaxing our bodies to store healthier "brown fat," rather than unhealthy "white fat"...

10 March 2013
Is a high salt intake behind multiple sclerosis?
Increased dietary salt intake can induce a group of aggressive immune cells that are involved in triggering and sustaining autoimmune diseases, say an international team of researchers...

29 January 2013
Gastric botox: risky and ineffective
Overweight women looking for an easy fix have turned to gastric botox injections to help them lose weight, but a Mayo Clinic study has found the treatment is ineffective...

20 December 2012
Are bacteria making you fat?
A new study in the Journal of Bacteriology suggests that bacteria in the human gastro-intestinal tract may have some control over our appetites...

19 December 2012
Naltrexone helps women keep weight off after quitting smoking
Naltrexone, a medication being tested to help smokers kick the habit, may also help women avoid the weight gain that is common after quitting...

10 December 2012
Larger meals for larger women may be healthier
For obese women, eating fewer, bigger meals may be more advantageous metabolically compared to eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day...

13 November 2012
Ramadan diet delivers weight loss, metabolic benefits
Inspired by Ramadan feasting, an experimental diet where carbohydrates are eaten mostly at dinner beneficially changes the secretion patters of the hormones responsible for hunger as well as those associated with metabolic syndrome...

25 October 2012
Obesity may be forever, say scientists
A new study sheds light on one of the most frustrating mysteries of weight loss - why the weight inevitably comes back...

4 October 2012
Genetics play role in eating disorders
Genetics may make some women more vulnerable to the pressure of being thin, say Michigan State University researchers...

17 September 2012
Paradoxical results from exercise-appetite study
The idea that you can “work up an appetite” by doing a vigorous workout turns out not to be true...

10 August 2012
Fat-thinking leads to real obesity
Intriguing new research suggests that normal weight teenagers who perceive themselves as fat are more likely to grow up to be fat...

11 July 2012
Weight gain from quitting smoking underestimated
Quitting smoking is associated with an average weight gain of nearly 5 kg after 12 months, a higher figure than previously thought but medicos say the health benefits of quitting far outweigh this gain in body weight...

2 July 2012
Oxytocin appears to be effective for weight loss
The "love" hormone, oxytocin, produces novel anti-obese and anti-metabolic-syndrome effects, say Japanese researchers...

25 June 2012
Eating disorders common in over-50s
Far from being afflictions seen only in younger women, eating disorders affect a surprisingly large number of women over 50...

11 June 2012
Sleep and diet intimately linked
Brain scans have revealed that inadequate sleep causes the brain to crave sugary and salty foods...

16 May 2012
Brain circuitry different for anorexia and obesity
New research shows that the reward circuits in the brain are sensitized in anorexic women and desensitized in obese women...

5 April 2012
Anorexia successfully treated with antipsychotic drug
University of Chicago researchers say treating anorexia nervosa with low doses of a commonly used antipsychotic drug "consistently worked..."

27 March 2012
Regular chocolate eaters are... thinner!
New findings may overturn the main objection to regular chocolate consumption: that it makes people fat...

10 January 2012
Medicos push for soda tax
Imposing a tax of one-penny-per-ounce on soda drinks could have a "huge" effect on soaring rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, say public health experts...

1 December 2011
Dairy products vital for dieters
Women on calorie restricted diets need to be aware of the importance of diet composition to the maintenance of bone health during weight loss, stress dieticians in a new report...

24 November 2011
Battle for the "real" self hints at new treatments for anorexia
Conceptualizing anorexic behavior as an inauthentic part of the self may well be a valuable strategy for many anorexia nervosa sufferers in helping to overcome it, say medicos...

10 November 2011
New evidence that eating slowly reduces food intake
Research from the University of Rhode Island shows that men eat significantly faster than women, heavier people eat faster than slimmer people, and refined grains are consumed faster than whole grains...

18 October 2011
Drunkorexia: the new college pandemic
Eating disorders - believed to affect 1-in-7 young women - combined with binge drinking are putting college-aged women at risk of cognitive problems and chronic diseases in later life...

30 August 2011
Aerobic exercise best to burn fat
A head-to-head comparison of aerobic exercise vs. resistance training found that aerobic exercise is the most efficient and effective way to lose belly fat...

23 August 2011
The marriage weight quake
Both marriage and divorce can cause people to add a few extra pounds, but the effects of marital transitions are the opposite for men as they are for women...

19 July 2011
Lose weight by loving your body
Improving body image can enhance the effectiveness of weight loss programs based on diet and exercise...

28 June 2011
Low body fat gene increases risk for diabetes
Having a lower percentage of body fat may not always lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes...

7 May 2011
Yo-yo dieting not so dangerous
Fears of negative health consequences from weight cycling - better known as yo-yo dieting - may be overemphasized, suggests a new study...

12 April 2011
Blueberries inhibit fat cell formation
Scientists say blueberries fight adipogenesis, which is the development of fat cells, and induce lipolysis, which is the breakdown of lipids/fat – at least in the lab...

5 April 2011
Periodic fasting good for health and heart
Fasting has traditionally been associated with religious rituals and diets, but new evidence demonstrates that periodic fasting is good for your cardio system and general health...

10 February 2011
Better babies conceived after weight loss
Overweight mothers who lose body fat before pregnancy improve the lifelong health of their children...

14 December 2010
Obesity levels increase with air pollution
New study finds animals exposed to air pollution had more fat cells and higher blood sugar levels than animals eating the same diet but breathing clean air...

22 December 2009
Eating disorders affect 15 percent of women
Eating disorders may be much more prevalent than previously thought, according to researchers who say their findings are "disquieting"...

