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27 November 2013
Adolescent diet linked to breast cancer development
Eating a high-fat diet during puberty speeds up the development of breast cancer, say scientists from Michigan State University...

10 October 2013
"Good" cholesterol linked to breast cancer risk
Cancer biologists say a protein receptor for so-called good cholesterol may make breast cancer more aggressive...

16 September 2013
Fear driving double mastectomy trend
A new survey shows that many young women with breast cancer opt for a double mastectomy despite knowing it will be unlikely to improve their chance of survival...

23 August 2013
Cutting calories improves response to cancer treatment
Restricting calories appears to improve the success of cancer treatment, say scientists investigating how caloric intake may play a role in the efficacy of targeted cancer therapies...

2 July 2013
New findings on night shifts and breast cancer
A new study has explored more comprehensively the controversial link between women working night shifts and breast cancer risk...

18 April 2013
Lack of sun affecting tamoxifen treatments
Researchers say tamoxifen, used in the treatment and prevention of recurring breast cancer, is less effective during winter...

18 February 2013
Simple treatment inhibits breast cancer progression
Scripps Research Institute scientists have identified a mechanism through which the mitochondria of a cell control tumor aggressiveness...

3 February 2013
BRCA gene linked to early menopause
Women with harmful mutations in the BRCA gene that give them a higher risk of developing breast cancer tend to undergo menopause significantly sooner...

30 November 2012
Delayed treatment for breast cancer has "profound effect"
Results from a new study show women who wait more than 60 days to begin treatment for advanced breast cancer face significantly higher risks of dying...

28 November 2012
Reality check urged for double mastectomies
Around 70 percent of women who have both breasts removed following a breast cancer diagnosis do so despite a very low risk of cancer in the healthy breast, leading medicos to call for improved information for patients...

28 August 2012
Lack of sleep a new risk factor for aggressive breast cancer
A new study shows an association between insufficient sleep and more aggressive tumors as well as the likelihood of cancer recurrence...

17 July 2012
Medicos mull obesity's effect on breast cancer treatments
Breast cancer sufferers who are obese continue to have higher levels of estrogen than women of normal weight even after treatment with hormone-suppressing drugs, raising the possibility that they might benefit from different treatment regimes...

17 April 2012
Wife's breast cancer can harm a man's health
Caring for a partner with breast cancer can have a negative effect on a man's health, even years after the diagnosis and treatment...

17 January 2012
Breast cancer gene plays role in heart disease
Scientists have discovered that the infamous BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are also involved in regulating heart function...

15 December 2011
Breast screening causing more harm than good?
A new study in the British Medical Journal supports the claim that the introduction of breast cancer screening in the UK may have caused more harm than good...

13 December 2011
Cognitive problems not limited to chemo breast cancer patients
Breast cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy sometimes exhibit cognitive problems after treatment, but now researchers have found the same problems can afflict those who received radiation treatment and no chemo...

9 December 2011
Breast cancer alert for bust enhancer supplement
Breast enhancing supplements containing zearalenone could be increasing women's risk of breast cancer, say UK medicos...

7 January 2011
Cholesterol increases risk of breast cancer
The high fat and cholesterol levels found in a typical American-style diet play an important role in the growth and spread of breast cancer, suggests new research...

28 September 2010
Sexual problems common for breast cancer survivors
Seventy percent of women were facing sexual function problems approximately two years post breast cancer diagnosis...

13 April 2010
Synthetic fibers, breast cancer link
Exposure to certain chemicals and pollutants before a woman reaches her mid-30s could treble her risk of developing breast cancer after the menopause...

18 January 2010
Mangoes effective in stopping breast cancer cells
Despite relatively low levels of antioxidants, mangoes have been shown to have potent anti-cancer properties...

4 August 2009
The way you eat may affect breast cancer risk
How you eat may be just as important as how much you eat, if studies with mice are any clue...

14 July 2009
Curcumin offsets HRT risk
Curcumin, an Indian spice derived from the turmeric root, could reduce the breast cancer risk for women using hormone replacement therapy...

15 April 2009
Early stage breast cancer sufferers choosing double mastectomies
A new study claims to have found a dramatic increase in the number of women diagnosed with the earliest stage of breast cancer choosing to have both breasts surgically removed...

25 February 2009
Waiting for biopsy results can make you sick
Women who've had a breast biopsy may suffer adverse health effects from the stress of waiting for the results...

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