1 December 2009
Overweight kids prone to spinal problems
Overweight children risk early degeneration in the spine and disc abnormalities, according to new research...

18 August 2009
Exercise addiction similar to heroin
Rats given a drug that produces withdrawal in heroin addicts went into withdrawal after running excessively on exercise wheels, researchers say...

6 May 2009
Link between obesity and allergies suggested
A new study indicates there may be yet another reason to reduce childhood obesity- it may help prevent allergies...

8 April 2009
Your weight and the glass ceiling
Weight discrimination appears to add to the glass ceiling effect for women, finds a new study...

16 December 2008
Low-carb diets causing brain damage?
When women eliminate carbohydrates from their meals, they perform more poorly on memory-based cognition tasks...

28 July 2008
Nutritionist Fingers Fructose As Obesity Culprit
New research findings indicate that the type of carbohydrates a woman eats may be just as important in weight control as the number of calories she eats...

25 July 2008
Fatness Can Be Contagious
Women are powerfully (but subconsciously) influenced by the weight of those around them and without being aware of it, they can get caught in a spiral of imitative obesity...

3 July 2008
Weight Watchers Versus The Gym
Scientists have been comparing the Weight Watchers program to gym membership to find out which method wins in the good health stakes...

18 June 2008
Culture Of Blame Surrounds Obesity
Obese people feel "a culture of blame" against them, which they say has been made worse by media reports about the health risks of obesity, a new study has found...

17 June 2008
Extra Flavoring Can Help You Lose Weight
Women can lose weight by flavoring their food with calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners, which researchers speculate may make them feel full faster...

4 June 2008
You Aren't What You Eat
A fascinating new study shows that increased eating does not necessarily lead to increased fat...

29 April 2008
For Overweight Women, Another Reason To Pop Aspirin
Aspirin has been found to increase the amount of insulin produced by otherwise healthy obese people, thus reducing their risk of acquiring type-2 diabetes...

31 March 2008
Middle-Age Spread A Sign Of Later Dementia
Women with larger stomachs in their 40s are more likely to suffer from dementia when they reach their 70s, say neurologists...

18 February 2008
Sacre Bleu! Americans Are Dumb Eaters
Why don't the French get as fat as Americans, considering all the baguettes, wine, cheese, pate and pastries they eat?

13 February 2008
Negative Body Image Can Make You Sick
Reinforcing the mind-over-matter hypothesis, researchers have found that the desire by women to weigh less was a more accurate predictor of poor health than actual body mass index...

11 February 2008
Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain
The widespread use of no-calorie sweeteners may actually make it harder for people to control their calorie intake and body weight...

18 January 2008
How Low-Carb Diets Suppress Hunger
A new study sheds light on the mechanisms responsible for the effectiveness of high-protein, low-carb diets...

13 December 2007
Carbs Not The Culprit?
Many dieters may actually be cutting out the wrong foods, according to a study that suggests that dieters should focus on limiting the amount of fructose they eat, instead of cutting out starchy foods such as bread...

4 December 2007
MRI Reveals Anorexia Brain Damage
Young women who recover from anorexia nervosa continue to show vastly different patterns of brain activity compared to similar women without the eating disorder...

16 October 2007
Nutrient Danger From Gastric-Bypass Surgery
A serious condition can emerge after gastric bypass surgery that has an impact on the absorption of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients...

12 October 2007
Anorexia Alters Sense Of Taste
Women with anorexia have distinct differences in the insulta - the specific part of the brain that is important for recognizing taste...

21 August 2007
More Evidence For Obesity Virus
Scientists have reported on new evidence that a common virus may be a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic sweeping the world...

2 July 2007
Fat Sculpting: Scientists Get A Handle On Love Handles
Researchers have been able to use simple, non-toxic chemical injections to add and remove fat in targeted areas on the bodies of laboratory animals…

14 June 2007
Over-The-Counter Diet Pill Gets Thumbs Up
The first and only over-the-counter product for weight loss approved by the FDA will be available from tomorrow...

5 April 2007
Study Slams Effectiveness Of Dieting
Dieting is ineffective for permanent weight loss and most people would be better off not bothering in the first place, suggests a new study...

3 April 2007
Asthma More Prevalent In Overweight
The incidence of asthma increases by 50 percent in overweight and obese individuals compared to those of normal weight...

12 March 2007
Researchers Investigate "Fat Talk"
The phenomenon known as "fat talk", which occurs when a group of women get together and talk about how dissatisfied they are with their bodies, is being put under the microscope...

26 February 2007
Eating Disorders Tackled With Body Image Therapy
Newly developed behavioral and group therapy techniques can help even those women who spend up to 90 percent of each day obsessing about their appearance...

14 February 2007
Think That Weight Off!
Harvard researchers say that many of the beneficial results of exercise are due to the placebo effect...

2 February 2007
Weight Loss Fiber Set For Human Tests
Researchers are launching human trials to assess a natural fiber that has been shown to reduce food intake in animals...

31 January 2007
Half Of Americans Have Mutant Fat Gene
About half the U.S. population has a version of a gene that causes them to metabolize food differently...

18 January 2007
Obesity Surgeries Skyrocket
In the six years from 1998 to 2004 obesity surgeries for patients between 55 and 64 increased a massive 2,000 percent...

4 January 2007
Bulimic Women May Be Suffering From An Oversupply Of Testosterone
Both bulimia and polycystic ovary syndrome could be linked to increased levels of the male hormone testosterone...

2 January 2007
Kids Make You Fat
Adults living with children eat much more saturated fat than those adults who live in kid-free households...

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